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Hi, the name is Jenny. I’m from Ontario, Canada and a high school student. I watch a lot of TV shows. Right now my favourite shows are Chuck and Grey’s Anatomy Some of my other favourites are Charmed, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, the O.C. and One Tree Hill (older seasons) Other shows I watch right now are Modern Family, Private Practice, Glee, No Ordinary Family and Nikita. Cancelled shows I have watched are Charmed, Prison Break, Veronica Mars, Pushing Daisies, Ex-List, Friends, Dollhouse, Roswell, Alias, Dark Angel and the O.C. I have watched 4 seasons of Lost. I watched half of Kyle XY then got bored, I watched 2 seasons of Heroes then gave up on it. I watched the first couple seasons of Buffy, but hated it. I tried freaks and geeks but did not like it.And for Prison Break I didn't watch the whole season 4. I stopped watching Gossip Girl after halfway of third season. I stopped watching One Tree Hill in the 8th season.

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