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  • Flying out of the US without I94?

    I lost my I94. I did not realize it until I recently bought my airlines ticket. I had it with my old passport, which was lost, so had a new one made about 8 months ago but completely forgot about the I94. As soon as I found out about it being lost last week, I filed the I102 form for I94 replacement immediately.

    I am flying out on the 31st of January. Texas Center says it was processing June 02 applications on September 30 (going by the same logic, mine shouldn't be done for the next six months). What can I do? I102 does not have accelerated processing option available. Is there anyway I can still fly out without the I94? Please don't tell me there is no other way and I have to cancel my ticket.

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  • Rent a car in Houston?

    Is there any companies that rent car for a weekend without the under 25 extra fee? Or does anyone have any coupons to negate the extra fee? Or anything else to save me money :)? Im a student. :(


    2 AnswersHouston1 decade ago