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  • How can I lose weight before school starts in August?

    im ashamed and embarrassed,but,i am 13 years old,and weigh 233lb.Last school year,gym was awful.Not only do i have asthma,i have anxiety, and since im fat,i often had panic attacks in gym class.i just think how ridiculous i look:a fat girl running the mile.i hang out with a friend everyday, and id really like to go outside,but he's obsessed with Minecraft and asks me to play with him.Im so lonely that im afraid to say"We play that a lot,dont you want to go outside"'and he wll just leave downstairs.he's the only one there more into stuff that i am,he is 11,my 16 yr old cousin is always on her phone.No one wants to go outside.He loves going outside when i go home but when im there its Minecraft.When i get home im very lonely and dont excersise.Im an only child, my neighbors are all over 50yrs old,its hard to do activities when everyone around is stuck on technology.i have 3 dogs,but one of them thinks shes a cat and doesn't like to play,she even goes'meow.'The other one digs holes instead of playing,and the last dog just lays down on the deck.i heard cold water was bad for you too, and drinking water is an essential for weight loss.the problem is,i only dtink water if there are flaky bits of ice in there after putting it in the freezer.What do i do about that"The main reason i want to lose weight is so i can go through gym class without having anxiety attacks and do the activities with no worries,and so i finally be who i want to be.Please help,desperate to lose weight

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  • My mom is being unreasonable please help?

    Please help, my mom is being so harsh to me, she is NOT abusive. Here is the thing. She told me to tell her every time that someone was mean to me on the internet, and i told her now. She got so mad at me, i cant stop crying, she told me not to reply to the comment, and i told her i couldn't let them win. She got very mad, she said that they can get my information. She says if someone comes and kills me, her, and my dogs it will be entirely my fault. She's yelling. She says remember this when we get raped and killed, it will be all my fault, and that if we live, I'll live with guilt for the rest of my life. She told me that she is going to take my phone away so i don't have access to the internet and that im stupid for trusting people. What do i say without her yelling?

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  • Girl has a crush on me?

    I am in panic mode kind of, no one has ever had an interest in me EVER, and i don't know how to handle it. Heres a back story: so, the last day of school was on June 10 and throughout the entire school year, i saw this girl in the halls who i wanted to get to know, but never went to say hi because i thought she wouldn't like me. I wanted to be her friend because i could tell by her appearance that we had a lot in common. We finally met on the second to the last day of school. We talked as if we had knew each other forever, but school was over the next day and we'd finally got to talk. She gave me her phone number so we could text, basically ive only talked to her in person twice. I got a text fromm her saying how she needed to tell me something, and i said go ahead. she said she has a huge crush on me, and how she thinks i am beautiful, and when she saw me in the halls she thought i was stunning. She has a boyfriend btw, and she is bisexual, and i am lesbian. Im freaking out though because i dont know how to react, this has never happened to me before, im usually the freak that nobody likes and cant get any friemds and i got used to that. What should i do?

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    Wolf hybrid?

    Is am american eskimo a wolf hybrid? If so, would an american eskimo/ pomeranian/ maltese mix be a wolf hybrid? Here is a picture of the mix, they arw both that dog breed btw. They are small but my family calls them "wolfies" and the one laying down is aggressive towards strangers, unlike my cocka poo, and the one creeping on the corner tried to attack my friend, so im wondering if they have some wolf in them, the one on the floor has some sharp teeth wow.. my other dog doesn't have them sharp.

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    PLEASE HELP IS MY LIP OKAY? (piercing )?

    PLEASE HELP IM SCARED. I got my lip pierced a little over 5 weeks ago. I made the mistake to switch to a hoop after a week. The ring made a terrible mark, so i took it oit and put in the first stud the piercer put in. Tje mark tjat the ring left heald perfectly, but now whAT THE **** IS THIS? i changed back 3 weeks ago btw, and this has been there for two weeks, it doesn't hurt, but i dont know what to do!!!!!

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  • proper piercing names?

    Id like to know the proper terms for a few piercings. For example, gauges are actually stretching, the jewelry is plugs and eyelets, NOT gauges. What is the proper tern for a one side lower lip piercing, snakebites, monroe, spiderbites, dogbites, madonna, medusa, and dolphinbites? Thanks in advance.

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  • my friend hates her nickname?

    A friend of mine, her name is Thula, sometimes i say "Toola" and one day i thought it sounded a lot like i called her Tulip. She said "Did you just call me Tulip??? Dont call me that." But she was smiling, so i called her Tulip two days after and omg colorful vocab there. I said "but having a given nickname from a friend is awesome!" And she says "How bout i call you Asshole?" And ahe started laughing so since she wasnt serious i said "aw, cmon, Tulip..." and whoa "shut the **** up, you ******* *****" but she was still laughing.... she doesn't like that nickname and i think ots amazing. She does like tulips so idk... whats her deal? I mean, is there probably a good reason she doesnt like it like maybe being called that before? She wont tell me....

