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  • How much extra fees will be added at Canada border on a USPS order?


    I ordered a package in the U.S. online and it came up to $130 after shipping ( shipping was around $35). I've been tracking the package and it says that it cleared Canadian customs. I was wondering what fees could be added to my package. I have never ordered anything from the U.S., usually I stick with ordering within Canada. I was reading online and some places say that there could be additional duty fees and GST/PST charges? Any information would be very much appreciated!

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  • How do I get my dog to use his dog house?

    I got a custom built, fully insulated dog house built for him. It's huge and a very good size for him (he's a german shepherd mix). He doesn't sleep outside but we keep him out during the day. I'd rather him lay inside the dog house rather than the grass or mud in the backyard . We've had it for less than a week, and thankfully it's been sunny in Vancouver for a while, but he continues to sleep on the grass compared to his beautiful dog house.

    The problem is that he's not afraid to go in there. I tell him to go inside and he does, if I tell him to lay down in there, he will. He just won't use it when I leave him alone in the backyard. I find him lying on the wet ground instead. I just bought some hay and put it in there, along with towels that smell like him and toys as well. Is this something that he will learn to use with time? Will he realize that it's comfier to sit and relax in his dog house compared to the ground?

    Any suggestions from people that have gone through similar circumstances?


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  • What to do when dog gets over-excited when people come over?

    My dog(shepherd mix) is about 10 months old now. He is such an excited dog. He's probably the most excited dog you'll ever meet! When I bring a friend over, he goes beserk. I wish all he did was run around or jump up on them, but that's not the case. He was such a mouthy puppy, and I've been working with him relentlessly since day one with his biting, and it's gotten significantly better with me but when new people come over, he gets so excited and he starts biting them, nipping them. People don't want to be bit, so it's become quite a nuisance. I've tried getting them to ignore him when they walk in, asking for a sit, and then a down, before petting him. Alfie(my dog) does that,but after they've finished petting him, he goes into land shark biting mode. Biting their feet, their hands, everything. And he won't listen, so I tell him to go in his crate for a couple minutes. Then we leave him and I let him out. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong. I try everything to make sure the guest doesn't excite him but he still gets excited. I give him lots of exercise(30 minute walk, 1-2 hour fetching/playing with dogs) every single day yet he still does this. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Also, I really hope this is something that will calm down with age, since he is still just a puppy.


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  • How do I deal with this behavior?

    So I have a 7 month old shepherd mix that's been neutered. When we go and play games with him in the backyard, it almost always ends in this manner. What happens is that he goes crazy "aggressive". By that I mean, lunging, barking, big bites, snapping, growling. This almost always happens after every intense play session we have in the backyard. He's already been to two obedience classes, and currently enrolled in a third class. What I've been doing is giving him one warning(which usually does nothing and causes him to bark) and then I slam the door and leave him alone in the backyard. While I'm attempting to leave the entire time he's taking big, hurtful bites. It seems that he thinks this is the proper way to show off his excitement or something. There's no way he's doing it because he has too much energy. He gets a lot of exercise, and this crazy behavior usually happens after an hour of playing soccer in the backyard(and he's constantly running). It just happens all of a sudden, while I'm standing there. I don't know if what I'm doing is affective. It works temporarily cause he won't do it again until the next time we play in the backyard. I'm looking for a way to stop this behavior permanently.

    It really ends our play sessions on a bad note because I get very upset and hurt (mostly because of his hurtful bites).

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • How can I get my cats to eat their new healhier food?

    My cats are about 4 and 2, male and female. They've been on Whiskas dry food since for about 3 years until about a month ago I switched to Natural Balance Indoor dry cat food. When making the switch I mixed their foods together over the duration of about 3 weeks. Now it's only the new Natural Balance food. I've noticed that they haven't been eating much of it. My younger cat seems like she's hungry all the time even though I have their food bowls full all the time. My other cat seems to have lost a pound or so as well. Are there any methods I could use to get them to eat it?

    They wouldn't starve themselves would they? I thought that if they'd get hungry and that was the only food available then they'd just eat it.

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  • Is it wrong to keep my dog downstairs?

