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  • question about getting either evo or oz rally?

    to start off. as of now i have a 2000 nissan altima... "4banger" but whats been done too it is countless and i got alot of bang for the buck. as im getting close too wrapping this project car up, ive been stumbling upon getting either a lancer oz rally 2004 or older or a evo 2002-2006.

    obvi the evo would be the better choice for it being a new project car.. though money isnt soo well off since im paying for schooling, repairs for a hit and run on my altima (in the process of searching the the a** whipe) soo i have a few obstacles.

    for insurance, i have awesome collision coverage and with my altima, a very low monthly payment. im wondering if its worth my time and money saving for an evo or just gettign an oz and turboing etc..?

    i doubt a lot of money would be dropped into the evo since i love how they run stock, at most i would do is bolt on apps. however in the oz rally i would more then likely try and go all out with it with forging the pistons, turbo, ecu's, pulleys every thing along those lines like i have done to my altima.

    for car loans, how much would i expect to be paying with excellent credit score for about 48months?

    im trying too get as much advice for which car too buy.

    and if you dont have something nice to say.. rather you not say it at all. especially trying too talk about the altima... noone knows whats in it and im not telling. this questionaire is in regards to the lancers only.

    thanks for all the good help,

    and who can ever give me best advice on saving and how much i am looking too spend on a loan etc.. will get best answer.

    thanks again much appreciated

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  • car questions/ suggestions about 2000 Nissan Altima gxe?

    i just recently replaced my cars spark plugs with performancce bosch platinum +2 spark plugs, and when taking out the old ones, i found oil was covering the entire tip of the plug which is inside the cylinder head. though the opposite end was oil free (part which connects to the wires) i also peeked in the hole were the plugs are located, and in cylinder 3 ( 2nd cyl. in looking to the engine standing in front of the car) i found oil was present all around there. just wondering what that problem would be, i think its torn piston rings... though engine has very low miles (52k) i do although race alot on the highway doing speeds 100+ which is fairly easy to do. any suggestions to what it would be? and also a question would be is if piston rings are broken, i would want too replace them, how much would upgrading pistons etc..... cost compared too just the replacement cost?

    also another question is i started up my car after shutting it off an hour ago, i pulled it out side and parked it and when i shut my car off i smelt somewhat like a burning brake pad smell. i was curious of what it could be cuz my cousin (a mechanic for 25 yrs) said my brakes were in good condition and worked good etc. and so im just curious upon what it could be.

    i do sound much like a newb about cars in this, but its because i am exhausted and wanna sleep but i need too find out answers too investigate upon asap.

    short and sweet suggestions etcc...... will get thumbs up

    thanks much

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  • performance modifications for 2000 Nissan Altima GXE automatic 2.4L 4cyl?

    need a good list of ideas with prices. am open too everything but needs too fit this car. so far i have cold air intake, turbo simulator, glasspack muffler, and awesome sound system, and LED's in the interior are perfect with a Optx Music Interface, dark tints in the windows.

    im looking too get but dont need help finding: street glow under the car LED's, dynamatt for the trunk (maybe full interior), a bigger 800cc battery, Bousche Spark plugs with the dual plates, refabrication of all the seats too a black w. white lining, SLR racing chip.

    i also would like and do need help finding is: rim's w/ low profile tires, new brakes pad and rotors, a few interior replacement pieces like door handle and fake wood head unit cover.

    anything else for suggestions would be great and very much appreciated. offer anything too make this ride look sweet. interested in more powerful engine swaps. tranny swap too 5 speed manual. i might add a turbo with forced induction. let me know prices on about how much im looking too spend WITHOUT labor fees. i have one of my friends who will help me with anything needed on the car.

    thanks a bunch.

