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  • how to play pokemon light platinum?

    i downloaded visual boy advance, Pokemon Ruby, and the Light Platinum IPS file. i used Lunar IPS to patch my Ruby. but whenever i try to play the patched game on VBA it says loaded battery and then the screen goes white. why is this happening?

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  • whenever i hear music, i can't stop myself from dancing?

    the only genres it doesn't seem to happen with are screamo and heavy metal. what could be the cause of this? i've taken several adhd tests online and all have told me that i could have it. could that be a cause of this?

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  • i think my join avenue is broken. Pokemon Black 2 Question.?

    i traded pokemon with a friend. afterwards i saw his character in my join avenue. he wasn't excited about where i sent him and left. after that i couldn't buy anything in join avenue and even after changing dates to see if the stuff would come back the next day, it was still broken. help?

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  • how do you play as mobs in minecraft?

    i've seen people on youtube, i.e. the yogscast, and i'm pretty sure they've got people playing as mobs at certain points. i was thinking of doing this for my machinima and wanted to know who they do it.

    here's a video example:

    Youtube thumbnail


    1:25 5:20 and 6:10 are all examples

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  • how to downgrade minecraft?

    i want to play an old minecraft adventure map but it was last updated for 1.6.6 BETA. is there any way to downgrade my minecraft to that? or do i just need to download it from somewhere, and if so do you know where i might be able to find that?

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  • problem with a geeky girl that i like?

    i'm a junior in high school. i met this freshman girl at my school's media club at the beginning of the schol year. since then we kinda became friends, but not close friends. we both loved playing video games and watchng the same kind of animes, and acting like total assholes, we even watched the same lets players on youtube! so anyways i started to find her attractive as the weeks went on and by the time winter break came around, i had gotten a major crush on her. so, since i am a junior, i decided to ask her to prom. so me and my friend decided to build an adventure map in minecraft and after 8 hours of hard work we finally made it. i had decided to put signs down around the map that had a poem written on them. at the end we had a screen of moving blocks, that took the majority of the time to figure out using redstone, that would spell out PROM? when it moved the blocks. well, valentines day came along and i had a carnation sent to her during school, our school has freshman sell them around valentines day every year, that had the IP of the server we had built on as a special message. i hurried home that day and just barely got on before her. i waited in the room with the screen for her to finally make her way there, and when she did i flipped a lever and popped the question. after a couple of minutes in silence she put down a sign that read "thanks but i don't like you in the same way". i was devastated. we had put so much effort into it and i had gotten my hopes up so high, just to come crashing down. to make matters worse, now it doesn't even seem like she wants anything to do with me and i'm seriously depressed. or atleast as depressed as i can get as i am a very happy go lucky person most of the time. i'm really regreting confessing my attraction to her. i need help because i dont know what to do. i tried re-establishing some sort of contact with her on the bus today, 5 days removed since i asked her, by asking about a picture i saw that she had drawn online, she's a REALLY good artist, but she kinda was just like "no" to my question and her tone of voice made it seem like she just didn't want anything to do with me. i would say that maybe she had had a bad day, but not even 5 minutes before this she was talking to my friend who helped me built the promposal and she sounded just fine, even kinda happy. and it almost seems like when i pass her in the halls that shes trying yo just ignore me and even hide herself. the thing is, i dont want to move on. while i was in my depression i decided to play minecraft hardcore, and so i made my seed her name. i spawned in a hole filled with water, and to get out i had to break a dirt block and jump out. soon enough my mind began seeing it as symbolism. if i gave up and did nothing then it'd end, it'd all be over. however, all it took was a little effort and i could make my way out of that hole and be safe. i want, no, i NEED to know some way to try and get out of this hole, and find my way back to her, even if its only as a friend, i dont care. but i need help. what should i do?

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  • is there ANY way to get info off a computer after its been reset to factory settings?

    my family is having a garage sale soon and i was thinking of selling my old laptop. i just want to be sure that if i wipe it clean back to factory settings that it would be OK to sell.

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  • computer screen just flipped the F**k out?!?

    i just clicked on the zack ryder hoeski music video and my screen immediately just got scrambled and ****** up like colors were all in these lines spanning the length of the screen, and they were flipping out! the **** happened?!

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  • where can i find a nintendo ds capture card?

    i have seen people like Chuggaconroy and Marriland playing DS games on their youtube channels recently, and it turns out that they are using some sort of USB Capture device for the DS. the problem is i can't seem to find what it is that they are using or how they are using it! if anyone knows what this is and where i could find it i would be forever thankful! i am going into the business and don't care about difficulty or cost!