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  • What was that cartoon?

    There was a little girl with a blue dress and a rainbow shooting star on it and the boy looked really different idk, there was a white unicorn with rainbow hair too.

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  • Different Lip Ring/Stud Everyday?

    Okay, so i got my lip pierced on Monday, so im talking about a while from now when it is fully healed. I am not changing it now, it is still healing. Although when it does heal, how often am i allowed to change the jewelry? Like, say i wear black jeans, ill put on a black ring or stud, purple jeans the next day, ill put on a purple ring. Pink, red, blue, jeans ill change the colour of the ring. Or is this not good to do? Should i just keep in a black ring? Or is changing it daily okay?

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  • confusing text message?

    me and my friend were just texting and she starts being weird.Heres the convo:im M shes N


    N:dude what you got a prob dude

    M:NO PLEASE DON'T HURT ME lol stickly isnt a word btw



    N:I'm sorry I was going to be in a bit of a sudden you are not the only thing that has to do with it all in the morning to get the chance of getting the hang of it is the first place I was in my room to the hospital with her in her mouth to say I was in my room and I have to go to the gym and then I will be there for you to wait at the hospital I got my leg broke I was in her room in her mouth and I have to get my wax done with the kids to the gym and then I will be dead Ik it is serious I'm sorry

    M:i don't understand, are you okay?

    N:I don't know what to I'm sorry I was going to be in a bit of a kind of thing that's not good

    M:im confused

    N:at the end of the day

    M:at the end of the day...?

    N:Ya I will get beat up by the way to go to the gym

    M:WHAT?! You're joking, you always joke around, its a joke right?

    N:No someone told me they were gonna beat you up to you and your family an mine

    She told me who but what her first messages meant,do you guys have any idea what she was trying to say?She not clear after asking.

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  • spicy pleade help?

    Okay so i just had something that is like teallly relly spicy and wayer itsnt helping pleade gelp what do i do i dont want ot overwat, jusy anything to hey the spicey feeling off sory im tyoing quickly caude its so spicy,

  • Piercings for minors at Addictive Expressions or Tattoo Icon Art Gallery?

    Will Addictive Expressions or Tattoo Icon Art Gallery give a side lip piercing to a 13 year old?

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  • Does Addictive Expressions pierce minors?

    I read their page already but it was confusing. Will they give a lip piercing to a 13 year old?

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  • Does Piercing Pagota at Christiana Mall do lip piercings?

    At the Christiana mall shop Piercing Pagota, do they actually DO piercings there??? Or is it just to buy the jewelry??? And if they do, do they do lip piercings? Thanks

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  • where can i get my lip pierced?

    I already posted this question but the only answer i got was one saying that any professional place should be able to do it like yeah BUT WHAT PROFESSIONAL PLACE?!?!?!?!??? I need to know where are places like this around Oxford, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware. Thank you: )

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  • where can i get my lip pierced?

    I live in Oxford, PA and i dont know what places do lip piercings near here. Claire's in the Concord mall doesn't do them, i don't think so at least. Do you guys know any TRUSTED SANITARY placed near here or Wilmington, Delaware?

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  • how long will it take me to save $800 if i get $20 ach week?

    I tried to do the math, but it just doesn't seem right, sorry. So i want to save up $800 for a specific electric guitar at Guitar Center. It's a Pro X Mockingbird from B.C Rich and its that price. I get $20 every week, at that rate how much time will it take me to make $800? Thanks.

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  • why cant i keep a friend?

    Anyone who has promised me theyd never leave me, has left me. None have hurt as much as the last one though. Its been a month, and i still cant forget my once best friend. I told her how i was afraid she'd leave me like everyone else, and she'd tell me "No, im not like that. I promise. Forget those losers that have lied, we'll be best friends 5ever. That's more than forever." I was so happy, but three weeks after that, out of no where, she just says "i don't think we should be friends anymore." I don't know what i did. I don't know why everyone does this to me. No friend who has left has hurt as much as this friend has.yes, i cried over a few others, but with her, i went back to self harm, i considered starving myself, i cried for six hours everyday, i still do, but down to two hours. I cared about her, i tried to be a good friend. What are reasons that this happens to people? Is it possible that I'm too clingy? I'm paranoid and its annoying? What else could it have been?

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  • what if i only eat carrots and drink water?

    DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT HEALTHY DIETS, I ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THAT. So i cant seem to lose weight, and it seems that after a month without food, you die or something. The thing is, i dont want to die.... so, if i drink only water and eat only carrots, will it given me the same results as starving but without dying??? I also have coffee in the morning, should i ditch the coffee too???

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