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  • Lawn Mower Tractor Started Smoking after oil change???!!!

    i have craftsmen lawn mower.. standard lawn mowing tractor.. never really any adjustments too it. i cleaned out carb. and re adjusted spark plugs and changed the oil several times too flush out junk oil until i bought GTX 10w-30 oil.. i put 2 qts. of oil in.. started it up ran alot better then white smoke started appearing and soon after start up about 30 seconds... i shut it off, and it back fired. gave it 5 minutes. and started it up.. again and white smoke was immediate..

    i think 2 qts was too much maybe... smelt like burning oil. possiblity oil is going into exhaust or muffler? suggests and cause would be great.

    i think tomorrow i might drian a half qt out. and see and let it run.


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  • My cell has a problem.?

    i got my friends old cell phone. an enV LG 9800 from verizon wireless. it seems too have a good charger in it for a little while but when i talk on the phone or text for a long time the battery goes down too the last bar or has no bar but still runs. also when im charging it after about an hour it says charge complete and i unplug it and it has only 1 bar in the battery life.

    the phone has 186 hours of talk time and seems too be in pretty good condition. but i am wondering what could be the problem whether it needs a new battery or the phone is just bad.

    i need the best solution and cheapest solution since this is a replacement for my other phone which the screen shattered on it.


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  • noise problem in a 1999 mitsubishi eclipse?

    my friends 1999 mitsubishi eclipse makes very loud, but low noises when the car is starting and sumtimes when it is running for a continuous time. any suggestions?

    they just had it checked in the shop and the machanique said everything was fine. but i highly doubt that since the noise doesnt seem normal

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  • Any suggestions for me in Cross Country for sports?

    ok this is my senior year. a year i want to become the best i can be. so i quit soccer and started doing cross country so i can build some stamina for indoor and outdoor track. but the thing is, is tht i am a sprinter running nothing llonger then a 400m... i realize that XC will ruin sprinting muscles but i have seen many sprinters do XC and become succesful. i just would like a rutine to follow during cross country. and into a 1 and half month break b4 indoor track. i would like to know the foods i should eat, weight training i should be doing and pretty much a practice i should b doing as well.

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  • what will happen if i put spark plugs in my 1997 jeep cherokee with 217,131 miles on it?

    yea. my jeep cherokee is a 1997, with 217,131 miles on it. i believe the spark plugs are bad on it cuz the engine churps a lil to get it started. i went to general mufflers and got the correct spark plugs; autolite 985.

    just wondering if their is a setting to put them in at and if i need to change spark plug wires along with the spark plug change.

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  • how do u trace removed programs on the computers?

    i used to know how to and i havent delt with this in atleast 6 months. i need sum refreshments on how to do this.

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  • Upgrades for my 1997 jeep cherokee?

    i have a 1997 jeep cherokee with 216,007 miles on it. this thing run very nicely but i want this thing to last for a very long time. i do frequent oil changes oil cleaners, fuel injector cleaners and i just want to know EVERYTHING i can do to maintain my jeep to make it run even nicer.

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  • How much can i get for about 200 holographic pokemon cards?

    i only have about 200 holographic pokemon cards chilling in my room. their in a box and im not just giving them away. i no their worth sumthing and i want to sell them. i believe their very rare bcuz when i first got them their were deffinetly rare.

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  • What is wrong with my foot?

    i have been diagnosed with a stress fracture about 2 and half months ago, and i was put in a boot. i finally was cleared to get it taken off last friday june, 15 2007. i have been walking around on it and my last visit to the orthopdeics i had gotten my second x-rays to check it out and my doctor found a bone spur on top of my foot. my stress fracture was in my heel near my arch, seems very close to the tenden in my arch and the bone spur is on top of my foot directly above my stress fracture.

    well since i have been out of the boot i sumtimes get frequent pains in my arch or heel (cant tell which on it is) and so i rub it and the pain goes away. tht pain feels like its in my arch. is it possible tht i might have a stress fracture, bone spur and a torn tenden also?

    after all i do run track as a sprinter and i can hoenstly say i dont take it easy wat so ever wen running.

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  • What are the symptoms of this sickness I have?

    since wednesday, may 23rd 2007, i have been featured with running/ stuffy nose, puffed up eyes, itchy && sore throat, bad head aches, and major sleepiness. does any one have a clue wat i should do? i have work today @ 12:00 and i dont know if i could make it. any one have suggestions?


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