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  • My dog got a injection in his lymph node by his neck, should i be worried?

    my dog is ill and i called a vet and he give him an injection. After my dog wasn't getting better i decided to take him to another vet who told me that the injection he got was in his lymph node, and hes in pain. should i be worried? please help

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  • Is loss of Appetite after Vaccination in dogs common?

    My puppy recently got a lost in his appetite and wasnt his jolly self (bouncing and running all over) we called our vet and he came over and my pup got 3 vaccine and also dewormer, later on in the night we notice that he was vomiting a little slime. he slept through the night and in the morning he looked so much in pain and hasn't eaten and we have to fed him his water.. Is this just a sign of the pain he receive from the vaccine or should i be worried ( it has not been a full 24 hours since his vaccination)

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