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  • Chase mortgage Escrow?

    Just bought a house 10/17/2019 

    Can I get rid of my escrow account and pay property taxes straight to the town?

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate2 months ago
  • Auto sales VS Life insurance sales?

    I am currently working as a new car salesperson which is not an easy job but I can make good money. However, requires a lot of hours and effort 

    I have an opportunity now to move to a different field which is Life insurance sales. Anyone can give me an advise on which one is better 

    I am saying easier but can turn to a great career and more beneficial.

    1 AnswerMarketing & Sales2 months ago
  • Home property Tax?

    I bought the house in 10/17/2019 

    And the people before me had reduction so benefited from it but I have to pay it back.

    The Town is asking me to pay an extra full year of tax on top of 2020. It’s one time charge but I am still confused why do I have to pay the 2019 full tax when I only lived there for 3 month 

    I can at least pay the difference if whatever they paid. And now my mortgage company increased my payment by $2000 I think because they think now my property taxes are $20000 instead of 10k? 

    Please help 

    2 AnswersUnited States2 months ago
  • Jobs for Business Administrators? ?

    What good jobs can someone get into after earning a bachelor degree in Business?

    But a job that has future. Big companies if possible.

    1 AnswerTechnology2 months ago


    I work for a dealership and they got the PPP loan

    I am still confused and never get a correct answer on how I will be getting  paid that money 

    Is it the money that I made guaranteed for 2 months. Am I gotta get it on top of what I make right now or how my employer supposed to pay me that?

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 months ago
  • How much do 7-eleven owners make per year?

    I have seen some articles that owners make around $50,000 a year of the store makes $1,000,000. Which it doesn’t make sense because the associate can make that amount of money per year by working regular hours. So, If own the store I should get more than that to my pocket????

    5 AnswersOther - Business & Finance3 months ago
  • Can the Judge or the DA downgrade the plea offer? Explain the offer.?

    “The sentence would be a split sentence of five years of probation and six month in the county jail”

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police2 years ago
  • Can I sue my college for suspending me with no evidence?

    Trash can fire happened in my college’s dorm 6 months ago and they started accusing me for it because I put it out and I am the Residnet Asians at the dorm. They suspended me 3 months. Since I was suspended the college is playing around with my attorney and they tried to scare me by making the police lie to me and say that I got a warrant and I will be arrested but I found out that they were lying and no warrant on me. College doesn’t wanna show me what evidence they have and they are saying they are taking their time. They suspended me first week of the spring semester. They screwed me up and I ma currently not in college because of them.

    My attorney said I shouldn’t take any aggressive action right now until we see what they will do, but this matter is taking forever.

    Suspension is noted on my transcript and it’s hard for me to get accepted to another college.

    What should I do? Should I sue them? Should I wait?