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CERBERUS; The Three-Headed Monster Hound who guards the entrance to the Greek Underworld. No-one can enter or leave without getting past me. Another TYPHON and ECHIDNA production (like my brother ORTHRUS), CERBERUS belongs to HADES and has the disposition of a pit-bull rottweiler in a butcher's shop. Eyes: clear, bright and vicious. Tongue: a healthy red and very slobbery. Claws: highly polished. Coat: sleek, glossy and reptilian. Tail: poisoned and barbrous. Teeth: er, let's not go into too much detail here. Only HERACLES ever managed to take the Hell Hound for walkies. In fact only three other beings who weren't dead managed to get past me at all. PSYCHE charmed me with her beauty and a doggie choc. The SIBYL-OF-CUMAE gave me a cake containing a funny substance, and ORPHEUS lulled me to sleep with his lyre.

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