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  • How to prevent keyboard from turning on my computer?

    For some reason, my Razr Blackwidow keyboard can turn on my computer from a shut off (and sleep). I am fine with it waking from sleep but it I would prefer my keyboard not turning on my computer. I am running the latest version of windows 8.1, the motherboard linked below and the Razr Blackwidow Ultimate.

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  • Cool ideas for an english presentation?

    In my honors english class, we have a group project where we tell the class about a decade in the 20th century. Specifically we are to talk about the different forms of literature popular at these times include books, poems, visual art, music, and other. We are graded heavily on creativity and incorperation of technology. Our group was assigned the 80s and we are a bit stumped for ideas on how to get these points. Does anyone have a good idea for how we could use technology in a creative somewhat related to out topic?

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  • Why is my internet so slow?

    I am currently paying for 25 mbps speeds, and have been getting that on my 2012 Dell XPS (so you know the motherboard). However, with my custom computer on the exact same line connection into the motherboard, I am getting under 5 mbps. I am wondering if this is fault of the motherboard since the other computer was not having these slow speeds. Do I need an external ethernet card?

    My Current Motherboard:

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  • What do you think would happen if Google and Microsoft went under?

    In a technological apocolypse where google, microsoft, and all the companies they own disappear, who do we turn to?

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  • How do I give my phone to a friend?

    I have an old Droid Bionic that was my old smartphone from a few years back. It works perfectly fine and I dont use it. My friend has a flip phone and so I want to give my phone to her. Would it work to just swap SIM cards? Or if they do not fit with eachother, is there another way to transfer her number. We both have verision, and her family is on a family data plan so she has a little data to share with her dad and mom who already have a smartphone. Much thanks!

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  • Why can't shooter support 256 players?

    I used to be a huge MAG fan before the fan base was absorbed by newer shooters. MAG had the capability to support 256 players, and there wasn't even that much lag, and it is a pretty old game. My question is, why cant modern games handle that many players? I would totally play battlefield 4 at 720p if i could have a 256 player battle.

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  • Is there a way to lower the fps on a co2 pistol?

    I am looking to get a cool looking skirmish pistol and I noticed the "ASG Licensed Steyr M9-A1 Airsoft CO2 Pistol" (link below) to match my AUG AEG. But this is shooting way to high for my airsoft field. Is there any way to lower the FPS on co2 pistols?

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  • What do you think is happening?

    (Prepare yourself boys and girls)

    So I liked this girl about 2 years ago now. Got to be friends, flirted a fair bit, but it was the first girl I had a legitimate crush on so I was to nervous to ask her out. Then my older friend Stacy covered my ears (ineffectively) and asked her if she like me. She said no. Same in reverse, but I was much quieter. She texts me and asks "there is nothing between us, right?" I reluctantly agree. She hasnt had a boyfriend either so she may be a bit iffy on how to handle it. Early this year, start talking to her again, get to the same spot and chicken out of asking her to homecoming. Then I get a girlfriend. Staying loose friends with her. Things get a bit rough and I ask for her help (dumb move I know) and she does help. We talk more, the I get in a long distance relationship with our mutual friend from Canada. She has since had a boyfriend who she says didn't give her enough space so she broke up with him after a few days,and seems none to eager for a new one (as of 3 months ago). I want to ask her out, but I want to know what y'all think my chances are. She is a very dedicated violist and works really hard. She is clever and funny and very pretty and probably gets asked out a lot for that. I also play a string instrument and I am in the same orchestra as her.

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  • What style of airsoft gun should I get?

    I have asked this before. But I got no satisfactory answers. I want one of these styles (preferably) G36, SCAR (MK16), FAMAS, and the AUG. I have found a satisfactory deal for each (at least 390 fps w/ .12s, and under $200.) If you can find another gun that is NOT an AK or M4/M16, than please give the URL.

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  • Airsoft M4 mags for other guns?

    I am planning to get either a G36 by Jing Gong/TSD, or a SCAR (MK16) by Dboys.

    The exact models are: DBoys Squad-T, Boys M4 TDW-RAS for the SCARs, and the G36s are TSD SR6C Gen II, JG Full Metal Gearbox R36C Tactical, and the JG GEN-4 Full Metal Gearbox R36C Tactical.

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  • What style of airsoft gun should I get?

    I have found the price and power for each of these styles, and I absolutly do not want an AK or an M4. Should I get a FAMAS, M14, P90, Sig 550, FAL, AUG (no scope w/ rail), AUG (with built in 3x scope), G36, or UMP. Just to re-cap, I found a good price and a good power for each style, i just care about looks.

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