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  • Should I take a vacation to clear my head before I start my first real promising career position?

    Finally im in the position to have a real career at 28 years old. My tentative start date is 6 weeks as they change management and move me in. im so happy to be in the position to start a great carreer. Ive been in a loop for years and now I can hopefully build the life id prefer. Job, family, stability, confidence in myself :) would it be over the top to take a vacation in order to clear my head and get myself in a good place. Ive been extremely stressed the past few years and have felt stuck and thats an understatement lol. Should I take some chill time now that I have the opportunity and prepare myself mentally. Is that over the top. Can anyone make a recommendation on how they reset ?

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  • Isnt marriage a sacred bond between a man and a women ?

    I dont take a religious stand point on my belief. I just believe that its something special for a man and women. A unity, the beginning route to starting a family and building a life. Of course gay people have that right aswell but I just feel that gay marriage needs a differant title and definition. All of the same rights but perhaps a differant title than married. Cant we revamp civil unions instead or perhaps a title with the same meaning as marraige but a different word ? Intelligent answers only nothing religous based. The Bible was written in differant days and doesnt relate to today.

  • how do you no if a friend is joking around or being cruel?

    I've heard comments that really hit me hard. For example, nobody would ever want to be like you, I'm tired of looking at your face, etc but he says it in a joking manner. I'm already a sensitive person so I might be taking it to seriously so I need an opinion. We've been good friends for awhile so could he just be very comfortable with me and is venting his own issues or is he just a douch. I've told him that he is cruel but it doesn't stop him. What do you think ?

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  • How to legally put windows 7 on many computers without buying an oem or retail copy for every install?

    Im looking to fix PC's as a part time business and my only concern is how to purchase a re usable copy and or product key. Ofcourse, we all no how to get product keys in other ways for free but I would never do that on a customers computer. I highly doubt that your small time pc repair man buys a single oem or retail version every time he needs to reconfigure a hardrive. What i have been able to find is terribly over priced ( $ 3,500 for 30 copies ) any recomendations would be helpful unless your a prick about my question ? Thanks

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  • Finished a PC and networking program. ive achieved A+ N+ and security + , ive learned Microsoft aswell. ?

    Ive put in vigorous effort to achieve Microsoft exams. Ive taken active directory a few times and did poorly :( im still confident with the skills ive learned in PC repair/maintenance and Microsoft networking. I want to take a break from ths stresses of exams and get an entry level job. So with my three comptia certs and knowledge in Microsoft ( active directory ) am I good to go or do I need to keep on cramming. Personally I wanna jump in the field with what I have. Those of you who work in IT what do you think about my chances to land a decent job. Btw, dont hate ive studied very hard and need a break from exams. Thanks everybody

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  • Is it ok to put everything in your life on the side in order to achieve my goals in school?

    I'm in school for computer networking, its an extremely hard program. I have lazy friends who pass classes but dont realize that in the long run they wont understand anything and wont get jobs.

    Ive always had a difficult time obtaining the information and when i try my absolute hardest i understand the information and pass. My classes have suddenly become extremely difficult and deep. i forgot how much i will need to study in order to succeed and Ive become discouraged. I listen to my slacker friends who say relax come hang out and chill don't worry..don't go to class just hang out, your teacher is an asshole. My friends are looser but don't realize it, they have taken advantage of the schools lean ency and are relaxed in that atmosphere. im being influenced in a terrible way and on the path to ruining my education and waisting my money. I have realized that i have no choice but to cut people off for awhile and some of my other interests in order to succeed. ive realized that school is not a joke and must be taken 100% seriously. im discouraged about the fact that i have to study 5 hours a day on top of class. im in a great program and i want to succeed. i want to no from you guys, if it is ok to cut off my friends and other interests and spend all of my time studying..and what can i do to stay motivated because i am completely miserable.