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  • How do I disable keys?


    I own a laptop with Windows 7. About a year ago, there was a slight accident and I feared losing my computer altogether, but all that occurred were some start up problems that seemed to stem from a now-faulty enter key on my number pad. My regular enter key works correctly.

    I noticed two nights ago more problems with my computer, and the same enter key was constantly being engaged, whether I was touching it or not, as if someone was holding it down. Because I have gone seven months without having that key work, I downloaded SharpKeys and disabled that key. Now my computer functions normally when in use, but I still have the same start up problems as before.

    My main question is: do registry changes take effect only while the computer is running? In other words, when I turn my computer on, will it still think that that key is active? What would be one avenue (if such a thing existed) to COMPLETELY disabling a key?


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  • Quel sera l'avenir avec lui?

    Que faire ?

    D'abord, je sais que chercher une seule solution, c'est inutile, mais je ne veux que des conseils. OK, ça fait plus de 8 mois que je sors avec un homme américain. Avant d'être parti vivre en Amérique, je l'ai connu. Il était toujours de bonne humeur, très décontracté, sympathique, et cetera.

    Les premiers mois de notre relation, nous avons vécu en domicile conjugale, et on s'est bien amusés ensemble. Bref, notre coup de foudre s'est avéré l'amour tendre. Mais là, il y a maintenant des problèmes qui m'inquiètent. Rentrer en France, cela m'est très important. Je commence à me rendre compte qu'il mentait quand il se disait ouvert à l'idée de venir avec moi.

    En fait, il m'a dit, tout simplement que si je pars vivre en France, il va rompre notre relation. Imaginez la tristesse que j'ai ressenti en pensant que soit je perds l'homme que j'aime, soit je ne poursuis pas mon propre avenir.

    Ce soir, il avoue que, si on reste ensemble à l'avenir, il refusera catégoriquement de passer une seule année de fêtes hivernales sans famille. Je le trouve absolument avare. Et moi? Si je ne voulais pas passer chaque Noël en Amérique? Avec sa famille, qui est quand même, une famille redoutable...

    OK, vous n'aurez pas de solution correcte, mais au moins, j'ai pu mettre en parole ce qui me troublait.

  • où trouver des paroles ?

    Maintenant que le site web est fermé, quel est le meilleur site web pour trouvers des paroles (des chansons francophones et d'autres)? Ce que je préférerai trouver, c'est un site où:

    trouver des paroles


    consulter une liste des chansons francophones les plus populaires

    merci en avance à tous.

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  • What is the "owner of debt"?

    Pardon me if this is simple, but English is not actually my first language so I am fairly confused! Is the owner of debt someone who must pay? Or be paid?

    For example, if Marie is the owner of a debt of $5, does someone owe her that $5, or does she owe them? Thanks!!

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  • Calorie Intake Versus Exercise?

    Hello, everyone!

    Well, I decided to calculate calories for the day and I was just wondering (based upon a 2000-calorie-a-day diet), am I supposed to eat 2000 calories in addition to what I burn off? For example, if I burn off 800 calories swimming, should I eat an extra 800 calories to stay healthy?

    Today before dinner I had consumed roughly 850 calories of food but then swam off 800. Is this healthy or excessive exercise?

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  • How do I speak with a Hispanic Accent?

    I will be in a play in which I'm required to play a young man named Jose. Throughout the play, he gains confidence and by the end is actually rather verbal. In any case, I have no clue how to speak with a Hispanic accent. I barely manage to drop my French accent when I speak English.

    How would a Hispanic speak English? What are problem letters? What are the vowel sounds a Hispanic would use?

    I would, however, prefer NOT working with a Mexican accent, if at all possible. My "coach" was trying to show me how to speak and I found that it's too much of a mumble and I fear not being understood on stage. Perhaps Puerto Rican or Spanish would be more comprehensible?

    Thanks for your help!

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