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I'm Lisa. I'm 25 years old going on 26. I love music first and foremost. It is my life. I went on tour with the last goodnight, josh hoge, and elliott yamin. That was the most challenging and amazing experience of my life. I'm always at a show and meeting musicians. I've met so many musicians, I've pretty much have met everyone I've ever wanted to meet in my lifetime, so I'll die a happy person. I also have a degree in forensics. I'm also taking psychology in school too. I self taught myself on graphics and animations and adobe photoshop. I do alot of promo work and alot of other things for bands/artists. I work really hard to get to where I'am today. I have been to more shows than you, that is a fact. I have also been to more than 400 shows and met more famous persons than you can imagine. Including some tv stars.

  • I think I may have fractured my arm or bruised my bone?

    A wet towel was on my tile floor last week and I slipped and fell on the floor and landed on my right arm. I used to sprain my right wrist a lot but this isn't a sprain. I know it. It felt horrible and experienced paint that I haven't felt before. I think it actually hurts more now than it did a week ago. I'm wondering if I bruised my bone or fractured it (is it the same thing?).

    I can't use my remote to change a tv channel without being in pain. I cant really pick up certain things in different directions. When I try to move my arm I'm in a lot of pain. Now the pain has traveled to my wrist, fingers, and shoulder. It actually hurts to type all of this. I thought maybe it could heal on its on but it hasn't obviously. I'm afraid it may get worse and I'm not sure what to do. Maybe some opinions and help from someone would be best too.

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  • paramore drum sheet music?

    I've looked online and I can't really find the sheet music for the drums for some of the songs I want. I only found a few sites, but not my favorite songs.

    Does anyone know where I can find it?

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  • Guess purse ...fake or real?

    Someone bought me a Guess purse. I don't know if it's fake or real. How can I tell? On the inside tag it says made in china. I thought that was a dead give away. It doesn't have a satin lining. I just wanted to know. I can't find anymore answers on the internet in the google search engine. So can someone help me out?

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