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  • PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS the red badge of courage?

    How does Henry Fleming rationalize his desertion early in the novel?

    (Points : 3)

    He compares his flight to that of the squirrel, which naturally flees danger<<<<<

    He recognizes that his mother would want him to save himself.

    He acknowledges his fear of the other soldiers.

    He knows that he will end up saving the flag later in the battle.

    2. When the youth runs away into the woods, nature treats him with __________.

    (Points : 3)





    3. Read the quotation from the novel:

    He had burned several times to enlist…. He had read of marches, sieges, conflicts, and he had longed to see it all. His busy mind had drawn for him large pictures extravagant in color, lurid with breathless deeds.

    What perspective is revealed in the quotation?

    (Points : 3)





    4. Why does the author compare battle to a machine?

    (Points : 3)

    to show that each person has an important role to play<<<<<<<<

    to warn readers to avoid dangerous machinery

    to reveal how little the individual matters

    to describe the type of artillery the army used

    5. Henry avoids telling people how he got his wound because he __________.

    (Points : 3)

    does not want people to treat the injury as a battle wound

    realizes that his friends will feel sorry for him

    still wants to avenge himself on the man who hurt him

    is ashamed that he did not receive the wound during the battle,<<<<

    6. Why does Jim run into the bushes when Henry finds him?

    (Points : 3)

    Jim knows that he is going to die.<<<<

    Jim is ashamed that he is a coward.

    Jim does not recognize Henry Fleming.

    Jim believes he is hunting the enemy.

    7. Occasionally, Henry thinks back to his home with a sense of __________.

    (Points : 3)





    8. When Wilson discovers Henry's injury, how does he treat the youth?

    (Points : 3)

    with bewilderment<

    with shame

    with scorn

    with compassion

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  • HELP IN NOBEL PRIZE IN 1956!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    who won the nobel prize in physics and why,details

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  • sience and tec history in june 1956?

    sience and tec history in june 1956

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  • help with 1956 car history?

    how would it be different if cars wer not inexpensivesive amd how did cars efect that time

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  • who won the nobel prize in 1956!!!!!?

    who won the nobel prize in 1956!!!!! and why

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    17. Who voted for Andrew Jackson in the election of 1828?

    (Points : 3)

    Native Americans

    common men



    18. Which area did the United States acquire in the 1840s, and how did it acquire the land?

    (Points : 3)

    The United States purchased Hawaii from France.

    The United States took the Louisiana Territory from Native Americans.

    Andrew Jackson purchased the Florida Territory from France.

    Mexico ceded California to the United States as part of a peace treaty.

    19. What describes the idea that it was God's plan for the United States to expand across the continent?

    (Points : 3)

    divine right

    manifest destiny

    westward expansion

    California proposition

    20. How did the Republican Party begin in the 1850s?

    (Points : 3)

    Several northern antislavery groups united.

    Northerners united to free states from debt.

    Southerners formed a coalition in favor of slavery.

    Manufacturers formed a coalition to create manufacturing jobs in the South.

    21. Which state was the first to secede from the Union and on what grounds?

    (Points : 3)

    South Carolina; because it thought the federal government violated its obligations to the states

    Virginia; because it wanted to be the home of the capital of the Confederate States of America

    North Carolina; because it wanted to acquire Fort Sumter to protect Charleston's harbor

    Virginia; because it was closest to Washington, D.C.

    22. Which was primarily a political challenge that the United States faced after the Civil War?

    (Points : 3)

    the labor loss that emancipation created for slave owners

    worthless Confederate currency

    citizenship rights for freed slaves

    collapsed southern infrastructure, including bridges, levees, and railroad tracks

    23. What was one of the successes of Reconstruction after the Civil War?

    (Points : 3)

    Amendments to the Constitution gave blacks citizenship and the right to vote.

    The southern economy was quickly restored to pre-Civil War status.

    Freed slaves were able to achieve economic status equal to that of whites.

    Blacks achieved and maintained equal levels of political participation.

    24. How did western settlement affect Native Americans?

    (Points : 3)

    Native Americans supported western settlement because it brought money they needed.

    Western settlement continued to force Native Americans from their lands.

    Western settlers turned to Native Americans because settlers appreciated their knowledge of the land.

    Native Americans were unaffected by western settlement because they remained on their reservations.

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  • !!!!!history help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    The presidential campaign of 1828 was unlike any other that had come before it. Explain how and why the election process had changed from that of earlier elections, and describe the long-term effects it had on the political process in the United States.

    Include information about each of these points in your answer:

    • Economic and social changes in the United States: how had the nation changed since 1800?

    • The makeup of the electorate: What types of people were allowed and not allowed to vote?

    • Campaign practices: How did candidates organize their campaigns and make themselves known to the people?

    • Background of candidates: How were Adams’s and Jackson’s backgrounds different, and how did they compare to those of earlier presidents?

    • Voter turnout: About how many people voted in the 1828 election compared to earlier elections?

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    15. How was Jane Addams a leader in the late 1800s and early 1900s?

    (Points : 3)

    She was the first woman elected to serve in the Senate.

    She designed some of the first skyscrapers.

    She started Hull House, which became a model for other reformers.

    She implemented the Social Gospel by founding the Salvation Army.

    16. What American urban movement was established to assist the poor?

    (Points : 3)

    people's palaces

    Gilded Age

    settlement houses

    city councils

    17. Which goal of the Populist Party led to its early popularity?

    (Points : 3)

    system of national banks

    coinage of silver

    political power for the upper class

    laissez-faire government

    18. Why is the Populist Party generally regarded as a failure by historians?

    (Points : 3)

    It unrealistically wanted a laissez-faire economy and limited regulation of business.

    It advocated an income tax that became highly unpopular.

    It looked to the future and was too far ahead of its time.

    It did not address the realities of an industrial economy and could not endure.

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  • What types genres of works is beethoven famous for?

    What types genres of works is beethoven famous for

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  • the gewandhaus quartet?

    1. Where did this ensemble form? When? Is it still together?

    2. Is this ensemble famous for its interpretation of the work of a particular composer? Did it ever have the chance to work with this composer?

    3. How could working together benefit both the composer and the ensemble? Explain.

    4. In what type of venue would you be most likely to see this ensemble? How would you describe its target audience?

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  • urgent!! bio help 10 points?

    what are the conditions that may cause changes in gene frequencies ina population

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  • what are the conditions that may cause changes in gene frequencies ina population?

    what are the conditions that may cause changes in gene frequencies ina population

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  • what is allele frequency and how do you calcullate it?

    what is allele frequency and how do you calcullate it

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  • What kind of organisms are classified into the the domain Eukarya?

    What kind of organisms (describe) are classified into the the domain Eukarya

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  • i need help with biology?

    What are the levels of organization of organisms on Earth, from the broadest to the most specific

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