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  • Does he think I'm stalking him?

    So I liked this guy ever since I moved 1m. I see him, the gym, starbucks (the campus one where everyone studies) he sometimes looks, but when I look back he looks away. One time he was standing and just staring at me so I finally decided to look up at him he was looking down it me and staring. It felt so good. He kept looking when a handsome man sitting next to me was laughing and talking to me. Crush never smiles at me though like when he's w his friends I see him laugh! So I know it's not cause he has ugly teeth or anything like that lol. Anyway, recently I found out he has a gf who moved back to her country. (My bro picked me up the other day and he saw crush and started talking) they know each other! So I naturally backed off bc he has a gf and because I have so much chemistrey towards him, I try to avoid him. I know the times he goes, so I tried changing that today. I went almost 2 hours before he does and I find him there and it was packed! There is a huge table in the middle of starbucks where students study. The only seat empty was on that table and next to him. I said excuse me, is this seat taken? He said no. So I crammed myself in between him n someone else. I got so embarrassed.. Lol. Feels like he wants to leave when I get there he gets all weird in the past week. In am 20 and he 24? He is half arab half white like me... And has little Native American just like me Lol. Does he dislike me?! No matter what I do, I still end up at the same place, at the same time!

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  • Have you tried "The Secret"?

    Does it truly work for you?

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  • Paul Walker?

    I am far from starstruck, but I don't understand why his death affected me so much! Like I felt like I lost someone I truly cared for. It hurt so bad. It's nothing sexual either, I just feel like he had such a sweet soul, but many good people die, why the affect? I also think of him and remember him every once in a while. Some weird things happened, but I shouldn't get into that.

  • Which names?

    Sofia (Beautiful) Luna (Moon)


    Zain (Friend, Beloved) Deah (light), Saif (Sword)

    I am mixed race, so I want to make my future baby's name easy for both sides of the family, and for people on a daily basis.

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  • I need your advice please especially guys?

    So I go to starbucks around campus and I see him every time I go. He looks always but doesn't smile and when I look back he nerviously looks away. First time I saw him was when I just moved here (last month) was in the car w my bro and he mentioned that this guy crossing the street is half breed just like us and from the same places. Once he was just standing I don't know if he had just arrived at Starbucks looking for a place to sit or waiting for his drink but he just stared at me while getting up to get my drink and back I finally looked up at him while throwing something in the trash he's tall and was looking down at me and just stared. Then my bro came to pick me up before yesterday and I got to the door and look back and see them talking I know my bro waited for me to get to the door he does weird things like that when it's his guy friends. I know cause he only introduces me to his gfriends! Then I say something about him after we leave and my bro goes "yeah, that's cause his Asian gf went bk to her home in Asia" so I tried to avoid him and the next day I see him at the gym and he looked at me and like "it's her" reaction and kind of turned. (He was on the phone) then a few mins later he goes down but we can see that area and he did weights. Also once a handsome man was talking to me laughing and crush looked a few times across the room at us. Why does he act like this? And what should I do?

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  • Headache cause?

    I always get headaches, especially when out at night with people. And when I used to have a summer job id get migranes sometimes and throw up. Sometimes it connected to my neck and sometimes it's sinus.

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  • Can guys smell your period?

    One of my guy friends told me that he smells it when like for example, his sister has her period. He was like, disgusted talking about it.. Lol.

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  • How do I resist temptation to carry my chinchilla?

    I don't think he likes it when I carry him, unless it is to take him to my room for playtime! I usually would give him a little treat when I put him back in his cage, but I need to resist carrying him out cause I don't wanna do something that bothers him!! It's soooooo hard he's so soft and fluffy I just love him and love giving him chinny kisses

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  • What time should I wake up?

    So I don't have an early class except for once a week. Other than that, I have later classes. What is a good time to wake up? And does it matter if I go to the gym early in the morning or at night?

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  • Why do I always dream of places I end up going to in the future?

    Like nothing happens. But always i go somewhere like while riding a roller coaster with a future friend, going to this slide play place with my nieces, etc.

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  • Chapel Hills Shooting?

    What do you guys think of the Chapel Hills shooting? I believe that it is a hate crime 100%.

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  • How can I fix this?

    I can't sleep early like before 1 and I have a hard time waking up if I slept less than 8 hours. I hate waking up after 9 though, how can I fix this? I only have one college class early in the morning where I wake up at 6:30. A class at noon, and two other classes at night. In fact, the night before I have to wake up at 6:30, I have class till 9:45 and usually my brother and his gf would pick me up cause no one likes me taking the streetcar that late and we end up stopping places to eat or get groceries and I would be home at like 10:30-11. I usually end up sleeping extra late on that day for some reason. When I come to wake up at 6:30, even if I had slept only 4 hours I am in a good mood and ready to start the day and go to class. Do you think I need to have a schedule set in order to wake up early and feel energized other days? Maybe I should go to the gym mornings instead of like 6pm..

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