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  • Is it illegal to sell information on the internet that is not yours?

    I am creating my own information product. It is going to be multiple things bundled into one. I have typed up my own information from my self but I also like the way others put information together. Is it okay to copy and paste an article from a website that is free, but site it and not claim it as mine?

    Also, I see PDF files of books for free online, I was wondering if i could add this to my product purchase as bonuses? I will not claim what is not mine as my own, plus i will site it with the link. My goal is to have my own set of information, but have my product be a bundle of information put together in a way i think will be helpful to whomever purchases it.

    What legal steps might I have to take? Thanks.

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  • am i going through another growth spurt?

    I am a 16 years young male, 17 in July. I started puberty pretty early. I am 5'11 currently. Just these past couple months my hair under my arms spread out and got longer, my pubic hair spread out alot more, my legs are getting alot more hair within these past weeks. I see my thighs already has alot of hair but there is new hairs spouting haha. My arms have finally gotten some hair coming. My stomach has gotten lots of hair all of a sudden, same with my chest including around my nipples. My facial hair is finalising.

    This has been happening with just 5 hours of sleep a night, no naps. But just these past 3 days, I am tired all of a sudden, even after taking a 2 hour nap. I could eat alot too. I thought that I was just finalising everything but could it be that im having a growth spurt again because I am realllyy tired and even yesterday I put off the gym to just sleep. I am about to take a nap right now too.

    My voice is deep already but I think it's getting deeper too. My bro is 6 feet tall, Im basically 6 feet, ccould I be hitting another growth spurt or is it something else???

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  • What gaming system should i spend my hard earned money on? Quick?

    Should i purchase an alienware desktop (x51).. Which will have to be paid off by dell perferred account monthly. And later get a netbook for school work...

    Or get a playstation 3, which i can afford, and get a netbook the same time....

    Or get an alienware gaming LAPTOP (13 inch)... Which again, will have to be paid monthly.

    For the first option, its alot of money but you get a full gaming expirence and all the desktop features for school work.

    The second option is affordable for me... Downside is that the netbook i would purchase would be my primary source for school and such. (Which isnt bad at all considering chrombooks are advancing)..

    The third option is a solution to all. Its portable, perfect for gaming now and then, and comes with full desktop features... Problem is that its expensive...

    (Mind you, i probably can get those if my moms credit is approved for the monthly payments)

    Which do you think is a better option for me? I am 16 by the way, in highschool and have a job... Basically between affordibility and want.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • WHAT is GSM or LTE or cidma whatever, please help...?

    Im getting the sony xperia z3 compact. Says it supports GSM 2g, something 3g,

    And LTE 4g.... I want to know if the phone could be with verizon. I know that verizon does not support gsm, but has LTe... So does that mean that LTE is a network in its self? Or is it JUST for internet? Thanks in advance.

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  • Am i too young or not qualified for a mobile carrier plan?

    I have a job at babies r us. Had it. For about a month and a week...

    I make a net pay of about 800 a month.

    I have my own checking and savings account WITH money in it.

    I am 16, a junior in highschool

    Just ordered a 500 dollar unlocked sony xperia z3 compact from amazon.... With my own money.

    I want to do things on my own, as i feel independent and in control of what i want/know/need to do...

    So, am i able to walk into t-mobile/at&t/ whatever and chose a plan i want? I hae my check pappers, have my bank card, could bring proof that i work, ect. Thaks in advance guys :)

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  • Do you think i can balance my new job with school and gym?

    Im going into junior year in highschool... Let me get right into my planned schedual.

    Monday-school 7-2:00 pm

    Tuesday-school- 7-2:00 pm /job 6pm- closing

    Wensday-school 7-2:00 pm

    Thursday-school 7-2:00 pm

    Friday- school- 7-2:00 pm job 6pm to closing

    Saturday-off- 8 hour shift from 11- closing

    Sunday-off- 8hour shift from 11-7

    1-2 hour gym time 3 times a week can be fiitted...

    Now, my manager is actually generous and is giving me that 6-closing shift because it gives me that 3 hour cushion time from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

    He also just gave me one day out the 5 day week because he knows i have school; but despite that, today i told him that i could have a 6-10 shift twice a week, and saturday/sunday with 8 hour shifts.

