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  • How much should a 1 lb yorkie puppy eat?

    My dog had a litter of puppies (unplanned) and ended up with three pups. Our runt of the litter weighs in at 1 lb 2 oz at six weeks old. How much should he be eating? His brother and sister eat alot and attack the food once it is placed down but he seems to take his time. His brother and sister just had a meal and he wouldn't even touch it. I offered him a small piece of turkey about the size of the tip of my pinky and he ate that but refused anymore. He has been sleeping alot but I can't tell if it is anymore than usual or I am just being paranoid. He was playful earlier today and ate lunch around 1:30 just fine (it is now 11.) He pooped earlier and it was solid and moist just like all of his past stools and he has urinated. I am so scared of them catching something like parvo that this just really bothers me. We had people come by earlier to meet the pups and all he wanted to do was sleep. He has shown periods of alertness since then though. Should I take him to the ER vet or wait and watch him over night? Thanks.

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  • 6 weeks pregnant and just had bright red blood. Is this normal?

    I've been pregnant once before with my daughter and the only bleeding I experienced was implantation bleeding and then some bleeding late in my pregnancy from her stretching or sex irritating my cervix. I went to the bathroom around 3 earlier and noticed bright red blood mixed in some discharge. I wiped it all away and went about my day. Just now (it is 8 pm) I went to the bathroom and noticed the same thing again. I've had sore breasts for a couple of weeks and that has been my only pregnancy symptom. Now my breasts are not sore and I am experiencing some lower back pain. Is it true that bright red blood is a bad thing? Also if I go to the ER is it true they will just send me home because they can't stop a miscarriage? I am so nervous from the things I've read on line and it would be comforting to hear someone tell me they have experienced this before or had anymore insight. Thanks!

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  • Can you trace a picture back to the MySpace it came from?

    While surfing on a parenting site I realized someone had used photos of my daughter and claimed her as their baby. The picture came from MySpace and I was wondering if there was a way to trace the picture back to the page it came from. I would like to report this person for using my child's photos. Thank you!

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  • What happened to the LG enV Touch driver?

    When I first bought my enV touch my computer would automatically sense the phone when it was connected via the USB cable. Now for some reason I am having a really hard time finding the driver and getting my phone to connect. Did anyone else have this issue? How do I get my computer to find my phone again?

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  • Cell phone pictures recovery! Please help!?

    Since Verizon bought out Alltel I had to go and buy a new phone this weekend. When I bought my new phone (Env Touch) I asked the salemans if I could save the photos from my old phone (Samsung Hue) and he said he could. When he did he noticed that I had a memory stick in my old phone so he said he would save all of that to the memory card. Well instead of saving just my pictures and videos he also saved a bunch of songs my husband had uploaded to the phone and when I checked the memory card the pictures are nowhere to be found. My phone held the very first picture of my daughter ever and I would really like that picture back. Is there any way to recover these either off of my old cell phone or the memory card? When I go to my pictures on my old phone it says "No pictures" Please help! Would Verizon be able to fix this or anyone for that matter? I don't want to lose those precious memories of her first days :(

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  • Did my Mirena just expulse itself?

    I think I just experienced my first period post Mirena. I went to check my strings to find that I barely had to search for them at all and it felt like they were almost hanging out of me. I could still be menstruating and not know it would that cause the strings to hang so low? I can't feel any of the actual IUD part. Help please!

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  • Would a bad O2 sensor cause a 97 Nissan Altima to die while idling?

    We had the car diagnosed yesterday and it has been dying while waiting at lights and intersections. We were told it was a bad O2 sensor that wouldn't send a signal and a bad fuel injector. We replaced the fuel injector since it was causing the car to flood but the car will still die at intersections. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  • What happens when the ECM goes out on a 1997 Nissan Altima?

    My vehicle's number one injector is flooding, the oxygen sensor isn't working neither is the odometer, tachometer, or gas gage. The air conditioning will also quit at random times. Could these issues be caused by a bad ECM?

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