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My name is Taylor... I have a T-Mobile G1... I Do bite so watch out... Im funny... I like dot dot dot... lol...I wanna know how to put your own picture on here... Im about to put a picture on here asking that...I hope ppl answer... I gotta netbook for xmas... That is what im typing on... This is sooo cool go to thsi link.... ɐɥɐɥɐɥɐɥɐɥɐnɯ sʎɐs ʇı ʇɐɥʍ ʍouʞ n ɟı ǝɥǝɥǝɥ lɯʇɥ˙dılɟ/ɯoɔ˙pɐɟʌǝɹ˙ʍʍʍ//:dʇʇɥ ʞuıl ısɥʇ oʇ oƃ looɔ ooos sı sıɥʇ

  • What rap/hip hop song goes like this?

    Do you like it like this babyyyy do you like it like thattttt you work it from the front while i work it from the back we get it all night while i get it from the backkkk like this like that like this like that like this like that like this like datt

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  • How do i make my comments on wordpress add automatically?


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  • What are some fun online multiplayer games?

    Me and my sis both have netbooks and we need some fun multiplayer games... There was this one game i want us to play where you have a car and you can change the color and you had a girl or boy and u could chat with people but its not leveling up or anything if u know the name of that game u get the 10 points : )

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  • How do you put your own picture on Yahoo! Answers?

    Well i just wanna put my own picture on yahoo answers so yep can ya tell me how?

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  • How do i stop biting my nails? (good details)?

    Ok, so im 12 and i bite my nails a whole lot down to the nub and ive worn fake nails done by professionals before for almost a year and when i took them off i still bite my nails! So i turned 12 on November 4th and my dad let me get fake nails with acrylic nd everything. So ive had my nails on since then but i bite my nails so much i bite through some of the acrylic. But i go get them filled in all the time. But its like if i dont like the ay they did them i bite them off its like the look good for a day then they get crusty around the edges or the ones i have on now have bubbles under them. AND I REALLY REALLY WANNA STOP BUT I CANT I NEED A LOT OF ADVICE!!

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  • Why are my feet so big?

    Im 12 yrs old and i wear a 9 1/2. And thats hugeeee... and im skinny so that doesnt help much at all! Since im so skinny it makes my feet look extra large. Almost everyone on my moms side of the family has a size 10. On my dads side... i really dont know what size they wear but helpppp can i make them shrink or something... i know you could prob have some type of surgery which os outta the question id never get surgery.

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  • Why does this happen to me?!?

    Ok im 12 so if im in trouble i always laugh or smile i dont know why its really funny. But it always is funny. And my mom or whoever im getting in trouble by ask me what so funny i just say nothing and have to bite my tongue. But whoever im getting in trouble with Just says dont talk or text on your phone anymore or dont cut my laptop back on... :( PPLEASE HELP ME!!

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  • What is Foster Care like?

    Im not adopted but I would like to know about Foster Care and describe it in every way possible. Describe the beds, the people, the food,how long it took for someone to get adopted,was there adoptions on a daily basis, The clothes. the rooms, did you ever get to go shopping, to the mall the movies, When you turned 18 and you left how much money do they give you, how do you survive, Were you sad to be in Foster Care?, Was is bad, Were the adults mean, If your adopted do you know how much you cost?, Were other kids that left sad to be leaving the people but happy to be leaving at the same time, were the older kids nice to younger ones, Did you get spankings, Did you watch tv?, did you have a boyfriend there,did you have a girlfriend there Would you get in trouble for kissing some one there etc?, When someone adopted someone did they pick who they wanted, Was their people who'd been there from birth to 18?

    As I Said Im Not Adopted But I Was Curious About This


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  • What should i ask for for Christmas?

    Ok My Family Is Kinda Wealthy But I Dont Know What To Ask For Im 11 And I Cant Fit Abercrombie Or Stuff Like That L0L I Can Get A Big Present And The Rest Little Things

    These are the things im already getting or asking for:

    #1 Netbook (a small laptop) (this doesnt count as the BIG present)

    #2 Money probably like 100 or 200

    #3 Clothes

    #4 Shoes (af1 or Jordans or snow boots)

    #5 Maybe Jewelry

    #6 ?

