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  • Lying to police about last name.?

    Lyinf to police about your name is against the law in some states, in others its only against the law if its a criminal investigation. Lets say three adults who last saw a child are called in for questioning and one of them gives a false last name. Is that bad? Some of you might say its an investigation of a crime, but there is no crime. The child hasmt been found, cant accuse someone of murder if there is no body. Again the qiestion is can that lerson still get in trouble for giving a false last name during questioning?

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  • Suing tenant death caused by smoking?

    Second hand smoke can kill and cause more harm than any other "gases" lets say the daughter of a neighbor dies due to second hand smoke. Weather itbe lung cancer or something. Can the mother sue that neighbor? If so, what would be the charges? Or claims

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  • Grammar issue with the word Bully?

    Trying to figure out the correct spelling for that word in this context. Is it "Every Bullies Favorite Victim" or "Every Bully's Favorite Victim"?

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  • Can I sue this school for religious Discrimination?

    I was in a college for some 9 months. When i recieved my new schedule I was given a class on Saturday mornings. I am a Christian, however in a religion where we worship on Saturdays instead of Sundays. Naturally this was na issue because I am very faithful to my beliefs. I spoke with the school about it and they offered no help. They were not willing to let me take the course at home. Nor was there a make up class (interesting note, the first 6 classes I had, had make up days. . Meaning if you couldnt make it to the Monday morning class, you could go in for the Thursday night class.The saturday class did not have that) The perosn i spoke to said "this is why we do not have classes on Sunday to give Christians their time for church." That's nice, but what about Saturday worshipers? They respect one group of Christians, but not the others? She also said for me to skip church fr those 3 months. That I have to decide what is more important for my future. A college education or church. That is debatable, but she was asking em to turn my back on ym beliefs and everything Ive believed in for a college? Is there a lawsuit possible here? Maybe not religious discrimination, but something else related? Reasion I'd like to sue is, I am stuck having to pay over $40,000 in student loans that I didnt think i had to worry about until after i graduated some 4 years from now.

    Im sorry for the spelling mistakes, my laptop keepz freezing, as it is it took me nearly an hour to tyall this. I'm notime by editing.

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  • My laptops screen stays black?

    Simply put, the screen stays black. Laptop turns on fine and I can hear sounds, but no picture. I know it has something to do with the color card thingy, but in order for me to replace the piece I need to know what its called.aha Does anyone know what that piece is called to repair it?

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  • Disturbing the peace?

    Ok so my grandparents are ofcourse an elderly couple (grandfather is 94) their new upstairs neighbors have no consideration. I too live above another tenant, but Ive been here over 12 years. Anyways point is these new people are dancing, jumping, running, dropping things on the floor. My grandmother has talked to them a couple of times very respectfully about it. They nod their heads, but continue with the racket. The landlord said that the upstairs couple have every right to be angry at my grandparents, because the noise isn't continuing after 10pm. To me that doesn't make sense. Disturbing the peace is at anytime am I right? Moving to today I was told that my grandmother and the guy got into a heated arguement and he topped it off by telling her to go fn hell. My grandmotheri s an old fashioned Christian lady so no foul words came out of her mouth. What can we do about this? What are the general laws for apartment nioses? Can we take anyone to court?

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  • Heart issues, should I be concerned?

    from time to time I fear that my heart will stop (a stupid psychological issue) and when I think that, my heart skips a beat. Yes I just need to stop thinking about it, but that's what brought on my other heart issues. Anytime I get nervous, stressed, angry or even happy, my heart starts to skip beats and when I am nervous, sad or stressed I also get extream fatigue. I could be sitting in a chair, I get up and I'm fatigued (along with heart skipping beats) There was a time where I was so nervous and excited for something that I almost collapsed. My heart was skipping beats like crazy and I felt very lightheaded. My question is, is this anything severe? I can't afford to go to the doctors, but if this is a serious condition then Ill go see one.

    1 AnswerHeart Diseases9 years ago
  • What to do about our landlord?

    The past coule of weeks our landlord and his son have been on vacation or somewhere. Whie they were gone some guy has decided to break into the tenants storages in the basement and slee inside one of the tenants storage rooms on a mattress. We found a photo album of a female tenant when she was younger on the mattress the next day. Ofcourse that is creepy and odd considering you need a key to get inside the apartment building and a key to get inside the storages. Anyways the Landlord returned we told him about it for the safty of the tenants and the young girls that live here and he had the nerve to blame us! He wouldnt do anything to help either. What do we do with him? should e sue or try to catch the creeper ourselves?

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  • Why do my movies go from dark to light then back to dark?

    My Xbox is a few years old and I have used it almost on a daily basis. My PS2 is a few years old aswell but barely use that. For years I have always watched my DVD's on the Xbox but latly the movies darken or color fades. I tried using my PS2 and I have the same issue, but its not with all my movies only a few. is this an issue with my systems or DVD's should I buy a DVD player?

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  • Can you mentally make your heart stop?

    A few years ago, i saw a program with a few people sitting on the floor, they concentrated on stopping their hearts, they succeeded according to the program. Since then especially the past 2 weeks i cant stop thinking about my heart stopping. I don't want it to stop but Im scared that it will. You may have heard the old saying, if you think about being sick long enough it will happen. I know i need to stop thinking about it but this is difficult. I don't feel the same, im only 24, been sleeping alot lately, feel weak sometimes, dizzy, nauseous is this the result of thinking that my heart may stop?

    3 AnswersHeart Diseases1 decade ago
  • Where do we "cash in" our State coins?

    Ok so for the past several years we have been seeing these special state printed quaters. I assume once we collect all 50 state quaters we take it to the bank, but what about other special coins. I have a dime and a nicole that have a different design then the typical coins. Are they worth anything? and if so, where do i take it to sell it?

    and no EBAY is not an option. there has to be an "official" place to sell them.

    4 AnswersOther - Business & Finance1 decade ago
  • Where can I find Microsoft Word?

    I sent my manuscript to a publishing company through e-mail (upon their request) Unfortunatly they can only open files used in Microsoft Word. I did a search and I couldn't find anything. Please help

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  • Is it True, Am I leaving?

    For those that don't know this is Dasdream, Yahoo deleted my account for some unknown reason. For those that have followed me on Yahoo Answers know that I have given some of the best answers on Yahoo Answers Wrestling section. I was one of the very few people that actually gave real answers and didn't just spam the place up.

    Now i would stay and continue helping you guys find wrestlers real myspaces, diva myspaces, real names, photos, birthdays, matches etc. but at this point i don't trust Yahoo. I lost alot of very important documents when they deleted my old e-mail account. So until they give me a good reason as to why it was deactivated I willl not be here, so for those of you that where on my contacts list you can always add me to messanger and ask me questions through there. or e-mail me. You can go to my profile for that info. You know you can trust me to give you the REAL Answers. No rumors no wild goose chase on the internet. I give you the facts.

    So long yahoo Answers.

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