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I am an Amateur astronomer and I live in India and using a MEADE LXD75 SN10" and 5 and 6" newtonian telescope.I also know about the cosmos a bit and about telescopes and other astronomical accessories. I will try my best to answer your questions. Clear Skies! Keyur G Suthar.


    I Love games and consoles and want to know is there any way getting job like testing games giving advices for design and capability etc.I KNOW I AM GOING NUTS>

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  • My PS3 wants Update of software to sign in PSN?urgent?

    My PS3 wants Update of software to sign in PSN.I am running on with a jailbreaker so should i update or is there a CFW update or anything that may let me play games with jailbreaker and also let me be in PSN?

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  • URGENT HELP!!!! PS3 slim External Hard disk question?

    I just bought a new WD Elements SE 500 GB hard disk and formatted it into FAT32 using swiss army tool and also made all the folders in it like PS3 -> Music->Video etc but when i connect it to PS3 it does detect the HD but not the content inside it.WHY?

    Also tell me how to make the HD removable cause when i coonect it to my PC it is shown as internal HD and i think that's the main problem.

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  • PS3 and Internet? What do I need?

    Few things I want to know about PS3 that,

    What is the speed of internet is required or suggested

    And can i play multiplayer online games in india with other

    What do i need?My computer is already connected to internet.

    And finally IS IT WORTH?

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  • Spider Power! Spider problem with the telescope?

    Recently I faced a big problem with my SN,I was just having a look at the primary mirror and i saw a web made by a spider.I took out the corrector and cleaned as much as i can and the next day I saw an even bigger on and decided to take out my primary and kill that spider and did so.The spider was so tiny like the point of a needle.

    Is there any one who also faced a problem like this and suggest any help.

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  • For Astronomers only !!!!!!!!! What is the term?

    I wanna ask that astronomers search the sky whole nights having great equipments to capture a Spaceship not referring as UFO though we see nothing and people claim to see those things the same time as we are looking at the sky seeing nothing and as far as I remember it is given some kind of term or name for such peoples I heard on a documentary,what is that term? and what you think of it?

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  • PS3 fat Question about PS2 games?

    I know that PS3 fat can run ps2 games using Linux but do you need Original PS2 games for that?

    Can PS3 fat run pirated PS3 games too using linux??

    JUST ASKING AND REALLY NOTHING TO BE REPORT PLEASE---------------------------------

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  • Eye Problems faced by Astronauts in space?

    Eye Problems faced by Astronauts in space?

    I was watching a space show and for some reasons was not able to see it all,but they were talking about eye problems faced buy astronauts in space like they see a fog in front of their eyes etc it's cause was probably radiation but please tell me more about it and if possible Provide a video on youtube...........

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  • PS3 or the Playstation 3 Which one to buy?

    I wanna buy a PS3 but don't know which one to buy the Old or the new slim.Old one plays PS2 games too and looks good too even after being fat but the PS3 slim looks cheap and does not play PS2 games either and no linux and can't install the games in the hard drive too.Let the looks go and tell me which one is worth to buy (and PS3 old probably has Hack and can play cheap games which is a + point) Tell me well.


    Consumer Electronics > Games & Gear > PlayStation

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  • Allot of Questions..Pls Answer them for me.?

    Few questions about PSP to ask.

    1 Can PSP firmware version 6.2 be hacked?

    2 My friends UMD has v 5.5(Original SONY) can I use it and hack the PSP firmware after-wards?

    3 My PSP is having trouble running UMD should I send it to repair it and How much will it Cost?(In India).

    The PSP is latest 3004 v with firmware 6.2 v

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  • Problems with internet connection?..................?

    I am having problems with my connection that I am unable to open most of the sites don't know why but the thing is that my internet was not working for a few days so I went to the properties and entered all the stuff manually and my connection started working again but I soon noticed that I am unable to open most of the sites.Google and Yahoo answers and you tube are loaded well but sites other than that are not loading up.. please Help and Soon.

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    I had a YA profile before and for a month i have been some where when i returned i saw than when logging in it asked me few Q and when i logged in there was nothing just a 100 points so i kept it that way but when i search for Keyur G Suthar in google it shows me my old profile which is running and i am some how unable to use it as it is someone Else's account.Help me use it.

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  • Relation B/w Maths and biology?

    Hello, Recently I got a maths assignment to find relation between Maths and biology can any one tell me.Also recommend some sites.Pls write well so i could write it too.

    Thank you,

    Keyur .G.Suthar

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  • THE NAME OF THE MOVIE .......................?

    Which movie was in that few people does robbery in a bank,enter there paint the cams and uses mask in the end the robbers Comes out with civilians and one man stays in for a few days(hiding) and come out With money as a common man a few days after it.The name was something like the inside man or something.

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  • How many of you are in delhi and have a telescope?

    Name you telescopes brand size and type

    Just asked if you have time tell me

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  • A good Gujarati or north indian restaurant in south delhi?

    I live in delhi east of kailash and i am looking for a good restaurant .

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  • B.Com Open examinations Delhi?


    I would like to know the dates of examination (OPEN) 2010 1st Year

    Please inform me

    Thank you

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  • Chile Earthquake.Is VLT Safe?

    I just hit the news of a 8.8 magnitude earthquake in chile if any one knows about the VLT Telescope at the Atacama desert he will be worried.If any one gets the news please tell.May God help those people suffering.

    Keyur G Suthar

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  • Can not connect USB devices?

    I am having problems with my computer.I am not able to connect any USB device to my computer.I used to connect USB devices before but from past 2 months i am unable to connect any thing. When i connect My PSP it starts charging up but nothing gets connected at all no icon or massage in system tray not even in my PSP.Tell me what can i do?

    Please help me ......

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  • AGP PROBLEM-Showing grains on the screen?

    My AGP is having a problem as i have told you before.It shows grains on screen look at this

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