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I love the San Fransisco Giants! Zito, Rowand, and Torres are my fav players but I love all my Giants. :] Packers are my fav for NFL and NBA is Kings, even though they really suck. LOL

  • How to watch Giants games in Colorado?

    I am a bay area native and my dad and I recently moved to Colorado. Of course we still want to watch our Giants games, but obviously they wouldn't have them on everyday here. I say to get MLB tv, but my dad thinks its too expensive and wants to find a cheaper way to watch the games, if possible. I know with comcast we had CSN Bay Area, but now we have Direct tv. Is there a channel we cann buy that's like CSN Bay Area for Direct tv? Is MLB tv the best option? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  • Cheapest way to ship a dog from California to Colorado?

    So my friend's dog is having puppies and they will be ready to go when I come back to California this summer (I just moved to Colorado from California). I'm fl ying back for a few weeks and then I want to take this puppy home with me. What is the cheapest way to take the puppy with me? Should I take her on the plane or in cargo or ship her seperately if that's possible? Thanks!

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  • Study abroad in high school?

    So my mom finally said that I can study abroad for a semester in another country. I want to go to Austrialia or England. How do I set this up so I can for the first sememster of my junior year? (I am a sophomore right now).

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  • To move or not to move?

    So my mother might accept a job offer for a year in La Jolla, CA which is right by San Diego. She wants only me to go with her (my parents are still married and I have 2 brothers). We might drive or fly back every couple weekends and we will be home for holidays and breaks. I think it would be a great opportunity, but I will miss my friends and I probably won't be able to do sports. The school has over 1,600 students and I currently go to a school with about 400 students. I would probably do home school, but still do sports if I can. Should I go to La Jolla or stay where I am? Thank you for the help.

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  • Softball pin-on ideas?

    Ok so for sports at my school, the coaches don't let students give out their jerseys to wear so we make pin-ons. I'm not sure if other schools do this, but it's felt cut into whatever sport you are playing and with your name and number with different color puffy paint. Our colors are cardinal, black, and white and we also use siver or gold sparkles for the pin-ons. For softball, I make the pin-ons for the J.V. team. I've already done a softball and a bat with a ball on it, what else could I do? Thanks for your help! :)

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  • Surgeon-which major and best university in CA?

    Ok so I want to be a surgeon. I live in CA and I have a 4.0. (I'm top in my class) I want to go to school in CA; going out of state isn't too appealing to ne. I could deffinatly get into a UC, but my family can't really afford it so I'm looking at CSUs. What would I major in and also, which university would be best for me to go to?

    Thanks for your help! :)

  • Freshman 2013 rally cheer?

    So I'm the yell leader for rallys for freshman, but I have no idea what to have for our 'yell' Please please please help!!!!!!!

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  • Suicidal Friend... Please help?

    My best friend in the whole world is questioning her life. I stayed at her house last night and i found a diary that she wrote in. The first sentence was "I have committed suicide 4 times in my life: 2 with cutting and 2 with pills." When she walked in the room and saw that i was crying, she said that I might not want to read the rest. Being my stubborn self, I told her that I wanted to finish it. A page later, I couldn't read any further. We just got done watching "My Girl", *spoiler* (the girls best friend dies) *spoiler* and then she lifts up her left arm and says," It has been hard keeping this from you all night" There were 2 new cuts on her wrist. She told me that it was this morning and that her father was going to admit her into the hospital... Idk what to do! I love her so much, she is basically my sister and idk what the hell I'd do if she succeeded in suicide. I've all ready considered just not being her friend all together, but we've had so many great memories to just try to forget and also I'm afraid that she would cut herself even more. (We got into an argument last week and she admitted that if this person didn't stop her, she would've cut herself again) Well, all I'm asking is for someone to give me some advice on what I should do or tell her. Thanks.

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  • What would be a good name for a tee shirt company?

    My friend and I are trying to start a tee shirt company, and if all goes well, expand into jeans, shoes, bags, etc. What would be a good name and do you have any advice or ideas? Thanks! =D

    4 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • What different Surgeons are there in the medical field?

    I want to be a surgeon, but I don't know all the ones there are.... Please help me out!! =] Thanks!

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