    #7 ?

    #8 ?

    #9 ?

    I already gotta ipod and stuff like that

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  • I need ALL the august gem codes for ourworld?

    Plz give me all the ourworld gem codes for August and if you can september

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  • Whats the best phone company? (Please star this)?

    Whats the BEST phone company? And whats the WORST?

    Any phone company you know just tell me the best the worst and in between.

    And whats the best phone that company has?


    Taylor R.

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  • Im 11 and i want to be on t.v...?

    I've been on a ton of commercials but when will i get my chance? Like Hannah Montana or Emily Osment i just want to be able to do that. I haven't asked my mom but i know she can afford it because she and my dad on 2 very popular places each my dad has 3 car dealerships while my mom has 2 day cares but i wanna be able to be on t.v not for the fame but because that's what my heart tells me to do how should i tell my mom that i want to do this a( p.s my parents also own tons of rental houses meaning that people rent house from us).


    Taylor R

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  • My Ipod Nano Is Freezing!?

    my ipod is freezing for no reason i got it a week or so ago and i was going to put music on it i put all the music on it and when i un pluged it to listen to it i was making sure everything was on there and i was going through everything and it froze the screen is blue NOT black like a light navy blue i pluged it up and its still blue it is 16 gb and only have 48 songs caz im just 11 but anyway i looked at other people questions and none of thos work! (So anyway if you posted somthing on someone elses dont put the same thing on this one please...... And the U.S.B cable is connected and itunes doesn't see it so i cant put music or anything on it please helppppppppp

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  • why did they remove my question?

    I had a question and i just looked at the answers and then i was going to someone elses question came back to mine and it said this question has been deleted the question was what nintendo ds games should i get and it listed all the ones i was getting for xmas,what the prob?

    Can you please mark as interesting?

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  • do you believe in Jesus Christ?

    do you believe in god or whats your religion? and do you believe in spirits if you do not then who made the earth?

    2008 ELECTION

    Who did you want to be president to all people who wanted McCain to bad oh yeah Obama is going to rock the white house

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  • what website can i get..................EASY TEN POINTS?

    Im fasinated by korean stuff and there stuff looks better than ours i mean there michanical penciles have cute designes on them and i really want them but the ones at school are really stengy please include links

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  • what would go good with my boots?link included?

    ok im getting these but i need outfits to go with them easy 10 points just a little simple outfit im just 11 so nothing to grownupish i JUST turned 11 NO HARSH COMMENTS

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  • What is this in English? Also i added another question so it doesn't waste points!?

    hola como estas mi llamo Taylor como si llammo if you get this right you will get the 10 points and i know the meaning im just bored!

    Different question

    ok if your feet are big (i dont care how big my feet are) i wear a 8 1/2 and im just 11 and i wear a 12 in pants and in the waist i wear a 10 so i have to wear belts cause the waist is big and im tall anyway how tall would i be when i got older (or grown) im so skinny but how tall would i be?

    if you dont know then try to guess or something but tell me if you are guessing thank if you get the first one right then you get 10 points

    another question

    ok i have a uniform at school i live in montgomery alabama and the uniform is red white and blue and khaki pants throw together a outfit for a 5th grader i did not flunk head start with these color my shoes are red af1 slip on silver shoes baby phat shoes some pink and black high top shoes brown and white converse and dd some jewelry i have more shoes but it would take forever to name trust me

    answer as many questions as you can and answer anyone maybe you get the best answer defently for the firstone

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  • There is this girl i dont like plz help?

    ok she rides my bus goe \s to my school and flirts with other pplz boyfriend what mean things can i say to her to make er shutup and she always hangs around nobody likes her but im 11 she is to but im in the 5h grade she is in the 6th grade i did not flunk a grade head start

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  • why do my breast itch(GIRLZ ONLY PLZ)?

    why do my breast itch but not my nipples they just itch does lotion help???but then someone away in a couple of days but its been here for a while like a month but its just my right breast please answer and how do you make someone best answer please tell i try to make people if you are kinda specific about it and give me at least 2 tips you will be the best :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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