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  • Quick way to multiply large numbers and then convert it back to a decimal?

    I was given a math problem on a recent exam that was 1000005 x's 1281250 =?? I tried to do the arithmetic, but it ended up taking so long and I got confused as to which numbers lined up, where the place holder is etc. Is there a quick method to multiplying these types of values? Maybe mentally? Or does anyone know how to convert the final number back into a decimal? This completely stumped me.

    The original numbers were 12.81250 x 1000005=

    I was told when multiplying decimals you remove the decimals, multiply like normal and then add the decimals at the end. This problem would be so easy on a calculator (obviously) but there has to be a fast and easy way to go about this!

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  • What is not an example of homeostasis?

    a. Concentration of Oxygen around the body

    b. Temperature of the brain

    c. Blood Pressure

    d. Concentration of nutrients in the blood

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  • Help with average atomic weight for Chlorine?

    I need help with this problem!

    Chlorine 35 has a mass of 34.9689 u. Chlorine 37 has a mass of 36.9653 u. If the relative abundances of these two isotopes were 35.3% (for Chlorine 35) and 64.7% (for Chlorine 37), what is the average atomic weight for Chlorine?

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  • How to fix a bucking problem?

    This past summer, I have had a little project pony named Sparky.He is 6 years old and has never had any consistent english training. And has basically just started back under saddle this summer because he took about a year off, where no one rode him. He is such a sweetheart, and incredibly cute. However, he has a little bucking issue. Whenever I ride him (this just started last week since I've been riding him consistantly)...he has been throwing little cow kicks and bucks. (Usually at the gate of the arena)...I understand that bucking is unexceptable behavior for a young horse, and I am not sure if he is bucking to be rude, or if he is uncomfortable....Here are some factors I have considered: 1. He has never had his teeth done, and the english bridle is uncomfortable for him. 2. The saddle might be uncomfortable for him, or he may be sore. 3. He may be out of alignment and needs a chiropractor. 4. He is frusterated because he is so green....I have asked my trainer what to do w him, after he bucks, but she just says "run him so hard, I want to see him dripping sweat."...However, this approach I feel wouldn't work because then the next time I ride him, he might be bitter. I want to make Sparky's job fun, and I don't want to be mean to him because I understand he is still barely broken. Any tips on what to do when the little guy bucks?

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  • Will my make-up be ruined?

    I just went to Mac cosmetics, benefit, and clinique and bought some pretty expensive make-up today....I am going on vacation to Mexico and am worried that the humid climate will ruin my this possible??? My friend went to Hawaii, and when she came back her make-up was all distorted...Do you think this will happen to mine? I know this sounds kinda stupid but I spent a small fortune on all of my make up and I just don't want it to be ruined...I have old make-up I could bring with me instead of my new make-up too.

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  • I have missed my time of the month for 6 months! Help!?

    So a little back round...I am 16, really healthy, work out hard 5-6 days a week. Eat extremely healthy, no other health issues in the past. Not sexually active. I have missed my time of the month ever since I started working out and lost weight. I'm 5'8 1/2 118Ibs....I haven't figured out why I have been missing my period....Other symptoms I've been having, is I will feel lightheaded, and sometimes I will burp and food will come up. It is really bizarree to me. Help!

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  • Do you like this pony?

    Here are a few pictures of this pony that I have trained from western to english. I have worked with him for 2 years on the side from riding my other horse....I just wanted to see what other people thought about him :). The class we were in was a 1'6-1'9 class, but he can jump 3 ft ! Do you think he is cute? This was only his second show. He has another one coming up April 5th. :) His show name is connect the dots.

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  • Can you critique my equitation?

    So this is me riding this little pony that I've brought up to jumping 3 ft. This was the day before yesterday I believe...The jump in the picture is a little over 3 ft....I am riding the pony in a show tomorrow (in eq. classes) and I just wanted some last minute advice on my jumping position...I know my leg is a little far back in the picture...but the jump was a funky distance and we didn't really have much momentum going to it. So any advice on warm ups I can do, or things I can practice today would be helpful! Thank you!

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  • What are some foods to stay away from when trying to build muscle/maintain/lose weight?

    So I eat reallllly healthy already...but I feel like there is something in my diet that I could improve...I eat only whole grains, and all organic foods as it is.....I never have sugar. (I mean never!!!) I eat a ton of fruits in the morning, usually a salad for lunch, and salad or stir fry or steamed or raw veggies for dinner.....I hardly ever eat meat, but I will have chicken or fish in my salad. I occasionally eat red meat.. I usually add protein powder to smoothies in the morning too...I also don't have a lot of dairy such as cheese, milk, yogurt etc......I eat a ton of nuts as well. I feel like I eat super healthy, however something is holding my back from building muscle.....Any advice on foods I should consume more of or less of? Thanks for the help!

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  • Would it be ok to work out after donating blood?

    Their was a blood drive at my school today and I donated blood. They told me not to excersize today and that I should rest...Do you think tomorrow I could do a kick boxing class at the gym? I do it every wednesday and I'm in pretty good shape I feel like. The class is also pretty intense

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  • How do you overcome your nerves and stop getting nervous?