    Which leaves me with 3 days smack in the middle of the school week, tuesday, wensday, thursday.

    Now, this seems alot, and maybe im delusional but i think i can handle it. Im not doing any sports or anything. Just self training at gym.

    On the 2 days during school day week, i have one hour for homework before i start the job.

    I also plan on being serious this year and try to finish everything at school. Sooo, what im thinking is, that, if i do not play around too much and use my time wisley, it could be done smoothly.

    Im a big procrasinator, but im really going to change that.

    Despite what i think, what is your opinion on my above schedual?

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  • Im 16 And feel grown, but cant portray that image? Help? Its because i know i am under 18 so i automatically degrade myself...?

    Hello, know my title seems pathetic, but let me just give you an intro to myself....

    Im 16 and going into 11th grade. I get my license in january, i just got a new job a week ago at babies r us, and i also go to the gym and watch my health.... Ima guy by the way.

    Im not a typical kid.. I guess you can call me an "introvert", my horoscope is cancer which does describe me. Goes hand in hand with introvert. BUT ANYWAYS...

    Ive always been a bit mature, and i have been awake about all the lies and brainwashing, all the propaganda and bait that reels us in to this big system of mind enslavment... Im really devestated to have to go to school in 2 days :( i just feel like i have been there and done that. I think i am ready for the real world, which i now kinda am because i have a job....

    Anyways, my question is.

    In work, or when talking to any adults... I downgrade my confidence, determination, and assertivness out of respect. If there were no age, and i didnt know about age, i would be able to match my real self to the outside world. But since i DO know that i am 16, and that my co workers are above 20... Out of respect i kind of.... I dont know how to describe it, i kind of become like a pussy *** ***** and just act like a 'nice guy'... Apologizing when asking for help, not trusting my ways, ect. (Today i succesfully avoided radioing for help when assisting a customer)... So, how can i ignore the age difference and put my importance on the same level as the adults? Thanks...

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  • Urgent...... Working after job orientation?

    I have a job orientation on monday at babies r us. I will be a sales associate for car seats.

    I was told to come in uniform.... (Purple polo, khakies, and black shoes)

    Does that mean i will be working AFTER the job orientation? How long would the orientation last? And if working after, how long would that last.... Well, how can i work if im not trained, i guess its a ride along.

    Should i bring food? Idk, if ima be in uniform, sounds like ill be there for more that 4 hours.... Thanks for the answers :).

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  • URGENT*** job orientation in 2 days?

    On monday. For babies r us, i was told to bring

    Purple polo shirt

    Khaki pants

    Black shoes.....

    Do i need to buy the REAL polo shirt which is 30-50$? Or can i get the polo named ones that are under 20$? Because we start school in a week, so we have supplies shopping and cloths....

    But if the real one is requiered then its not a problem. Thanks for the answer.

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  • Felony charge drop????? Juvenile charges?

    About 2 years and a half ago, in 8th grade, i shot a kid on school grounds with a bb gun, (for fun in the bathroom haha). I got charged with---

    -brandishing a firearm on public school grounds

    - 3 counts of assault and battery

    -3 couts of misdmeanor... Idk if its together with the above.

    - a Felony charge.....

    (Pretty brutal for a small mistake, i was 13 by the way, now 16.)

    Sooo, we went to court. And the lawyer and judge said that if i dont get in any trouble with the law for one year, all charges will be dropped. I have NOT gotten in trouble with the law. Its been 2 years now since that date. But we never got any pappers or anything confirming that they were dropped. Soo the reasson im asking is because i applied for a job a week ago, and got called in for an interview. He said "in a couple of days, we will give you a call right after the background check comes in, then i will start you sometime next week with small part-time"....

    Its been 3 days, and im worried that there is a possibility that the charges will still show up? I doubt it would but can it?

    Or does it just get erased automatically once date is reached?

    By the way, im in Virginia. Fairfax county to be specific. I appreciate any answers.

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  • Food for thought about a paralyzed person?

