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  • RAM Install Question?

    My motherboard has 6 slots for RAM, 3 colored black and 3 red. I do know that you want to keep the same types of RAM in the same colors, but my question is there a downside if they're not all occupied?

    I'm told my motherboard MAX is 24GB, the 3 red slots have 2GB a piece in each one. My local store only has 8GB in stock, so if I keep the 2GB in each of the 3 red slots, and just put two 8GB in the black slots (leaving one black slot open) is there any way that can have an effect on performance because not every slot is the same? Or am I just overthinking it?

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  • Budget gaming laptop?

    I have been shopping for a gaming laptop <$1000. I'm leaning towards the Y510p. They're all 15.6" displays and if you'll notice the far left one is cheaper with 1366x768 with a GT755M and the others are 1920x1080 with GT750M, or GT755M for a bit more.

    From a gamer's perspective (I'll occasionally play Skyrim and I'll play the new Elder Scrolls Online) is the screen resolution increase in the other configurations worth the $80-$100 price increase?

    Also I'm not dead set on this brand/model if anybody has other suggestions. I am trying to find something around $800, $900 maximum, that will provide an enjoyable experience on newer games.

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  • Attachment image

    Can someone double check my superposition theorem answers?

    Calculate the voltages across and current through R1 and R2.

    My answers

    V1 = 52.8V

    I1 = 1.76A

    V2 = 36.28V

    I2 = 907mA

    I replaced each voltage source with a short and found the current for each resistor then just used Ohm's Law to find V once I knew I.

    What I am confused out is when I replaced V2 with a short, I did not know how to find total resistance. I was confused with R2 and R4 being in parallel with 0. I treated it like the current goes completely through the shorted V2 and took R1 and R3 as my total resistance (50 ohm).

    I would appreciate it if somebody would help me out on this. We all did poor on an exam and get partial credit for correcting problems we have wrong.

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  • Motorcycle battery issue.?

    I have a 1990 Vulcan en500. I have to charge it to start it if i let it sit for much more than over night. It tries to start, its turning over just not firing. The battery reads 12.4 right now and it won't start. Twice I have had it sit overnight, srart up just fine then die on me after I got a few miles down the road and not start back up.

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  • Kawasaki Vulcan won't start?

    I acquired a cheap bike from a famiky member that wont start. Im not very knowledgeable when it comes to motorcycle engines but Im on too tight of a budget to pay somebody to looo at it. It wont start it just makes a buzzing sound.

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  • My truck door is catching on the body. How can I fix this?

    I was parked on a slight downhill angle on a very windy day and my niece opened the door in a hurry. The door opened so hard that the paint is scratched and now the door catches when I open it. I know nothing about this stuff and was hoping for an easy fix I could do myself. I will post a picture in a few minutes. 2010 F150 if it matters.

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  • Interest question on loan.?

    On Sep 28 I had a payoff amount of $18,108.06 and told me I had per diem amount of $3.11. I have since made October payment of $417.96 . How can I figure out my payoff amount on my own without calling the bank everytime?

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  • SWTOR or World of Warcraft?

    I'd like to get an idea of what other people think about SWTOR. I have played WoW off and on for years and I want to find a different MMO that is fun to play. Rift and Star Trek Online let me down.

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  • How comfortable is a Honda shadow 1100 for a bigger guy?

    I will try the bike before I buy one obviously I was just looking for peoples' opinions on this bike before I . It is a 2001 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100.

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  • How comfortable will a honda shadow 750 be for a larger guy.?

    I'm 6' 3" about 250, somebody is offering me one on the cheap. It feels comfortable well enough for a ride around town but I'm thinking for longer road trips.

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  • What songs are on your workout playlist?

    Looking for anything good that I haven't thought of.

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  • What is a good book to learn C++?

    I'm looking for beginner/intermediate level books to help learn C++ programming.

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  • I need help with a good Halloween costume.?

    I'm not very creative and could use ideas. Still a bit early but last year I put it off until the last minute. I'm a big guy, 6' 3" shaved head and stocky to give you an idea. This is an adult party. I don't just want to be a tool and buy a costume.

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  • FSX, my airbus auto-throttle is engaging but it is running the engines at full speed rather than what I set.?

    I've done this plenty of times without problems so I'm confused why it's acting this way now. I'm flying the Airbus A321. I set the speed at what I want, engage the auto-throttle then turn on the speed hold switch. It is engaging but it is ignoring my selected speed and going up to as fast as it will go.

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  • How big of a bike should my first bike be?

    I'm a big boy, 6' 3" probably 245. I'm taking a basic riding course but I don't want to go looking for a bike that'd be too much for me.

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