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Lou is a Rabbi, a teacher of Kabbalah, member of the worldwide order of the Vedikin, the Vatic circle, also called Vatic-Anus. His Jewish Order name is Shamael Ben Shabbatai. He is atheist in the sense of religious beliefs and teaches the philosophy of the ancients and the mysteries of the Great Arcanum. His other fields of knowledge are Photography, Mechanics , Computer-technology and Cooking. He grows chillies as a hobby and takes care of his best friend, Max, an Amstaff Pitbull . He is married and has 2 children. His living place is on a Coral Reef Island in the Philippines where he builds and develops a new Kabbalist Center. Support this development by a small money transfer to his PayPal account under Every cent is welcome, also to help local educative development. This mail is for PayPal purposes only, no mail will be answered on this address. Mediatic mail address will be communicated once the Kabbalah Center is operative and has an own net-site.

  • Why does Yahoo not bring back the audience votes.?

    By leaving the sole vote of the best answer to the questioner, those questioners just get a confirmation of their own stupidity.

    By leaving the sole choice to the asker, this one just seeks to get his own ignorance confirmed what is total nonsense. In a debate there are always 2 poles to create a discussion, the majority and the opposition, and here, an asker's best choice and the audience best choice would give this site more sense and reason to be.

    Beside that, many questions ask to get a choice made and the question stays often open without it never happening. The ancient system was definitely better on that level.

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers6 years ago
  • Why do people who ask questions mostly do not seek for valuable information to get smarter?

    instead of that, they select answers that only confirm their own stupidity and by that stay inside the same bigotry they live in. If you seek for a truth, stop living in your world of fantasy and lies, open your mind.

    If you are sure that your beliefs and faith is true and real, stay within it and do not ask questions. If you do, you walk beside the path and your faith is standing on trembling feet.

    Questions are made to find answers, not to confirm what religious or atheist bigotry has washed in your brains and all of those who felt under their heel know anyway. The seek for truth and evidence starts by admitting that you are an ignorant and you are wrong in many fields. Any kind of bigotry and sticking to false values, and asking questions to confirm those values is a waste of time.

    In this world, you need no one to confirm to you that you are a fool, all of us start at that state of existence, 90% stay in it.

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  • What do you people think about this new Yahoo answers platform?

    Why is the new layout no allowing to expand the answer write panel anymore. Why s there still no indication how many letters you used and are remained to be used in the answer pane, there only one in the question pane.

    I do only see on advantage and that is that the answer window is on the same page and the menu on left side. General overview of the questions asked was much better in the old version. Where can we address our requests and claims to get changes done on the platform.

    1 AnswerMy Yahoo7 years ago