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  • What's the name of this song?

    it said "riverr" anybody knows the real name of this song? it sounds so beautiful.!

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  • Help I don't know what to do!?

    My bezt friend and I got a same AP class together. Usually she doesn't read and study for the test, so she kinda "asked" me to help her( looking at my paper) I kinda reluctantly but I don't want to have any problem since she's my best friend! The point is we usually have the same grade, and I know the teacher trust her, but not me. ( since she always do dat kinda sweet voice) about 1 week ago, she did not know anything so she copy my whole scantron! of course, we had to talk to the teacher since we missed the same question! She told me that we'll explain to the teacher that we studied the same material so we got the same grade. The point is I had to lied to the teacher for her and I felt very uncomfortable!( of course the teacher didn't trust us) What should I do?

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  • những Bài hát này tên là gì vậy?

    Mình chỉ nhớ mỗi điệp khúc: Làn gió hoang vu về nhớ mưa đầy trời tình yêu em khắc trong tái tim nhớ. Người có hay chăng rằng nhớ em thật nhiều, tình thơ ngây khát khao tháng năm đó..... Rồi có cả tiếng hoa nữa, nghe o hiểu gì hết!

    còn bài nữa là về mẹ: Mong cho đời này gánh hết đớn đau, vui cười sẻ luôn đưa đến cho đan con. Con vui mê cười, nước mắt đẩm sau, không còn hi sinh gánh trên vai nhau. Mai sao lìa trần.....không nhớ nữa

    Nếu ai viết những bài trên tên gì, làm ơn trả lời nha. Thanks a lot. Love you guys!

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  • Help! I'm currently having a crush on someone!?

    He goes 2 sunday skool with me. To me, he's very cute. but he's also a little bit ridiculous. I always look at him and whenever I heard the his name, I always be very anxious.

    sadly, he just saying bad things behind my back about me 2 other ppl like. she's ugly and non- attractive and all kind of that stuffs. But yea, I tried to forget him, but I couldn't since I meet him every week.

    What should I do to forget him?

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  • Is my best friend is a good friend?

    We both are Asians. She and I pretty much know the same people. To me, she's really a small-minded person. For example, she doesn't like some particular person for some stupid reason like they're not cool........but I still talked to the person that she hated. When she knows about it, she made a flush and tell me not to play with them anymore since I'm her best friend. She was mad at me and stop talking to me. I had so say sorry all the time in order for her to "forgive" me.

    What should I do? End the friendship with her?Any advices would be appreciated!

    Thanks so much.

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