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  • Microsoft master sheet how and excel or access?

    I have 21 branches and I'm trying to create a master table for expenses (another one will be made for sales and etc) for a 12 month period. All months and branches will be the same format so I thought it would be easy

    What I originally thought would work is to create an excell workbook for each branch and a worksheet in that book for each month then I could link these sheets to a master workbook for me. My master book would have 12 sheets (1 for every month) then on each sheet I could create some type of drop down list for the branches when I selected the branch from that list it would pull that branches information from the other workbook for that month. I would also like it so if I changed something on the master list it showed on the workbook and vice versa. I don't care about tracking changes.

    This is not easy and I have found nothing regarding it for excel or access on how to do this. Is there another way? Is this even possible? This must be possible

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  • Rock song about saving a girl?

    It's an alternative late 90's style rock song about being there for her when she's sad about being her 'shoulder to cry on' he'll pull her out of her 'moods' it's about being strong for her and emotionally saving her

    does this sound familiar to anyone? could anyone try and help me?? SORRY

    i'm sorry i can't be more specific it's not like an Edwin 'alternative' song it's more like puddle of mud; doesn't sound like a ballad but it's hard core rock

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  • Over training?

    i was overtrainning (4 hours a day in the gym everyday) due to injury had to cut back. (bad knees and shin splints) but in the last month and a half i've gained 15lbs and it's got me down. REALLY down.

    I'm 24 and was running about 40k, swimming 2 hour, 2X30 min speed rope sessions, 2 hours step maching, 3 hours eclyptic, 2 hours spinning and what ever else I could manage to do. Plus an everyday weight routine.

    It's not my food intake, about 80% vegetables, with fish, legumes, tofu and eggs. i don't eat alot of certain foods because I'm severly lactose intolerant, allergic to beef and never liked the taste of chicken. I do eat burglar, rolled oats and couscous.

    I'm just wondering will this even out? Is there any amount of time I should expect for the gaining to stop? Will my body weight return to normal if I just maintain my current routine? (1-2 hours about 4 times)

    I don't want to go back to overtraining but right now don't see much of a choice if this doesn't stop.

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