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  • What happens if the Administrative Law Judge sides with the employer during an appeal in california?

    I received a ''notice of appeal and transmittal of appealed determination'' from the California EDD.

    The initial determination ruled in my favor (claimant), ie. that I was indeed entitled to unemployment insurance.

    Now the employer is filling an appeal, within the 20 days he had to do so. My question is as follows, if for some reason the Administrative Law Judge sides with the employer this time, obviously my unemployment benefits stop (I have not been claiming any for a while anyhow), but can they also request that I reimburse all the benefits received (over a year's worth)?

    (California specific answers please because this appears to be a state issue - Thanks for the help !)

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  • How to account for depreciation expense on a car partially used for business?

    - A 1988 car that I purchased used in october 2009

    - It was used about 10% of the time for business (1000 miles) and standard mileage deduction has been used every year

    - I bought the car for 10,000 USD, just sold it in october 2012 for 1,500 USD

    There has therefore been a 8,500 USD decrease in value in 3 years.

    How do I account for this in my business expenses: For example, could I consider that 8500 USD decrease in value / 3 years of ownership = 2833 USD annual depreciation; that since it is used for business purposes 10% of the time, the depreciation expense I can claim is 2833 x 10% = 283 USD

    Please advise, thanks for the help !

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  • recipe for "diet" chocolate chip cookie dough?

    I love cookie dough ... so while I have tried restraint, I am now trying to figure out a recipe to reduce the calories, so I can still indulge a bit.

    I have found recipes out there for "lighter" chocolate chip cookies, but it seems they are limited in their "lightness" by the fact that people actually want to cook them and get the right texture, I am just looking for a lighter recipe for cookie dough, to be eaten raw, so it should be easier to substitute.

    My thoughts so far have been to replace the butter with unsweetened apple sauce, the sugar with splenda and a touch of molasses. Anyone have other ideas ? A complete recipe ?

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  • Ideas of things to do during long hikes?

    Beyond thinking, emptying your mind, listening to music and enjoying the scenery what are some things you can do during a long hike

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  • Why is the semi-colon on the right pinky finger on a qwerty keyboard?

    Semi-colons are rarely used so why does this key take up "prime real estate" on the standard keyboard (vs. putting a comma there for example).

    Is it just because of inertia: because people have learned to type with it there and would therefore be confused if it were changed now, or is there another better reason?

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  • Can you receive California unemployment if you get paid for independent contractor work?

    Context: If you have been receiving unemployment for october, november and december and then receive a check in december, as well as a 1099, for work done during the first 9 months of the year (company paid late because was facing financial difficulties)

    1. do you have to declare that amount on bi-monthly unemployment forms? (ie. as money "earned" during the period, even though it was just "paid out" during the period not "earned")

    2. would that receipt disqualify you from unemployment benefits even though it is payment for a previous period and you did not work since receiving unemployment benefits?

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  • Healthcare insurance "ends on 3/31", is the care on the 31st included?

    Context: I had Kaiser Permanente health insurance and switched to another provider through my same employer, at their standard annual contract date 3/31. My Kaiser healthcare coverage "ends on 3/31", and the other healthcare contract started coverage on april 1st.

    I incurred medical costs on 3/31, Kaiser is now denying payment because they claim that if coverage ends on 3/31, 3/31 is not included ... ie. that coverage ends at 12:01 am on 3/31, not 11:59 pm on 3/31.

    This seems really odd:

    - usually the last day stated is always included

    - the other company plan starts on 1st of april and the transition is supposed to be seamless (ie. not leave one day uncovered)

    I no longer have the Kaiser contract and cannot access the information online since I am no longer a member. Is anyone with Kaiser and know whether the end date stated on the contract is included or not?

    Thanks for the help!

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  • Can independent contractors receive M&IE allowance per diems?

    I work as an independent contractor for a company. I live in california and had to do business trips to the company headquarters in NYC several times last year. Instead of dealing with receipts for meals, the company and I were thinking of setting up a much simpler per diem system for these travel days.

    Can I receive the maximum IRS tax free per diem ($71/day M&IE for NYC) as an independent contractor? ie. Could the company pay me the per diem as an expense allowance without I having to provide receipts, just as a W2 employee would do, and not have that amount be included in the 1099-MISC form under revenue?

    Thanks for the help,

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  • I suffer Cultural Jet Lag (CJL), is it permanent?

    P.S. I'm a Third Culture Kid and my symptoms match almost all of those I saw in a presentation of Cultural Jet Lag (CJL)

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