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  • My boss (and owner of the company) is clueless and an extreme micromanager, how do I tell them to back off?

    I've been working here for 2 years. Its a small company with 7 -10 employees. I say between 7 and 10 because since I started, people have come and left approx. every 3 months. Also unable to cope with the management.

    It's owned by a couple, who have owned it for 14 years. But they had no industry experience then and still seem to have no idea what they are doing or what anyone else in the building does, how long it takes or how suffocating they make everyone'sday to day lives.

    We have 3 meetings, every single day. There are processes for processes, meeting about meetings, and a constant need for control of every minute of every day from the boss/owners.

    This is made worse by the fact they don't have a clue. It's driving me insane and I'm on the brink of leaving, or loosing my job because I've become so frustrated I'm giving them the cold shoulder whenever they speak to me.

    There is literally no way to tell you boss he's an idiot and he needs to back the hell off. I have my annual review in two days, and I know that I'm going to be asked what my problem is or there abouts.

    I really don't want to leave, my job is like 6 minutes away from my home, and a colleague leaves round the corner and currently takes me to work. A new job would mean all the expense of a car, an earlier start and a much longer commute as there are no jobs of my type in the rest of my immediate local area.

    How do I tell my boss what the problem is without losing my job?

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  • Something to get every year for an anniversary?

    I want to get me and my partner something (the same thing and not a gift) every year we are together. Some friends of ours have fake roses in different colours etc, one for every anniversary. I was thinking pebbles, or engraved ones or something but it might b expensive and what would you engraved it with after so many years?

    Also should be something we can both enjoy, and not a photograph because we hate having our photo taken!

    Any ideas?

  • Something to get every year for an anniversary?

    I want to get me and my partner something (the same thing and not a gift) every year we are together. Some friends of ours have fake roses in different colours etc, one for every anniversary. I was thinking pebbles, or engraved ones or something but it might b expensive and what would you engraved it with after so many years?

    Also should be something we can both enjoy, and not a photograph because we hate having our photo taken!

    Any ideas?

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  • where to buy fun/colourful/patterned waterproof coats UK?

    a friend had this waterproof coat the other day, quite thick, not like a kagool, it was black or dark blue, with large pink, blue and white spots on it. It had a "divide" label on the inside.

    She got it from someone she knew and wasnt sure where they purchased it from. Any ideas where I could find something similar? I have tried google and am googling as I type this, but mayb there is an awesome shop out there that you know about, that arent very well known and might not come up on google.


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  • applying for creative jobs with just a cv? Job sites don't allow portfolios?

    I've signed up to about 10 different job site agencies, and I'm checking another 20 or so websites for jobs about twice a week, but it's really bugging me that most of the jobs I am applying for, are through the agencies, and I can't send my portfolio with my application.

    I have signed up to some general job sites and also to lots of specifically creative ones, so why on earth don't they let you upload your cv and your portfolio? Maximum files sizes are often less than 500kb, which is barely one image of work.

    Does anyone know of any job sites where you can send your portfolio as well as your CV, because I've only just graduated, and as soon as employers look at my CV and see that I have no experience, they will throw my application in the bin, regardless of how good my work might be, especially if they can't even see my work, because I can't send it to them!

    And yes I have tried searching for the jobs I am applying to on other websites where there are e mail address to send your application, but this is rarely the case.


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  • Help! thrush pessary really painful?

    I've had constant thrush and or water infections for about 2 months now. It's obviously very uncomfortable, not only because its not cleared up properly for so long but also because I've never had either before.

    The first time I got both, I took tablets for both, I then saw a different doctor a few weeks later and he gave me tablets for the water infection and I took a smear test to make sure it was thrush. The results for this took almost 2 weeks to come back, so by now I'm desperate. It was thrush and the doctor gave me a canesten pessary and cream.

    He asked me if I was sexually active, which I technically am, as I'm in a relationship and we have been sexually active since Feb. However I havnt had sex much and its quite uncomfortable. I didn't remember how uncomfortable until I tried this stupid pessary.

    I only managed to get it just above the opening to the vagina, I could still feel it with my finger. It was still so painful and uncomfortable this morning that I tried to make it out, I don't think its in there far enough to work and hadn't dissolved very much, but enough that I couldn't get that much out again.

    Now I'm.worried about my thrush and that the treatment won't work, and I'm also worried there is something wrong with me, because after googling this problem I found a question on here from a 16 yr old virgin asking if using the pessary would hurt, and every reply said no it won't hurt, one even said you won't feel anything at all.

    What's wrong with me and Ian it dangerous to take an oral pill now, after having taken one last month, and now having tried this pessary? I ask because it says on all thrush medication not to take more than 2 doses in 6 months without seeing a doctor. I have an appointment for monday but I don't want to have to wait any more I really just want this sorted. The creams don't seem to be helping but then I havnt been very consistent with them.

