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  • How can I give a non-working parent medical insurance?

    My parents are getting ready to divorce soon, and from there on it will become hell for me and my mother. We have reason to believe that my father is an adulterer, especially since he makes more than enough money to support us and himself and he is away from home while citing money problems.

    My father will provide some monthly money after the divorce, but it's simply not enough to pay the bills. To make things even worse, my mother has a number of illnesses that will keep her from working.

    My mother is not a native-born citizen of the U.S but she is naturalized. She does not have a high school diploma or GED. She did work in the U.S. for some time but stopped to become a housewife (and due to her illness making things worse).

    Right now, she has the following:

    - Type 2 diabetes

    - She survived cervical cancer but is still not yet a "survivor" according to her hospital

    - Rheumatoid arthritis

    - a type of thyroid disorder

    I should note that my father refuses to pay for any medical insurance for her after the divorce so she will be left with no way to get treated for any of the above. My mother has taken some odd jobs before but they're just tiny savings. She'll have a hard time working since the rheumatoid arthritis will make one of her hands too swollen to move her fingers.

    My mother already applied for welfare to the Social Security Office but was denied due to not having worked a minimum of 7 years. This is in Texas by the way.

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  • Where may I find a better job than retail?

    And please don't give me the obvious answer, "Go to college and get a degree." I'm already at college and I have only one semester left. I'm looking for a decent job to last me at least half a year.

    I've been wanting to leave my retail job for a while now but I can't find many better places to work at. I'm only making a little over $9 per hour, which is barely livable. I've worked for about four years with no promise of a promotion, and I let my employer know about this on multiple occasions. All this time, I've been complaining to deaf ears ("complaining" might be strong of a word though... maybe "informing?")

    I attempted to get a job as a server for various restaurants, but all of them say I need at least two years of experience as a server to get the job. This is unreasonable if not a single place in my area hires people with no experience in dining, therefore I cannot get said experience. I don't know if these people lack common sense or they're not telling me something I should know.

    Aside from a professional field that needs college education, I'm out of options. I heard you can get a job in the pharmacy by either taking classes or by studying for this online exam to get certified. I live in Texas and I'm not entirely sure how this process even works (and I've asked people who work at pharmacies, only to be given vague answers). I'm pretty good with computers and I hold an associate's degree. But I'm not sure where else to look...

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  • How much should a beginning freelance web designer charge?

    I'm actually well versed in graphic design, photography, video, and even animation and I would like someone with experience to give their opinion on how they started their careers. I realize that starting a freelance business is not really an easy thing to do and you need to work it between your schedule. I still remain a full-time student and I have a part-time job that doesn't make me nearly enough savings, so I need to some options.

    And please don't be lazy and give me a median salary that I can easily look up. I know there are professional web designers that charge $50 or more, but I'm not exactly professional yet. So please, how did you start?

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  • Fanfiction(dot)net Help?

    I am a writer of Pokémon fanfiction and I want to see if anyone has tried this yet. I am a VERY progressive writer so it often takes me quite a while before I can post any new material for my story. A big problem though is how I want the story organized.

    What I want to do is for each new Word file I upload to, I want it to span a length of a real-life novel chapter... sometimes even longer. There is a major problem though: it takes me a LONG time to update, sometimes past a couple of months to place in a complete chapter. I don't want to post the length of a whole chapter just once. I really would like for people to read my material.

    You understand where this is going, right? If I do not update my story in a long time, my story will be near impossible to find in the traffic of new upcoming fanfics that go at the top of the new stories list every couple of hours or so. Therefore, I will have a lot less readers and reviewers.

    I believe if I post something short, I have the option to replace an existing Word file with another one. But will the updated chapter bump up in the list of new stories? Or will have to delete that existing chapter, re-upload the updated content and add it to the story?

    I will not post 500 words or less for each chapter. For the purpose of organization, I need them to really long (exceed 10,000 words maybe). Anyone know if this works?

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  • Are there any creative writing majors here?

    I do have a few questions. See, I am an engineering major at my university but lately I am finding it depressing and tedious to follow through such a program. I am attempting to form some backup plans in case this career path does not go well for me.

    First off, I heard some schools actually require taking certain classes or having to enter competitions in order to simply be labeled as an English major for creative writing. If this is true, how difficult of a selection process are we speaking of here? I am curious because I do happen to attend a school with one of the best creative writing programs in the United States.

    Second, how would you rate the difficulty of the bachelor's degree? It's a relative opinion but it's often considered to be simple for whatever reason. Perhaps it's a myth but I would like some feedback regarding that.

