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  • Is she pregnant? Looking for help?

    My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex back in the middle of March (she had an IUD, IUD was in for about a year). About two weeks ago (Middle of April, 4 weeks after sex), she started having sore breast and was nauseous. She took a home pregnancy test and it came back negative. One week later (5 weeks after sex), she was still have the same symptoms so we went to her OBGYN. The doctor took her blood and did a quantitative blood test. This test came back negative for pregnancy. The IUD was also removed at this time. The dr said if we had sex that long ago, the results would be accurate.

    Since the removal of the IUD, the sore breast and nausea have gone away. However, now she is having severe stomach pain (last 12 hrs) that comes in waves. She is also having bad diarrhea. She worried she is still pregnant, despite what the dr said.

    Is this a sign of pregnancy? Miscarriage? Effects from the removal of the IUD?

    Thanks for any help!

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