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Amy. Fourteen, Yorkshire. Message? :)

  • Teens: What are your favourite quotes?

    So I need a few more nice quotes to add to my website, they can be about anything at all.(: Thanks!

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  • Anyone ever had to have a pet put down?

    I'm 15. we're having our white German shepherd Meg put to sleep, and I'm completely gutted. Shes an absolutely amazing dog, but due to her health rapidly decreasing, on Monday shes off to the vets. My dads taking her, he normally works away but hes home currently and my mum cannot face taking her because my mum will just totally break down. I really want to be there aswell but my dad says It'll really upset me and I can't go. Urgh I have never cried so much in my life. Tomorows my last day with her. :(</3

    Anyone ever been through this? I'd love to hear any stories!

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  • German Shepherd having fits?

    We have a white German shepherd, called Meg, who is 6 years old, and two weeks ago, she had a fit for the first time ever, then she had another a few hours later. We called the vet out and she gave her an injection, to calm her down, but she was still barking loads all through the night, and we fed her. And, about an hour ago, I heard a bang downstairs, and then about 5 minutes later, I heard Meg barking frantically, and I woke my 18 year old brother up and we went downstairs to see what was happening, and meg had obviously had a fit, and she had knocked a lamp over and knocked a basket of things over, and she was barking like mad, and my mum gave her some tablets to calm her down from the vets, and we fed her, but shes still incredibly unsettled. Does anyone know what else we can do? It's like, 1:30am here.

    Also, she hasnt been the same dog since the fits 2 weeks ago. Shes been much quieter, and randomly seems to forget things and 'zone out' and she rubs her head loads, and someone suggested she may have a tumour...Any ideas? Thank you.

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  • Marshall Aid, increasing cold war tension?

    how did marshall aid contribute to increasing cold war tension? also, how did Stalin react to the marshall plan & why?

    Thank you (:

    4 AnswersHistory10 years ago
  • Adding Apps to iPod touch?

    I'm currently borrowing my brothers iPod, & i'mn trying to add an app to it, & i've dowloaded it and i've pressed sync in the apps bit on the devices bit, and it says 'are you sure you want to delete 11 other items including...' & i don't want to delete them, how can i just add the one app? Sorry, I'm hopeless with technology -.-

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  • Earache, in so much pain. helpppp?

    i've had really, really bad earache for about three or four ddays now, i've used earex drops, they've made it worse, the pain is all in my left ear and it's spread down to my cheek and jaw and i can barely open my mouth at all, last night i was up from 1am to 6am crying because it hurt so much & paracetemol wasn't helping at all, i've tried a hot water bottle, it hasn't helped at all. i went to the doctor and she said it was an infection and gave me some spray, but it hasn't helped at all. i'm seriously losing my hearing. anyone had this/ know what else i could try?

    3 AnswersPain & Pain Management10 years ago
  • webcam isn't showing upp.?

    i have two msn accounts, and the one i usually use, the webcam is working fine. however, my other account, i need to use the webcam and the icon isn't coming up but i went on 'tooks' 'audio & video' and it was there... how can i get the icon up on my chats? :(

    2 AnswersMSN10 years ago
  • what to do with my hair?

    i'm getting my hair cut soon hopefully, but i'm bored of it, & don't know what do with it.

    also, what should i do with the colour? i'm bored of the colour aswell.

    ideas? :')

    (btw, i know i look shiit on the photo, i'm ill atm :/)

    also, how old do i look?

    thank you <3

    2 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • Weight Issues :/ Urghhhh!?

    i'm 14, and all my life i've been able to eat all i want and i've never put on weight and i've always been slim, but i weighted myself recently and i've put on 3lbs. my best friend was like 'ooooh amy, your getting fat ;)' and i know it's stupid cause it's not as if i'm like 20 stone, but i don't know if i need to diet. is 9stone 6lb's healthy for someone who's 5ft 8"?

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