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  • I think I have bipolar disorder and dont know what to do?

    I think I'm bipolar, but every time I get bad enough that I think I should seek help, the depressive stage passes and I dont bother. I also have a lot of anxieties which dont help..

    I did have a really bad few days a couple of weeks ago, and actually told my partner about it and went to my doctor to ask for help. I really dont want to be put on medication, and I just ended up bursting into tears and feeling stupid about it all.

    Because I am under 25 and the waiting list to see someone about mental health is so long, my doctor recommended I try a local service, I went on their website but now I'm back at the stage where I dont want to get help again.

    I also dont want anyone to know, or to bump into anyone I know by visiting the drop in center; but I'm really worried that I will start getting upset and crying for no reason again.

    I kind of just want someone to talk to, I'm not good at asking for help and I want to sort it out myself, but if anyone, particularly with any counseling or psychological background would be willing to chat with me, you can e mail me from my profile.

    Or if anyone else has any advice on how to cope during the bad times without medication that would also be kool, please dont bother answering if you dont have anything nice to say.


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  • how to convert html files to pdf?

    I have a website that isnt online I just have the seperate HTML files, the CSS file and all the image files. I want to create a PDF of a few pages to put in my digital portfolio. I've tried some converters online but they didnt work properly, with all the images etc. I tried taking screen shots but the quality was awful. as far as I can see my web browser (Firefox) and dreamweaver DO NOT have an export to pdf option anywhere.

    Any help?


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  • DRUMMERS, HELP! dont know anything about drums, can someone tell me what these things are?

    I need to put these four things

    Zildjian A series mastersound hihats 15inch

    Paiste 2002 powercrashes, 19 and 20inch

    Paiste 2002 ride and Zildjian A crashes.

    DW5000 Turbo Kick Pedal

    into this list but I dont know where they go??? because I dont know what they are!!


    DW Jazz Series in Lazer Blue Lacquer with Chrome hardware.

    5” X 8” Concert tom

    5” X 10” Concert tom

    16” X 24” Bass drum

    9” X 13” Rack tom

    16” X 16” Floor tom

    16” X 18” Floor tom

    16” X 20” Gong Drum

    6.5” X 14” Aluminum Snare drum



    15” K Light Hi-hats

    20” A Custom EFX

    24” ZHT Ride

    20” A Custom Crash

    19” K Custom Hybrid China

    20” A Custom Rezo Crash



    Hi hat tambourine

    Drum kit tambourine



    Coated Emperor (on Toms)

    Clear Powerstroke 3 (on Bass)

    Coated Emperor X Black Dot (on Snare)


    DW 9000 Series including:

    9000 Floating Rotor Single Pedal

    9500D 3-Leg Rotating Hi-hat Stand

    9100AL Air Lift Drum Throne



    Dave Grohl Artist Series

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  • artists that use projection?

    ive been looking at zilla leutenegger but i cant find anyone else

    i tried google images but I dont want people that project onto the outside of buildings

    im looking for artists that use projections on a smaller scale, and that use projection as part of the work, not just as a means to show a film


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  • can you make the slides in powerpoint transparent so there is no white background where images dont fit?

    first off,im using mac

    my desktop mac has broken and I dont have any movie making stuff on my laptop so im trying to use powerpoint.

    I have an image on each slide, but they are wider than they are tall, so there is white space at the top and bottom on each image from the actual slide in powerpoint - because the image reaches the eades at either side before the top and bottom.

    I dont want to make the images fit the whole slide because I will loose a lot of the image on each side.

    So, can you make the actual slides in powerpoint transparent? I know you can change the colours and stuff, but I dont want anything behind my image, just blank.

    So I'm not asking for away to make my pictures background transparent which is the only thing I can find on google, I'm asking if there is a way to make the actual slides themselves transparent?


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  • how would you categorize the following bands/singers?


    Led Zepppelin


    Frankenstein by The Edgar Winter Group

    Steve Martin

    The Beatles

    Eddie Vedder


    Jeff Nelson of Minor Threat

    Tony Thompson

    Reed Mullin from C.O.C.

