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  • similar characteristics between Alice and Dinah?

    I need a few specific points for my paper. Ideas anyone?

    thanks :)

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  • What career will have more job opportunities once I'm out of med school?

    Okay so I'm a junior in high school right now and I'm seriously considering two medical careers: oncologist or neonatologist. Now before you say anything, I know they are both serious job. I have shadowed both of them multiple times. Now it's just time to choose. Once of the factors is which will have more job openings when I'm out of college. Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

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  • Is urine sterile until it is exposed to air?

    and also, how would you keep it sterile in a vacuum if you can't pee in a vacuum?

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  • what religion doesnt wear wedding rings?

    also, they dont watch tv and he proposed to his wife through his religious figure.

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  • Which of these components determines the projectile's time in the air?





    please help :)

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  • Honors Bio 2 Essays-Chapter 5?

    1) A farm worker accidently was splashed with a powerful insecticide. A few minutes later he went into convulsions, stopped breathing, and died. The insecticide acted as a competitive inhibitor of an enzyme important in the function of the nervous system. Describe the structural relationship between the enzyme, its substrate, and the insecticide.

    2) A plant cell is placed in a solution whose solute concentration is twice as great as the concentration of the cell cytoplasm. The cell membrane is selectively permeable, allowing water but not the solutes to pass through. What will happen to the cell and why?

    -if you could please attempt to answer both or one of these essays i would appreciate it so so so much. it doesnt even have to be the complete answer. i just need somewhere to start, because i am very lost. thank you so much!

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  • what american novel should i read for my research paper?

    for my honors american literature class i have to read an american novel and then write a research paper about how the novel pertained to America in that time period. There is a huge list of possible novels to read, and i have narrowed it down to three. what are your sugestions?

    Great Gatsby

    In Cold Blood

    Cather In the Rye

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  • Advice for my best friend?

    Alright so my best friend was cheated on about a year ago (they had been together for year). Since then he hasn't been in a serious relationship because he has major trust issues. A new person has come into the picture, but my friend is having trust issues because this person is very close with his ex. sooo I need to know what to tell my friend so that he can get

    Over his trust issues?!

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  • Nickname for Alanah Nantall?

    Something besides Lon or Lonnie. Something a little gangster. Like lil' a. But clever.

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  • how long will my acne medications take to work?

    I have acne on my face, but it's really bad on my back. prom is on April 20 and I really want to be able to go wothout being insecure about my skin. so I started these medicines about a week ago. How long do you think it will take before I see a difference?

    100 mg of doxycycline two times a day

    clindamycin phosphate 1% (morning on face)

    tretinoin cream .05% on face and back at night


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  • quote from andrew woods on the real world DC?

    "the problem with these people is that they wear their life struggles on their sleeve, as if that defines them as a person. but if you've been truely hurt, you dont talk about that. you keep that inside.''

    did anyone else find that to be extremely true and insightful?

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  • 7 things about yourself!?

    1 I get my license in 22 days

    2 I could sit in my snuggie and read all day

    3 I hit the snooze button 4 times before I get up

    4 Honors chemistry will be the death of me

    5 My jeans are all too tight in the waist for some reason

    6 I hate routine

    7 I wish I liked to run.

    Your turn :)

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  • what makes YOU unique?

    everyone has a little unique-ness in em'

    what's yours? :D

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  • random/unique things about yourself? :)?

    I'm bored.

    -I want to be an oncologist.

    -I'm studying abroad in Italy next year for a year.

    -my food can't touch

    -sometimes I look for things to be sad about.

    -high waisted skirts, tights, cardigans, and converse make up my wardrobe

    -I just got over having mono for 2 weeks.

    -I get obsessed with one song and listen to it over and over.

    your turn! :)

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  • what is the name of this song?!?

    okay so this is really bugging me, and i neeeed to know the name of this please help :)

    -it's a male singing

    -its an acoustic song

    -''threw my money in a wishing well..."

    -"if only you were here right now"

    -"i try to make believe..."

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  • becoming an oncologist?

    Hey everyone, I'm a sophomore in high school, and i am really interested in becoming an oncologist (cancer doctor, for those of you who dont know). I'm in a health and medical careers class right now, that's how i got interested in it. so here are my questions:

    1. I would like to go to school somewhere on the east coast, so what medical schools would be good for that?

    2. What are the differences between the four types of oncology, and which would you recommend and why. (medical, surgical, radiation, and pediatric)

    3. What types of classes will i be taking in college? like chemistry, biology...those sorts of things.

    feel free to answer any of the questions, your help is greatly appreciated :D

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  • proofread this pleaaaase?! :)?

    Short story essay for english, on the lovely story, The Beginning of Grief.

    PROMPT: Discuss how the author of the story develops the character Kevin Stanion. Remember to cover direct and indirect characterization.

    Whether someone is acrid or cunning, dour or blithe, or apathetic or active, that person still has their own personal characteristics. Characteristics are what make us who we are. Some are more apparent than others. In the short story “The Beginning of Grief,” Kevin, Stanion’s son, has many obvious characteristics, but with a closer look you will see he is more complex than what first meets the eye.

    Kevin’s main characteristic is being the trouble maker. It is shown from the start. When Stanion gets home and sees that there is trouble, he automatically assumes that it is Kevin, because it always has been. Another direct characterization of Kevin’s is not wanting to lose, and always needing to feel like he is in charge. This is established within the first few paragraphs. Kevin’s not-so-lovely quality is supported when William Stanion finds out that Kevin kicked Marvin, his teammate, just because they were losing. The readers are told that when Kevin watches the younger kids, he bosses them around and is very austere. Kevin is this way because the kids are unruly. Even though the kids are rowdy, there are better ways of dealing with the situation than how Kevin does. These two qualities are not ideal, but it is what makes Kevin, Kevin.

    Forgiveness is an indirect quality of Kevin’s. In the end of the story, Kevin’s dad comes upstairs to apologize. Kevin does not ever say that he forgives his dad, but he shows that he is rueful indirectly by going downstairs and helping with the dishes. Another way forgiveness is shown in Kevin is when Kevin apologizes to his dad for all the trouble he caused. In addition to forgiveness, Kevin has the indirect personality trait of not putting up with people. The reader is never formally told that Kevin is that way, but it is implicated by the way he acts. For example, Kevin deciding to kick Marvin when he does not like what Marvin is doing shows that Kevin will do what he wants when he is not satisfied. Though this may not be a good trait, it helps him in the end by growing as a person.

    There are many distinct traits that make up a person. Those were just a few of Kevin Stanion’s. With a more in depth look at Kevin, the reader is able to perceive that Kevin is very unique, and that he developed throughout the story. Kevin is noticeably the trouble-maker, but less obviously, he is a forgiving kid, and that is just how Kevin Stanion is.

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  • How to get a picture to be on two pages?

    Okay so i need to get a picture of michael scott (from the office :D) that is big enough to put on a poster board...but i cant seem to get the image big enough on one i want what doesnt fit on the one page to go over to the next page. how do i do that on microsoft word?

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  • what type of blackberry?

    hey, im 16 and im looking for a new phone. I know i want to go with a blackberry, but i have no idea which one. i text a lot. like any other teenager. and i talk on the phone a lot. i wont be needing it for the internet. so now you're probably wondering 'why does this sixteen year old need a blackberry?' weeeelll folks, all of sprints other phones are terrible. also, i will have this phone for two years, so later on i might want to be able to get on my email and stuff. plus, im going to be a foreign exchange student to italy next year, for a year. so i need a good sturdy phone to last me through that.

    so, please let me know what you think out of theee:

    bold, storm, tour, or curve.

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