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- My name is Charlotte. I love people, so get to know me :) ○ I've been married to my wonderful husband, Cortland, for five years. ○ I have newborn boy/girl twins by the names of Mason James and Zoe Elisabeth ♥ ○ I'm around 25 years old and attend college in Florida. ○ I love my massive 150 pound Newfoundland dog named Montgomery (We call him Gummi). ○ I'm Christian. God is an important pat of my life. ○ I love my neices and nephews: Jonathan, Max, Summer, Adelaide, Charlotte, Noah, Austin, Baleigh, Audrey, Storm, Riley, Ashton, and Durham ♥ - I'm Pro Interracial Marriage. The color of ones skin makes no difference on the inside. - I'm against people who discriminate. Every person makes mistakes! Love one another while you have the chance! - Please be aware of the effects and symptoms of the disease known as Lupus. For more information visit Please feel free to talk to me! ♥♥

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