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  • Japanese Olympic Medal Count Ranking?

    Japan in the 2012 olympics didn't do as well as they hoped and earned only 7 gold medals. But they did win a lot of medals total. But, for many years, Japan has ranked the medal ranking by whoever has the most Gold medals is higher. Now, I heard that Japan changed their medal ranking because they would be ranked 11th.

    Do you think this is fair? And if in 2016, Japan happens to earn many gold medals but not many in total, they would change the ranking style again?

    6 AnswersJapan8 years ago
  • How to put a video on top of another in a thumbnail?

    I want to post a reaction video to youtube and I want to add the video I'm watching on the corner so you can see both. I have the file and I already recorded myself but I just want to add the video I'm watching into the corner of the reaction vid so people know what I'm watching. I only have Windows Movie Maker but if you know of safe, virus-free programs that can do that, please tell me.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design9 years ago