    So my german shepherd cross is about 5-6 months old now. We've had him since he was 2 months old. Since day one we've pretty much gave him his own room. It's fairly large, and it has his crate and toys in there. He pretty much is in that room anytime he's inside the house. He's either in there, or in the downstairs bedrooms (but that's only under 100% supervision.) Even when he's in his room, he's hardly ever alone. We hang out in there together, train a bit, play, he'll chew on a bone while i sit and work at the desk or whatever. I just feel bad that at bedtime, I put him in his crate and go upstairs. It's not that he cries, in fact he doesn't at all. He sleeps through the night. It's just that everywhere I read I see people saying that their dog sleep in their beds, or room, or upstairs in the living room. Or that they follow them around the house. We don't allow him upstairs at all because we have cats, and also to have our upstairs somewhat clean :P.

    I don't know if there's anything wrong with what I'm doing. He doesn't cry at all when I leave him because we've established a routine, he understands that and stays quiet by either relaxing, sleeping, or whatever he does while I'm gone.

    I should also add that he gets plenty of exercise and he is enrolled in basic obedience classes. Just to clarify that he's not being neglected at all. If not me, someone else is with him downstairs all day (except for short naps during the day or during dinner) It just feels awkward when he's downstairs and I'm up.

    I apologize if this was confusing. I just love him a lot and am constantly worried about him. I guess it's the feeling all first time dog owners get!

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  • Is it okay to have my puppy sleep in a crate at night?

    He's a german shepherd and he's about 5 months old now. We've been crate training him ever since we got him(3months). Usually at about 9-9:30 he goes into his crate on his own and falls asleep. So I close the door and leave. I come back at 11ish to give him water and take him out to pee. Then again at around 2ish for pee. Then he sleeps till about 7:30 where I wake and take him to pee and then put him back again until about 9:30.

    My question is if he's spending too much time in his crate. He's not crying while he's in there. Very quiet but should I try putting him in later? I tried to stay till atleast 10 with him but he goes in there and sleeps anyways. I feel like 12 hours in his crate (with bathroom/water breaks through the night) seems like a lot of time to spend in crate.

    Thanks. Any advice would be appreciated.


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  • What is the besy way to introduce cats to new puppy?

    My German shepherd puppy is now about 4 months old. He's been living in only an area of our house with the door closed so the cats don't come in/he doesn't run out to the rest of the house. Anyways, my cats are about 4 and 2 years old. What I've been doing is maybe a couple times a week, I put the puppy on a leash and leave the door open so the cat can come in. The first few times we did this, the puppy got super excited, and really wanted to go play with my cat. Eventually, after a few more introductions, after his initial excitement of seeing the cat, he calmed down and chewed on his toy(allowed us to rub his belly, even fell asleep!) with the cat in the room. I was just wondering if this method is right? If I should continue to do what I'm doing (dog on leash, cat comes in, see each other for some time, let cat leave room) or if I should really let them get close to each other. My brother even suggested to let the dog off leash but I'm too worried he'll chase and hurt the cat. The 4 year old cat won't even come in the room but for some reason the other cat doesn't seem to mind him. She doesn't hiss or growl at the puppy, she just walks by him and sits on the chair. Are these good signs?

    I just really want them to get along and don't want any of them to get hurt. Please any help or advice would be very much appreciated. And sorry for long wall of text!

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  • How do I find the equation of a line?

    The question is find the equation of a line perpendicular to 2x+5y=4 such that the line passes through the points (5,-1).

    I got the point where I got y=2x/5 - 4/5. I don't know what to do next ( or if that's even right).

    Please any help would be appreciated.

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  • How do I solve this equation?

    True or false. The point (0,1) lies on the line 4x+y=1. I turned the equation into y=4x-1. I don't know exactly what I'm suppose to do. I tried doing a sketch of a graph, using 4 as my slope and -1 as my y intercept but that didn't really tell me much. Please, any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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  • Is my puppy aggressive or just playing?

    I have a 3 month old german shepherd puppy. When he's on his leash, and not distracted by something else (ex.toy, person) he tends to grab the leash in his mouth and pull hard at it. Then when I try to pull it out of his mouth, while saying no, he growls, shows his teeth and barks ( sometimes angrily). I obviously don't want him to bite and pull at the leash, but I'm worried about the growling. Is it normal for him to be doing that? I don't want him to grow up and be aggressive.

    Thank you

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  • Am I housetraining my puppy properly?