    If a newborn human was paralyzed from the start. No touch/feel, no vision, no hearing, no eating, no smelling, no tasting, no NOTHING. Just in a bed hooked up with wires and tubes for nutrition and water, and to ****. Just paralyzed and never has a glimps of this world, what would he/she think about? No language is in mind so they would be thinking on a higher level. Like when you try to explain a defenition to somebody but you cant, but you know what it means by the context in which its used in? So do you have any idea. Its hard for my mind to fathom this because we are in this world, but if he is not in this world, HE MUST BE in a diffrent world. What could it be? This thought arised a few minutes ago when i was replying to a racist person on youtube. Was trying to explain that without eyes there is no color, from there i gave examples about losing other senses, then went to this extreme of having no senses from the start. What do you guys think?

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  • Pleasure on base of my spine? How?

    I was in my math class and was getting irritated of sitting down because thats what we do every day at school... Sitting down getting our heads stuffed with info we dont want or need wether we like it or not right? Anyways... I got up to sharpen my pencil and i feel this nice pleasure on the base of my spine. Every step i took, it was just this.... Lovely sensation of releif and the more arched my back was when i took my step, the more intense the feeling was. So i decided to walk around a few desks for about 2 min, then sat down. Then wanted to feel it again so i struted around again haha. What could this feeling be. Just today. And i feel it alittle bit now too as im laying down haha.

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  • What my dad just said and what can i do?

    First off. I love my family very much. My mom and dad are so caring, innocent and just want the best. My mom and dad have been working hard day after day after night after years and years. The went to war when they were 14, in east africa, eritrea breaking away from ethopia. When they were 21, they married, went sudane then after, USA. 5 of us children, oldest is 28, youngest is 13. Im 16 myself. I just want you to know, that i really do love and understand the struggles of today and the corrupt system. I am awake to the truth and i understand we are not meant to live like this and are economic slaves. That being said, im introverted, nice, very respectful and quiet. My parents raised me good and i think my awareness has helped me through my journy in life. Now to the issue. Ive always hated school and always was bad in it. Not because im dumb but because (i now know) i dont put all my effort in. To be honest,if i had to scale my effort, i would say i put on 30% of what i could.But i put in enough so i dont fail.My dad today talked to me, and he said "you are a nice boy daniel, you care about your momy and daddy, you love to help, we love you you are very good, but who cares about nice. You have to spend every minute reading, writing and studying. Blah blah blah.Which makes me sad because, what i truly want is to help people and help the world,I DONT CARE ABOUT MY sucess in this game, but rather, sucess in life.I dont want to be on the top.I want freedom,and for all to awaken

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  • My sister makes me so angry, i wanna choke her?

    Hey guys. Im 15 year old boy.

    Im a nice kid very respectful blah blah blah.

    My sister is 17 turning 18 in 2 months. She is so rude to the point where sometimes i am at the edge of losing my mind. Like a few minutes ago she triggered this deep anger as i was walking away from an argument (my dad is sleeping 5 feet away) she said "you probably forgot what you said or did because you are such a stupid dumb ***" something clicked, adrenalin rushing, my fists squeeze tight and my face scrunches up, i charge at sister with 3 swift strides (she is sitting in the floor) and in mili seconds i was ready to squeeze her throat. But im not stupid i have self control. A million senarios go through my mind as i stand infront of her while this huge power surge is rushing through me ready to destroy. I cant risk waking up my poor dad that works day and night, my poor dad that is so giving and caring, helps everyone he can. (African american by the way) I couldnt risk my sis yelling. So i just sneered agressivly "you better watch out, one day ima beat you up" and as much as i didnt want to i came into my room and calmed down, as i was still thinking about how she calls me a dumbass a million times, A short burst of strong energy rushed from hy heart to my arms as i squeezed my fists as hard as i can so the pulse can wear off.then i lay back on my bed and textbher to reasson the situation. She is very stubborn, everyone in my family runs into arguments with her and never win because she just DOES NOT LISTEN. She is always in denial. Mind you she is the third child. 28 year old female, 24 year old male, this 17 year old female, me a 15 year old male, and my 13 year old female. Well i think im rambling in too much detail. Main thing is that i dont know how to deal with her. I i have so much anger pent up. Disregard what happened up top because i cant control situations and i know its stupid to try too. So im going to come down to this. Hos can i realease my pent up anger. I have sooo much anger in me that i have to shove back down everytime it rises because i think about the outcomes and it is not worth it. It is rare when i have encounters like up top, its only the 5th time a power surge like that came with her. In school, when the term dumbass, retarded, stupid, idiot flys my way? Its so hard to not getup and punish that person. Todays society every little mistake you do someone calls you dunb for it. Not just to me but its everywhere. But when its everywhere already PLUS at home where your little sister and older sister is calling you stupid? Its so hard on you. Ive been handling it for a few years now but its to the point where i feel like its getting outta control. I mean, thinking about the fact that i was ready to just SQUEEZE the hell out my sister? The point where i was literally almost losing my self control is terrifying!! I am thinking about how i was 30 minutes ago, how i was so mad, so mad. I was just hanging on to a bit of myself. Just enough that i used my vouce and walked off. Because i do understand that its not my fault, i understand that its her lack of reassoning skills, her lack of perception, lack of being able to see from another persons view. And when it cones down to it and push my anger aside, i feel bad for her. I mean, how is she gonna survive in the future? In many of her arguments with my brother, my brother trys to tell her what is she going to do when someone looks at her in a way she does not like, and she flashes a attitude and that person attacks. My sis litteraly breakdances with her face LOL. The attitude that she has is REDICULOUSE. She scrunches her face up in all typppeess of ways haha. Lol my brain feels alittle tingly right now with euphoria :) i think this is helping me, i guess this question turned into venting. You know what, i might start doing this more often. Im literally happy right now, my brain just let out all the issues in the endless internet. In conclusion.... I change my question, i feel like im used as a punching bag, im so nice and quiet, i seecfrom peoples perspective so i dont attack because what goes around comes around. So maybe im used to let out there anger? So they call me dumb so they can feel better about them selves? Why are people overly insecure about themselves now a days? Thanks for listening to whom ever reads this and answers, my mind feels refreshed.

