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For more than 15 years, Proactiv® Solution has been America’s No. 1 acne system and a leader in acne prevention and treatment. With exclusive micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide, Proactiv directly targets the causes of acne – bacteria, oil production, and dead skin cell build up – to clear existing blemishes, soothe inflammation and redness, and help to prevent new breakouts. Proactiv has a complete line of products, beyond the iconic 3-Step System, formulated specifically for acne prone skin including moisturizers, sunscreens, spot treatments and body washes. Proactiv was developed by leading dermatologists, Katie Rodan, M.D. and Kathy Fields, M.D. It has been used successfully by millions of women, men and teens around the world. Proactiv has been recognized with more than 30 awards and honors from the beauty and health industry.