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Family Of 3 [The Mendoza'z]

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---Mother of Baby Audrey and Family of 3. We are located in Northern Illinois and we are hardcore christians. We love everything about our lives. Proud to be a family of 3.------ The Mendoza'z

  • Injury in auto accident?

    Friend was in a bad auto accident it was not her fault her hubby suffered broken nose glass in eyeball etc we are trying to get the vehicle paid for asap so they can get another car since hers was a total loss.. So they called and offered exactly what its worth.. If we pick up the check tomorrow can she still sue for medical bills later or will they make her sign something when she picks up the check tomorrow that will state she forfits any right todo make any other claims

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  • Am I wrong for not holding up my end of the deal?

    Before my husband an I married, we agreed that, we would live in both; Mexico and USA, for 6 months each. His family is living in Mexico and he is a big family person. My family lives in the US and I too am a big family person. For the past couple years we did exactly what we agreed on; living in both countries.. and everything was well, until my father was kidnapped and murdered in Mexico (11\2011). I no longer left like I usually would have in December because of this.. and now this year again I don't want to go, but now my husband is hurting because he wants to be with us and his family but he doesn't know what to do. As an adult, I let him go to Mexico without me last year.. after all he only stayed a month. But now that we have a newborn I feel like he should only go for 2-3 weeks. He doesn't want to.. he says that isn't what we agreed on. Am I wrong for being mad at him, for him wanting to stay in Mexico for a month, if that's what we agreed on?

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  • What should I name my boutique?

    I am opening a boutique and I have to create a name and a logo.

    I just don't know what to name it.

    I think I have a couple I like so perhaps you could pick one and help me choose.

    I am Christian so I love the fact that the name could have to do with religion or something to do with God and I am in love with the book Alice in Wonderland ever since I was a small child so even that would describe me.

    How are these.. please pick one or give me one that you come up with.

    Fabjous Boutique

    Re.Vive Boutique

    Audrey's Attic

    Wonderland Boutique


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  • My baby daughter keeps waking up in the middle of the night crying. What is going on?

    For the past 4 weeks my 7 month old will wake up in the middle of the night histerically crying. She doesn't open her eyes, she is still sleeping, not hungry, she is screaming crying.

    We hold her and when she begins to open her eyes she is kind of out of it. Then she is fine.

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  • About how many oz should I feed my newborn (formula)?

    I have been feeding my newborn 2 oz but it seems it doesnt fill her up she is only 4 days old. Can I feed her 3 oz?? Or how many is appropriate?

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