    So our german shepherd puppy will be 3 months old next week. We've had him for about a month and we started crate training him immediately. He's made no mistakes in his crate but he has had a few outside of his crate. Usually when he has to go, and he's in his crate, he'll cry so we can take him out. He goes through the same door every time as well. When he's not in his crate, he's outdoors, and when he's not outdoors he's in his crate. I thought that we were on the right step until we let him play inside the house under supervision a couple days ago. He peed without any warning so I was wondering that maybe what I'm doing is wrong. Or maybe not enough time has gone by and he's still grasping the concept? When can I typically expect him to at least look at me funny, or stand by the door when he has to go.

    Any advice will be appreciated!

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  • What will happen if puppy goes to dog park too early?

    Hey everyone

    I have a 12 week old puppy, and we're still waiting for his time to come so he can be fully vaccinated. I know he shouldn't be around dog parks until much after that, but a family member took him to a dog park where he wrestled and played with other dogs(he didn't know he wasn't allowed to be around dogs yet). I was wondering what will happen now? Is he going to get sick? Should I take him to the vet? Or should I keep an eye on him in case he picked something up. I'm worried because every where I read, and even my vet, tells me to make sure he doesn't go to parks yet until he's fully vaccinated.

    Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • How soon after drinking/playing does a puppy pee?


    We've been housetraining our new german shepherd puppy (2 months) for almost a week now. He's only had a couple mistakes (completely our fault). Everywhere I read says that they poo/pee almost immediately after eating and drinking. Not so much with my puppy though. I gave him his food and water about 2 hours ago. He's peed once since then. He's drank a little more water, and ran a bit in the back yard. Still no pee. How long do i have to wait until he pees? Currently, I put him in his crate, and he's been quiet, so I guess he doesn't have to pee. But does it differ with every puppy? Maybe not every puppy pees 10 minutes after drinking. Right?

    Any tips and help would be greatly appreciated. I'm a first time dog owner, and have been trying my best to educate myself.

    Thank you! :)

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  • When to introduce new puppy to cats?


    We've had our 10 week old german shepherd puppy for 3 days in a small section of our house and I was wondering when I should introduce him to our cats. One cat is 3 years old while the other is 2. Our puppy bites like crazy and sometimes even snaps at you and bites you. His bites actually hurt a little bit so I was looking into puppy training for him. Should I wait until after he finishes puppy training ( which the course starts in about 3 weeks) or should I introduce them now. (Obviously supervised, with short leash, and escape route for cat.)

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • How to give puppy his first bath?

    Hi everyone. I recently got a new 10 week old german shepherd puppy. We went to the vet to get this special shampoo because he's been scratching himself a bit due to a bit of skin irritation. Anyways, we're going to give him a bath but unfortunately I don't have a bathtub. I have a stand up shower/stall with a closing door. Is there anyway I can wash him in there? All the places I looked online have their pups in tubs so it wasn't really much help. And he's a little too big for our kitchen sink. So if anyone can give me any tips for washing him in a stand up shower, as well as keeping him calm so he won't freak out because as far as I know, I think it's his first bath.(I adopted him from local spca.)

    Thank you in advance! :)

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  • What is the past tense of "lay"?

    Which one is right? "She laid on the sheets"? "She lied on the sheets"?

    Thanks :)

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  • What could be biting me at night?

    Something has been biting me over the last few nights. I've only found 3 small,tiny,red and itchy bites. At first I thought it was fleas 'cause I have 2 cats but I gave them their Advantage flea medication, as well as thorougly checking both of them. If one of them had fleas it would be pretty obvious to tell right? I didn't find any dried specks, or even the damn fleas itself. So I'm thinking of ruling fleas out. Could it be bed bugs? How could I tell? I've stripped by bed sheets and pillow cases and washed all of them in hot water.

    Any help would be really appreciated!

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  • Why can't I sign into my Hotmail account?

    It won't let me sign into my account. When I try it says :

    This site may be experiencing a problem

    The site may not be a member of the Windows Live Network

    And then when I try on my phone it gives me this error:

    "You can't get there from here. Sorry that page isn't available on mobile browsers" And then it transfers me to the same screen as above.

    It seems to only be my account 'cause I signed into a friends on both computer and cellphone and it worked so I don't know what's going on. Any help from anyone??

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