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Aspergers Parallel Planet

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Questions10 - After living with around ASD all my life decided to share my story and help others understand my world. Aspergers really is just a different way of thinking and seeing things, being diagnosed has totally changed my life and I know there are lots more undiagnosed people feeling lost and misunderstood. So I am reaching out because I know what it can be like to live in the shadows of life. Join me on my interactive web site and forum, if I can help at all I will be more than happy to...

  • Mental illness article discriminates against asd etc can our replies make a differnce, should we allow con,t..?

    to get awat with writing atcles such as this!

    Don't breed, writer urges mental health victims

    Mental illness article discriminates against asd individuals and more:

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  • AUTISM AWARENESS 2009 what is your message?

    AUTISM AWARENESS has to be "nothing about us without us" as the diagnostic criteria changes it may change the way we describe, think about, measure the autism spectrum disorders, so more than ever we all need to work together. ASD individuals are real people and it's about time the life and sanity of vulnerable people have long overdue support, allowed and recognized "We do have emotions, everyone does some of us just more misread than others!"- Ignorance can no longer be an excuse! (Alyson Bradley -

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  • Aspergers children often have aspergers parents!?

    Are there any adults who found aspersers via their children and what as an asperger parents do you find most challenging!

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  • Aspergers its real - so why is it still not allowed ?

    Why do neuro typical's the average "norm" not usually try and understand our differences those with asd, its like they think we need to change or be be cured , for some strange reason, I know its ignorance or lack of knowledge but come on its 2009 why still now!

    AsPlanet -

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  • ASPERGERS what do you think?

    I have Aspergers and felt quite sad when a close friend said to me, it must be hard having a mental disorder.

    I also realized that this seems to be the place people place and ask questions about Aspergers, under Mental Disorder (hence I have).

    But I believe Our 'symptoms' are in fact ourselves, not some unfortunate illness we suffer. We are unique individuals which the so-called 'normal' world underestimate and even despise, but often do not try to understand. We have been made to believe in a stereotype of 'normality' for our children, and to panic, fear and react when our offspring don't achieve. Far to often its the associated conditions we need help with, but the NT's continue to blame our Autism Spectrum Disorders for everything!

    Maybe we need to stop trying to get our children to conform and let them be who they are, stop trying to change them and educate society that there is in fact a whole group of people who are just different...


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  • I believe there is a clear link with Autism/Aspergers and other depressive disorders, what do you think?

    Autism (Aspergers), Bipolar, Scizophrenic, psychosis, and the list goes on - no one knows the answers for any of these and all at points cross over. Everyone I know who has aspergers had manic periods and mood swings, to different degrees and some seem to cope better than others.

    Could they all be part and parcel of the same condition, and the professional feel the need to over name and confuse us all - just one of my crazy thoughts - still I'm allowed as have aspergers....

    What do you think?

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  • Has anyone else had this problem - do I need do anything!?

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  • Are you feeling LOST and MISUNDERSTOOD, then read on....?

    Do you do things out of character and not understand why, unable to explain. Know your different but do not know the reasons. What to cut yourself off, be alone and just be sad at times.

    Well your not alone, there are lots and lots of undiagnosed people with aspergers, being continually wrongly diagnosed and misunderstood. I should know and it can be very frustrating feeling no one seems to understand you.

    Aspergers is just a different way of seeing and thinking. Best thing for me ever was to find out I had. Like so many other people I know, who have spent years of being told they need to change are depressed, when really they are just so misunderstood.

    Who would not feel depressed and frustrated, growing up to be told your wrong all the time, feeling like something is wrong with you when its not. My mother spent a life time of being wrongly diagnosed & on drugs all her life, for more go to:

    Aspergers Parallel Planet

    I just want to support and help.

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  • Do you prejudge Autistic children!?

    I was just thinking back really, before I knew about autism myself, sadly I think in some situations I would of prejudged some of the parents of children with autism wrongly in the past. Long time ago and mainly before had children of my own, there seems to be no real education within the school system to inform us when growing up why certain children act in certain ways. So if do not know of any one, like me do not understand, that is of course until diagnosed myself recently, and find myself amazed at the lack of knowledge and real understanding out there..

    Some of the situations some of us may prejudged are when children just scream and kick and shout for no apparent reason to the onlooker anyway, and of course lack of knowledge leads to people thinking the adult with the child is a bad parent. Other instances like fussy eaters, kids refusing to eat, spiting food out. And again of course has to be the parent, no one stops to think that food could really be making them sick.

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  • Why does society try so hard to change people with aspergers / autism!?

    I do not need to be cured, some of us like the way we are. But at times I wish I could live in my own world, with my rules. Why should I be made to live like the norm, if really not best for me. To be honest normal can really bore me at times, but I’m expected to put up with it, act in a allien way and made to fit in, with a false sad smile on my face. Pretend, pretend and maybe your wrong and I’m right, who truly knows!

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