    So I have been riding and competing english for 8 years....I would say I'm a pretty accomplished rider. However, I've been riding this new hanoverian mare and she is really green and strong. I love her to pieces, but she is one of the 1st horses I've felt that I don't have control over...( well I never have control, but she just feels very "flighty")..I will ride her fine one day, and the next day we will have a little more rough of a ride. When I ride her on the flat, everything goes so smooth, and she is an angel...Then my trainer/cousin will raise the jumps and I feel like whenever I jump her she gets me fired up. She jumps so round, and big, and pops you out of the saddle (she's definately a jumper) that it gets me a little scared. I try to tell my cousin this, but he doesn't really give a sh**...He knows I am more capable, and he doesn't really have much sympathy for me because I'm his cousin. So I really need help ! I am really good at telling myself things, like mental their anything that's helped you in the past to overcome your fears? It feels like whenever I ride her my thoughts get washed away and I'm relying on instinct...It's like I get tunnel vision and forget about everything "oops....that was a 3 stride?"....I am NOT GOING TO QUIT!!! I just need some extra brain power!...Another thing, it frustrates me when I see other people ride he who aren't as experienced as I am (that sounds conceeded) and they do better on her because they have more confidence. Help me! I am going to show her soon! I need mucho confidence.

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  • How do I help my friend?!? my best friend's boyfriend has cheated on her 3 times so far.. They broke up then got back together 3 months later. She told me she would never get back together w him and their would never be any trust....They went out for 2 years and she says she's in "love" with him......So the other day he tried these gnarly drugs and she was telling me "omg he did these drugs! i'm so mad @ him!" I really did not want to here it so I basically told her she was the one that chose to be stupid and get back together with him and she should have seen it coming. (well, i said it in nicer way) and so we had a really long talk about him, I told her "once a cheater, always a cheater..." she knows what she is doing is wrong, and I want to say something to her to get through to her, but I just don't know what to say to her? Any advice what I should tell her?...I thought she would have figured it out by now. This is their 3rd time getting back together! Help! I hate seeing my best friend get treated this way!

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  • How do you help sore muscles?

    I did a gnarly kick boxing class @ the gym 3 days ago and I'm still sore! Wow. My legs, my stomach muscles, my arms, and my calves are sore. It hurts to go down stairs, and to go up stairs. I usually have to take it one stair at a time because I'm so sore. It's been 3 days and my legs are still hurting! .....Any help on how to feel better....because the surf has come up and I've been going out these past couple of days, and I can hardly walk down the stairs.....Also, I have to ride my horse! And I am to sore to get on her!

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  • What should i do for my 16th birthday?!?!?

    Ok, so i am not going to have a party for my 16th b-day....but i don't know what else to do? I am over having a "sleep over" because i have a lot of girl friends and it would be kind-of a big ordeal. Plus i have sleep overs w my friends all the time.....It is hard to round everyone up for birthdays so i don't know what to do for my birthday!?! any ideas!?! Thank you! I was thinking about doing a family thing! My birthday is in a week so i need to figure something out!

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  • What should we have for dinner?

    My parents are going out of town for a week, and we were trying to plan some meals. What do you suppose would be good, quick, and easy meals for me and my sister to prepare during the evening....We don't want to have junk food all the time Like tv dinners, or microwaved stuff, (gross) we eat really healthy, like organic, and whole grain foods.....any suggestions? We know how to cook chicken, and we can make pretty much anything, but we still want something quick and easy. Thanks for your help :)

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  • How to lengthen a horse's stride?

    My horse has an extremely short stride. He has a pony stride. And it is hard to measure inbetween jumps. How do you suggest lengthening it? My trainer and I have worked with him for days. I've tried making him go a little faster, however the impulsion just seems to make his feet move quicker, not more extended....I feel like he is stuck, and it's just annoying because for such a big horse he should have a larger stride. Well, any help will due.

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  • Show name for my horse?

    So I'm doing a show next week, and i still haven't thought of a good show name for my horse! His name is Hank. He is really fat. He's a buckskin appaloosa, quarter horse. He is super lazy. He is also really curious. I wanted to call him curious george....but it doesn't really fit him....He loves to check everything out, sniff around etc. He also is a really sweet, gentle horse.... So yeah...can you help me think of a show name?

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  • How do you pass Californias Permit test?

    Ok, so i have failed my permit test 2wice. I feel like a complete idiot. I missed 9 problems both times. The second time I was rushed by my sister who just wanted to get out of there and I wasn't really paying attention. The first time, I tried and still didn't pass. I didn't study much for it either....I can't fail another time!! Please help me! What should I do, i just get super nervous! I have studied so much tonight and I am trying so hard. I go in to take my test tomorrow :/

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  • Help with math problem?

    What is 6 divided by negative 1? Can't think.

    3 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • How do you come up with cash, quick?

    I am trying to come up with funds for a horse show. And i need cash quickly. I have$ 20 right now, and I need 30 more. I am too young to get a job. And i do not have time to babysit and don't particularly like kids. Any advice on how to earn money quickly?!?

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