    Jim Keltner

    John Bonham

    Buddy Holly

    Bob Mould

    Husker Du

    The Ramones

    The Sex Pistols


    Chuck Biscuits

    The Melvins

    Seargent Peppers

    Houses of the Holy




    The Who

    Black Sabbath

    Bad Brains

    Rites of Spring

    No Means No

    Sonic Youth


    Gerry Rafferty

    Kurt Cobain

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  • simple typographic examples?

    im basically creating 5 purely typographic posters with quite a lot of information on them, I've looked at gig posters and stuff, the way they organize all the dates on the tour and all that sort of thing. Need some more research though

    Tried google but I'm not getting very far. I dont want anything with any graphics or images on it, colour is okay but not if its being used in a way that creates a graphic or pattern. Not interested in words that are fitted together in the shape of a coffee cup or a dog or anything else. Not really looking for stuff where the words branch out from the middle of the page in all directions, upside down, back to front and what not. Just want really simple, typographic design, well presented, thoughtful layouts etc.

    Any ideas of people I could look at, or websites I could browse?


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  • what instruments does Dave Grohl own, and what hobbies does he have?

    I'm doing a project on dave grohl for uni, and with like 3 weeks left till I finish my degree, seriously considering making a whole bunch of stuff up just to get it finished.

    So, as a last resort I've come here. I've read like a hundred interviews, and no one seems to be interested in what Dave does outside of his musical interests - what car does he have? What's his favourite hobby? what type of guitars and drum sets does he own? What other instruments can he play? what's his favourite book? what's his favourite film?

    If anyone out there knows, please tell me!! I kind of need links to any interviews or the source of your information. and no I dont have or am I going to get any of his biographies, so dont even go there.


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  • whats the music equivalent of a cameo appearance - when a band member joins another band for a one off show?

    I googled it and cant find anything. a cameo seems to just refer to film, theatre or television. I'm sure there is a special term or phrase when a musician joins another musician or band for a one off performance, or recording for an album or something.

    I'm doing a project on dave grohl and he has numerous appearances in like 30 other bands, on tour, in music videos, just playing for an album etc. He's also formed a band called Them Crooked Vultures with the singer from queens and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin.

    But anyways, im sure there is a name for all these one off performances and tours with other bands. any help?

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  • sending colour swatches from indesign to illustrator CS4?

    i tried selecting the swatches I wanted from indesign by using shift to highlight them all, them I selected save swatches from the drop down menu on the side of the panel and saved the file.

    I then went to illustrator and selected open swatch library, again from the drop down menu at the side of the swatches panel. I found my file, opened it, but only one colour was in there, not the 30 or so I had wanted.

    I googled my problem, and tried opening the indesign file with the swatches I wanted, from illustrator, again choosing open library from the swatches menu, but as I thought it just came up aying it was an invalid file.

    any help with how to actually do this without having to save every single swatch in indesign and opening it again in illustrator?

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  • where to get personalized photo album? certain size?

    ive got all these art prints and want to put them into a book type thing. the only way I can think of doing it is by putting them into a photo album type things, but they are sort of funny sizes, from about 18 - 20cm wide and 13cm high.

    Any ideas where I can get a completely plain album of some sort to put them in?

    Or any other ideas what I could do with them all?

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  • why does googles image search do this?

    on my laptop, if I google image search, its just one long page of results, with page 1, page 2, page 3 etc etc all underneath each other so you dont have to click to go to the next page and wait for it to load etc.

    On my desktop, it doesnt do this, ive tried changing the settings to display 100 results per page, and still nothing. It might sound lazy but when I'm in the middle of working and need an image, it's really frustrating having to wait for each page to load, and ive lost my train of thought by the time i find what i wanted so I dont want it anymore anyways..

    is there an update or something that ive missed on my desktop? I'm using mac both as desktop and laptop, and I'm also using firefox for both, so surely it should be the same??


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  • smartphones that last the 2 years you have to have them?

    im due an upgrade but im so busy atm i dont even care what phone i get, i just want something thats actually going to last the two years i have to have it for. my htc desire was great at first, but as the months rolled on it got slow, unresponsive, glitchy. My bfs sony ericson similarly is slow and glitchy, doesnt recieve half my messages, weirdly mixes messages from weeks ago with messages im actually sending now, and they make no sense.... everyone says blackburys are rubbish, everyone i know with an iphone has said theyve had problems with it.

    Is there any such thing as a smart phone that actually lasts? Has anyone had a phone that didnt go to **** after the first 6 - 12 months??

    Any suggestions for an upgrade?

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  • fable games - reoccurring themes/items?

    i know they have pub games, find the gnome/gargoyle, character customization etc, but what do they have in terms of items, other than the weapons, for example, coins are used in the pub games, but fable 3 doesnt have pub games does it? I was thinking maybe cards, but there are only cards in the first one yeah?

    Havnt played the games for a while and dont have them anymore, trying to think of something like an object to connect them all for a visual design project. Wanted to make a deck of cards but I dont think its prominent enough in all three games.

    I'm also including the previous games the movies and black and white in the project, so something that connected all the games would be fab but they are so versatile and different from each other I dont think there is anything?

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