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  • How could a heavily regulated economy be a deterrent for foreign direct investments?

    I need help understanding this statement:

    "Argentina has lagged behind its peers [...] as a recipient of foreign direct investment as outside investors balk at committing big sums of money to the country's heavily regulated economy."

    I thought that having a fixed exchange rate system implied stability and thus multinational corporations would be encouraged to make large investments in those economies...

    Urgent help, thank you :)

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  • Will one day of overeating make me gain the weight I lost?

    Here is what I ate today:


    1/2 cup edamame beans

    3 mini tomatoes

    100 grams of yogurt (80-90 calories)

    Salad (romaine leaves, lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes)

    Snack: 15 calories of these little sugar snacks

    Lunch: Reimen (korean cold noodles) around 400 calories

    Snack: grapes (100 calories)



    Potato salad

    Spoonful of pasta

    Yogurt with spoon of bran cereal

    Bluberries, grapes

    Overall: I also ate a fourth of a watermelon over the course of today, as well as blueberries...


    I usually only eat up to 950 calories a day, and I am pretty sure I ate around 1200 calories today ( - cannot calculate due to uncertain measurements). Will this one day of overeating make me gain weight? I recently lost 3 kilograms in the last month, so I am very afraid that this "binge" might make me gain all my weight back again :(.

    I really feel fat and I've planned my meal for tomorrow:


    100 grams no-fat yogurt (50 calories)

    40 grams bran cereal (140 calories)

    1 peach


    Prune yogurt (~90 calories)

    40 grams bran cereal (140 calories)


    250 calorie vitamin shake.

    I'm thinking this will even out the over-eating that I did today and maintain my caloric deficit?

    PLEASE no telling me I have a problem, am anorexic, etc...

    I just really want your honest opinion, and answer my question! Thank you :-)

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  • My calorie/fitness app tells me to eat 900 calories a day to lose weight...?

    And I had been consistent for about a week, and I have already lost 1 kilogram (2 lbs). However, my basal metabolic rate is 1250~1300 cal/day. I am 166cm tall and 50.5 kilograms, I want to be 47 kilograms.

    Is my app just telling me mathematically how much I should consume a day, and not considering my well-being? Is this low caloric intake unhealthy even though it is SHORT TERM?

    I am happy that I am losing weight, but I don't want my body to go into starvation mode. Eating up to 900 calories a day is not hard for me at all, today I have ended the day with 751 calories and am full (because I ate a lot of veggies and fruits and granola to fill me up).

    Thank you for your help x

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  • Will slow jogging for 30-60+ minutes slim my thighs and butt?

    I usually have time and energy to run for a little over an hour (at night-time). I recently started jogging every night at a speed of around 7-8 kilometers per hour for 1 hour. When I don't have time I still try to run and stop at 30 minutes. Will this help me slim down? For example, how long until I start to see physical results? I really want to be fit / lose excess lower-body weight!

    2 AnswersRunning7 years ago
  • Jogging every night for 25-40 minutes... *how* will this help?

    Because it's summer break now, I will have more time to think about my body. I am 166 cm and weight approximately 51 kilograms. However, I feel as if my thighs and my butt is too much fat, not enough muscle. I've been jogging (at a very slow 8km per hour) for a few days at night for 25-40 minutes.

    I really want to tone my body! Will my exercise help me attain what I want? Thanks!

    1 AnswerRunning7 years ago
  • Should I eat this pack of 7D dried mangoes...?

    It looks so good but its 271 calories... and I'm sure if I open the pack I will definitely finish it. It's 10 pm and I don't want to gain weight. And obviously you will all say DON'T EAT IT... So please write me a motivational haiku or something. Thank you.

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  • 5 HL classes in the IB diploma programme...?

    I currently take 4 HL subjects - Japanese B HL, English A HL, Psychology HL and Economics HL

    My two SL subjects are - Biology SL and Math SL

    I am really keen of taking biology HL, and I understand how much catching up I have to do. I'm thinking about cramming in the missed hours of HL curriculum during my summer vacation. Would this be unmanageable? My senior year of high school will start this September.

    *I'm top in my SL bio class, and think that taking HL would be a great opportunity to challenge myself.

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  • Describe your favorite meals?

    I'm hungry lol

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  • A tank can be filled by a tap in 3 hours...?

    A tank can be filled by a tap in 3 hours, and it can be emptied via a plug hole in 7 hours. If the tank is empty, how long will it take to fill if the tag is turned on and the plug hole is left open? (Water drains out at a constant rate)

    Please tell me the procedures to solve this problem! Thanks :)

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  • If I take a five month break from playing French Horn...?

    Will I go back to being a beginner? I'm taking a break from band for the time being to concentrate on school work. I've been playing the french horn for a year now, and my practice schedule has been: 3 hours Monday through Friday and 7 hours on Saturdays. I really don't want to go back to being a beginner but is this inevitable?

    2 AnswersPerforming Arts8 years ago
  • Addictive personality?

    People have told me I have a addictive/obsessive personality. Nothing with drugs or alcohol, and I haven't noticed until a friend told me. This is what he said: "When we have school, and it's one week before final exams, you get home from school and you study from like 3pm until 3am. It's weird, you don't even seem to mind all the time you spend in your room locked up for 12 hours at a time. And when we're having breaks, like Spring break right now, you spend the whole day on your computer or the whole day doing one thing. And you always talk about losing weight and wanting to throw up after you eat tons of junk, and well I'm worried that with your personality, if you become bulimic or anything, you'll become addicted to it..."

    I never noticed my addictive tendencies, and my question is; Isn't this normal? If not, is this a personality disorder?

    4 AnswersPsychology8 years ago
  • What do you think about Sea Sheperds?

    Do you think the Sea Sheperds and activists in Taiji, Japan (Where the dolphin hunts take place) are taking action properly? How do you think they should solve the problem between themselves and the fishermen?

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  • Im thinking of getting a new nikon?

    Im thinking of buying a nikon d3100, is it any good?

    Or do you have any other camera recommendations with same/lower prices?

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