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  • My mom has PAIN please help if you know any products?

    Hey guys, my mom has been working in housekeeping for 26 years... Poor lady. But now recently (few days ago) she has been complaining about her right heel of her foot. Today she is now limping because it hurts so much for her, you can see it on her face :(... I was looking on amazon but there are bad reviews and im trying to get a product that will last awhile and will actually help. She is size 8 in womens. So please recommend a good product, i know it is "you get what you pay for" but if you can, find a 10-40$.... Alsoooo not nessceary but her wrists hurt now while working so if you know any wrist straps that would be helpful. :) thanks in advance

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  • SHOULD i buy a go-ped or Mo-ped?

    I live in virginia. Laws for 50cc moped scooter... 16 years old, no license required, no more than 35 mph.

    Or should i get a go-ped, 46cc and goes 30mph.

    Im open to any suggestions. Im 15, getting my car permit and motorcycle permit JANUARY (few months, but untill i get my lisence i want something to travel with.

    Also, i just want one of em for simple under 5 miles distance

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  • How to build mass on legs over a few months?

    Im 15 1/2 years old, 5'11 male. Now, i am no beginner, i have been lifting for a year now. Last year when i started (im eritrean by the way, so i was cery skinny) i only could barley lift the bar 4 times on bench press. Now i am able to do 150 3 times. I just recently started working legs a month ago, just did my 5th workout yesterday. I AM making improvments, strength wise and size wise. (Im 160 pounds by the way) but when i see bodybuilders flex there leg, it looks nice and defined, looks like they actually work them out. How do i obtain this look?

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • Should i get a ninja 250r? Or a car first?

    Im 15 turning 16 on july. Now my dad, mom, uncle, other uncle have a car. So what im thinking is.... If there is 4 useable cars at home, why do i need another one for myself, if i need to carry my family i can just use ome of the cars. Now for commuting to school, work, shopping and such, i can ride my motorcycle. I dont know if this sounds reasonable, any opinions?

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  • Cant get this girl off my miiinnndddd?

    I dont care about the details about how all this **** came about. But i usually have control over my mind and keep my feelings on lockdown so i dont get attached. Right now SHE IS ALL THATS ON MY MIND and its pissing me off that i cant take her out. This is the last day of school and not gonna see her for another year or two so i think thats what im thinking about but i feel worried about something but there is nothing to worry about!!!!! How can i get her off my mind?! I keep telling my self chanting "forget about her, forget about her" but my day is jus ruined by her on my mind. I cant identify the problem, what is this that im feeling? Its like nervousness or something

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