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  • my three year old argues with me all day, nothing is working! help?

    I say son: "go potty break for momma, please pick up your crayons, please dont hit, do you want some pudding" anything i say gets the same response from him NO SHUT YOUR MOUTH! and i am speechless. i have never told my son to shut his mouth.he is not in daycare. i tell him that is ugly and i dont want to hear it again. he "argues" with me about everything. "put on your shorts so we can go to the pool" NO MOMMA I DONT GO TO THE POOL SHUT UP! he gets timeout several times a day and its so frustrating. he will apologize and i will talk to him kiss and hug him then its back to the same formula "dont, no please dont, i said no, please no..." Insult from the baby, timeout, rinse & repeat...HELP!!

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  • My boyfriend has nude ex girlfriend photos on his computer, when do i have the right to tell him to delete?

    We have only been together for a few months, i know i dont have the right to say anything now because we cant predict the future, we dont know what may happen or if we will break up one day. so theres no reason for him to go deleting his pics. but if we stay together, when can i bring it up? i was thinking when we are engaged its the time to clean up the pics, because i am just "girlfriend" status. what do you think?

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  • My boyfiend and I want to learn spanish together, help me translate these things to say to him.?

    I would like to say "i love you ralph" "you have a beautiful heart" and "you are my blessing" any other romantic phrases would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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  • Problem over? am I right or is he?

    When i met my boyfriend he had an unresolved issue with his ex. theyve been divorced for 2 yrs but he still had some stuff in her attic. according to him she calls him to annoy him about stupid stuff and he cant get mad because she will ruin his things, and he really "cant stand her". when she found out about me, she would call and talk nasty about me. so i told my bf to go get his sh!t and be done with her. he just gave me excuses. we fought about why he wont end things with her being that they divorced cause she cheated and she calls the house to cause problems ON PURPOSE. finally he broke down and went to ATL. when they were there he said she tried to pull his heart strings and talked of getting back together if her relationship didnt work out. long story short they agreed to move on. the prob is my bf still takes her calls and he said i have insecurity and trust issues as to why i wont let them talk. i say why cant he let her go? yeah he changed his number but is it really over?

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  • New guy same old trust issues, but this one i want to marry?

    my ex hubby was into drugs so much that i got into the habbit of checking his phone, email, and bank accounts to keep track of the drug deals. now that i have a new lease on life with my son (ex hubbs left 4 the habbit) i am in an awesome relationship. my new man spoils my son rotten and treats me like a queen. but when i came into this relationship he was single and had 7 or 8 personals accounts (normal). he said he deleted or deactivated them all and some he did infront of me. it has been hard on me to shake the compulsion to snoop since thats what i did in my last relationship, so no i dont check behind my new guy because it is not fair to him. but i want to know, since i dont check behind him am i giving him the freedom to cheat? heck, he could be cheating now and i would never know and i dont want to be blindsided after i marry again. and yes, i have already told him how i feel and he got upset and said my lack of trust will destroy us. am i being paranoid?

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  • I have been hurt before, why cant i trust my new man? he treats me like a queen.?

    my ex husband was into drugs so when our money would dissapear i got into the habbit of checking his email, our bank accout and his cell to track his drug deals. needless to say after our son was born he left us for the habbit and my son and i are doing fabulous. now i am in a new relationship and im destroying it. my bf treats me and my son amazingly. he spoils my son to death and he pampers me like a baby. he truly loves and adores me. I feel God had blessed me with an amazing person, but i carried over my habbit of checking behind the guy im with and im driving my bf away. he says i dont trust him and i do, i am just scared of being done wrong again. i dont check his computer or phone anymore but it is killing me not to. he hasnt done ANYTHING to tarnish my trust. im just used to having to snoop. how can i break the habbit? he gives me complete freedom, he had never touched my phone or my laptop. he says he feels i love him differently than he loves me. i feel im just protecting me.

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  • Boyfriend still talks to ex but their arent any children and he claims to not like her.?

    my boyfriend still talks to his ex wife (no problem) but he claims he cant stand her. they have no children. he says he has to kiss her butt because she still has some of his stuff and when he tries to get his stuff, they fight. so he allows her to call until he can "figure it out" but theyve been divorced for 2 years . my problem is this, when she calls, he allows her to say what she wants about me because if he replies with anger, she will destroy his things. when i ask him to resolve the situation and i give him 3 or 4 different solutions, he tells me it wont work. she is engaged and lives 3 hours away yet she can call as she pleases and say as she chooses about me. when i tell him i feel i am being disrespected, he gets angry and tells me that my insecurities and trust issues are my own problem. what can i do if anything?

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