    Finally, do you find the program to be satisfying and helpful to your career after? I always feel writing is more of a casual type of job to have unless stated otherwise. Not only that, it is difficult to gain a large amount of publicity and gain higher sales on your books.

  • Pokemon B/W Trades and Stones?

    I am searching for the following:

    - Water, Fire, Thunder, Moon, Shiny, Dawn and Dusk Stones

    - Trade evolution items

    - Pass Orbs


    • Ash's Pidove (from the Secret Egg event)

    • Articuno

    • Zapdos

    • Moltres

    • Mewtwo

    • Porygon2/Porygon-Z

    • Lugia

    • Ludicolo

    • Regirock

    • Regice

    • Registeel

    • Latias

    • Latios

    • Kyogre

    • Groudon

    • Rayquaza

    • Jirachi

    • Deoxys

    • Mismagius

    • Weavile

    • Rhyperior

    • Dusknoir

    • All Sinnoh legendaries


    In exchange, I have some spare event legendaries I can retrieve from Heartgold and most base Pokémon right on Black version. Yes, a lot of the list is full of legendaries but there are some final form Pokémon I need too. Ash's Pidove is a priority that I need for a future trade. For the items, I have many Leaf and Sun Stones, Deepseateeth and I can help purchase some of the Incense items needed for breeding specific Pokémon.


    I also have a lot of extra Pokémon I am willing to trade away. In exchange, I would like Fighting/Ground/Steel/Ghost/Ice/Dark/Dragon types or any of the Secret Egg event Pokémon in return. Here's a list of what I have:

    • Eevee

    • Smeargle (with Seed Flare)

    • Cilan's Pansage

    • Oshawott

    • Tepig

    • Petilil

    • Escavalier

    • Zangoose

    • Pinsir

    • Leavanny

    • Larvitar

    • Larvesta

    • Gigalith

    • Piplup

    • Pupitar

    • Dream World Taillow

    • Piloswine

    • Feebas

    • Chimecho

    • Golduck

    • Venomoth

    • Kricketune

    • Ariados


    I DO NOT ACCEPT HACKED CONTENT! The extra 10 Points will go to the person who has posted here and made the most trades with me. Any trolling, inflammatory remarks and spam posts here will be removed. I also offer miscellaneous services in breeding Pokémon upon request so if you are searching for a specific Pokémon... I might be able to get it to you. If you would like to make a trade with me, leave a message at

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  • How do I edit stories in

    In an effort to give my website and stories some publicity, I wanted to post some of the stories at and give them some more recognition and popularity. But let's say I already have a story posted. How do I directly edit the content? I tried the obvious way, which would be Publish -> My Stories -> Edit -> Content/Chapters -> Edit (for Chapter 1) but instead it only lets me change the name of the CHAPTER. I want to change the content within. So someone please instruct me on how I should do it. Otherwise, I see my other alternative is just deleting the current chapter and posting it as a Word file again.

    Oh, and by the way... here are my stories if anyone wants a read. I am a writer of Pokémon fan-fiction so if any Pokémon fan or person who simply likes a good story is reading this, please check out this site:

    P.S. If you can, can you please recommend me other ways I can spread the word on these stories (such as writing networks, roleplaying sites, etc.)?

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  • What do you think of this Pokémon fanfiction?

    It is a dark story called "Stray". I must warn you, this is some pretty dark stuff. If you're not comfortable with gore and obscene language, then don't read it. Do not criticize it based on these since some of these themes make the core of Stray. And don't worry, no sick sexual fantasies or that sort... just some blood thrown around. What I want is some valid and rational criticism. If you like it, please spread the word to your friends.

    I'll give a little summary of what it is. I commonly go by Shadowwolf on the net and what I am running here is a roleplaying style of fan-fiction. The narration was done by Pokémon, very much like the Mystery Dungeon games, and it uses a large cast of original characters. Each story on the site progresses as multiple parallel storylines coming from the point-of-views of different characters. The setting is in a post-apocalyptic land where humans are not present and societies are generally dominated by Pokémon. The land is caught in an eight-year war where three factions/groups called Shadow Pokémon, the Blackclaw Dragoons and the Peacekeepers battled for dominance. The stories concern with this war and victims of it. Since there are many characters, I'd say it's best to look for yourself on what it's about.

    And once again if you like the stories, please tell your friends about it or show your support by helping bring more people to the website. I am in serious need of website hits and exposure and I appreciate any sort of help you can contribute. I am also searching for Writers so if you are interested to write by any chance, please sign up for our forums. Thank you for reading this.

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