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  • what is the name of the cartoon that plays in "walk the dinosaur"?

    in the video it shows a tv and a cartoon is playing on it occassionally, what cartoon is it?

    music video:

    Youtube thumbnail


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  • my laptop just randomly shuts off. help?

    i have an ASUS that i got in August, and recently it has been shutting off randomly. the first time it happened was about a week and a half ago. it has happened twice since then, the most recent time being not 15 minutes ago. it just shuts off. it can't be a virus because everytime I've run a scan using Norton and nothing comes up. if anyone could help, i'd really appreciate it!

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  • how to capture DS Footage?

    i have seen people like Chuggaconroy and Marriland playing DS games on their youtube channels recently, and it turns out that they are using some sort of USB Capture device for the DS. the problem is i can't seem to find what it is that they are using or how they are using it! if anyone knows what this is and where i could find it i would be forever thankful!

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  • impossible music to grind to?

    its still a while away but i wondering if there were any good dance songs that are impossible to grind to, that way i can try to get people really dancing!

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  • how hard would it be to domesticate a badger?

    as in make it a pet, and is it legal to own badgers in Illinois?

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  • where can i get the pokemon adventures manga?

    the Chuang Yi version not Viz. i was hoping to get them in physical form but can't seem to find a way of getting them!

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  • Pokemon Hack Tutorials?

    i've been trying to make a pokemon hack game, but every tutorial i find is either incomplete or just terrible quality. could anyone link to a good tutorial for one?

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  • Thoughts on my Yu-Gi-Oh Deck?

    i have been coming up with Deck that deals with fiends for the last week or so and have decided to post what i currently have on here and ask for any suggestions on it. it would be nice to see constructive criticism rather than just bashing if you you think my deck needs a little work, i'm still relatively new at this anyways, only started building decks about a month ago and barely spent any time on it.

    My Deck:


    Chaos Necromancer x2

    Doomsday Horror x2

    Prometheus, King of the Shadows

    Gren Maju Da Eiza

    Fabled Raven

    Phantom of Chaos x2

    Dark Hunter


    Marie the Fallen One x2

    Necro Defender

    Necro Gardna

    Dark Dust Spirit

    Armageddon Knight


    Eclipse Wyvern

    Dark Armed Dragon

    Chaos Sorcerer


    Burial from another dimension

    Chaos End

    Chaos greed

    Chaos Zone

    Card Destruction

    Dark hole

    Dimensional Fissure

    Double Attack

    Mystical Space Typhoon

    Monster Reborn

    Foolish Burial


    Return from the Different Dimension

    Blasting the Ruins

    Bottomless Trap Hole

    Big Burn

    Cemetery Bomb

    D.D. Dynamite

    Altar for Tribute

    Coffin Seller

    Deal of Phantom

    Thinking of Adding:

    Giant Germ x3

    Alchemy Cycle

    Curse of Aging

    i was also thinking of possibly adding Raviel, D. Hero Plasma, or Helios, but i'll probably just give them their own decks.

    The Main Purpose of this deck it to use the graveyard and banishing to power up my monsters and bring the pain to my opponents. i use cards like Fabled Raven, Dark Dust Spirit, Armageddon Knight, Card Destruction, Dark hole, Double Attack, Foolish Burial, and Altar for Tribute to get cards into the graveyard. This powers up my Chaos Necromancer, and with cards like Helpoemer, Necro Gardna and Marie the Fallen One in my graveyard, i can use their effects to my advantage. then with Prometheus, phantom of chaos, chaos sorcerer, eclipse dragon, dimensional fissure and big burn, i send them all to the banished zone. then i can use cards like Chaos end, chaos greed, and chaos zone, the effect of my eclipse dragon activates and i can then use burial from a different dimension to summon dark armed dragon, it also powers up my Gren Maju, as well as Doomsday Horror. if doomsday horror is destroyed, everyone is brought back to the graveyard, allowing me to use Chaos Necromancer again. i could also use necroface to get the cards out of the banished zone and power himself up. finally, with me constantly milling cards i can easily get 30 cards in my grave and use blasting the ruins to inflict 3000 damage to my opponent.

    again, constructive criticism is encouraged, and i'd love to hear your suggestions and opinions!

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  • question about summoning in yu-gi-oh?

    i was looking through cards for the deck i'm creating, i'm centering it around the 4 elements. i have the charmers in my deck as well as Elemental Mistress Doriado. in the descriptions for the familiar-possessed it states that you must tribute the the charmer equivalent as well as a monster of the respective type. since Doriado counts as all 4 types when face-up on the field, could i use it as the monster for all the familiar-possessed?

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