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  • songs about heartbreak?

    okay, I've kinda managed to fall in love with my best friend, the thing is I'm already in a relationship, and I really don't wanna screw everything up without knowing if my best friend feels the same way..

    so I've decided to make a small video for my BFF and hopefully he's gonna understand what I'm trying to say...

    so does ayone know any songs that kinda resemble the situation I'm in? Or at least something that comes close to all of this? preferably by a newer band, cuz' I know that Lenny Kravitz, Dixie Chicks and all of em' oldies have a lot of songs like that but I really don't like that kinda music xP

    thankies in advance

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  • fonts that are like Ghastly Panic?

    it's the font that the scene kidzz use, but I've been trying to find similar fonts, no luck though,..

    anyone know of any? and where I can find em'?

    thankies in advance xD

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  • Facebook video upload?

    okay, so I got this video it's 45 seconds long, 6,9MB and it doesn't exceed any of the facebook limitations...

    I uploaded it, and it says I have to wait for it to process, so how long does that take?

    a day, a couple hours, weeks o.O""

    and if it doesn't upload what should I do, cuz' I know a lot of people have problems with uploading videos these days..

    thanks for your help x)

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  • Video trouble, can anyone help?

    okay this is the thing, I set up my youtube account,I got the up loader and everything set up, but the problem are the videos....

    I taped everything, but I have some pieces I need to cut out and edit the whole thing, so can anyone recommend a video editor and if possible one that is easily downloaded and set up

    no Sony vegas, please, I already tried and every free version was a false one...

    thank you very much in advance, for helping me, I've been trying to find one for three hours already and I'm on my last nerve...-.-"""

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  • Sony vegas free trial?

    does anyone know where I can download a free trial of Sony vegas...

    doesn't even matter which version it is...

    I just have a few vids I need to edit IMMEDIATELY and my mac is dead so I have to use a new one which has nothing of my old programs....-.-

    thank you in advance, really appreciate it :DD

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  • Shoujo ai-yuri shows?

    anyone know any good shoujo ai-yuri shows? Like Kanamemo for instance...

    I already know of Maria sama ga Miteru, Kannaduki no Miko and Strawberry panic...

    if you do, pls help, thankies in advance ^^

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  • Shoujo-ai yuri shows?

    if anyone knows and good shoujo-ai yuri shows, please help

    I already know of strawberry panic, kannaduki no miko and maria-sama ga miteru

    any other good ones? ^^

    thanks xD

    2 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago
  • anyone know and good shoujo-ai shows?

    well, I watched strawberry panic and kannaduki no miko

    I already know of maria-sama ga miteru, so are there any more good ones?

    I've been looking around on forums a little, but heh...

    no luck -.-""""

    please help xD

    thankieees ^^

    2 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago
  • does anyone know any all girl animes, like strawberry marshmallow?

    I finished watching strawberry marshmallow the other day and I wanted to find some more all girl animes, but..

    didn't really work out -.-""

    if you know of any like that one, please help ^^

    thankies in advanceee xD

    2 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago