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  • Can you name this manga?

    I remember starting on a manga series a few years back, and I just can't seem to find it anymore and figure out what the name might be. Basically, the storyline is about a high-school kid who goes to an underwater theme park. While there, the park has several explosions and starts to flood, and the story is a survival theme story where they attempt to stay alive and escape.

    Seems to me the title might have been something like 7 below or 17 below, or something similar which was based off the setting of the story; the theme park is X kilo-meters underwater....

    Anyone have a clue which manga I'm speaking of? I'd really like to finish reading it sometime, but I can't even remember the exact name of it to hunt it back down anymore.....

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  • A hyptheotical question?

    I was watching a movie last night, and by the time I finished it my mind was wondering on a great philosophical question.

    As a race, us humans have always exerted our dominance over the lesser animals of the world, so that we and our children might be safe. Where I live, there is absolutely no dangerous animals at all anymore. No bears, mountain lions, panthers, wild cats, or even poisonous snakes. As a child, I remember there being a pack of feral dogs around that we had to watch out for, but they were eventually hunted and killed off. Now, the most dangerous thing around where I live is the dreaded bunny rabbits for the ticks they carry on themselves.

    As a species, us humans have enslaved or entrapped every other species on the planet. Animals are either used for work (horses, oxen, hunting/rescue dogs), pets (cats, dogs, hamsters), food and produce (cows, pigs, sheep); or else they're partitioned off from us in zoos or designated wilderness areas.

    We've established our mastery over all the other species on the planet.


    But did we have a right to do that? If so, then what right was that? Just the fact that we're stronger, smarter, and more adaptable?

    If a disease was to break out and threaten the human race, and the only way for us to survive was to harvest all the (imaginary medical organs) from all the monkeys in the world, would we be wrong to destroy them so that we could live?


    Now, take this imagining one step further. There's always debate on whether or not alien life exists elsewhere in the universe. Let's just assume for this debate that it does.

    If the Alienokes (Alien Folks) could travel all the way to our planet, via their advanced technology, would it be wrong if they had to harvest all of US to survive?

    Monkeys are less intelligent than us, but they do have intelligence. We would be less intelligent than the Alienokes, but we're not completely stupid either. If we'd be willing to harvest all the monkeys so that we could live as a species, how could we get upset if the Alienokes harvested us?

    What's your thoughts, guys? (And gals too!)

    How the heck could we expect any alien life form to treat us with respect and kindness, when we don't seem to show those traits to the creatures lesser than ourselves?

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