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  • When were email and IM invented?

    Just wondering where they got started.

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  • Anybody having problems with timestamps on Yahoo! Mail!!?

    Does anybody else have with the timestamp on (received) Yahoo email? The best I can figure is that it is timestamped as if one's local time were GMT, that is, I sent myself an email and it was stamped 6 hours earlier. It is really annoying as mail gets out of sequence. Too it allows spamsters to "prioritize" their spam (in my spam folder which I check from time to time to see if there is any "real" mail there) so that their junk, dated several days ahead, pops up to the top of the list. My solution to that particular problem would be, if I was Yahoo!! to not even put it in the spam folder (totally ignore it) it it was timestamped over a certain number of hours/days ahead (ie, 1 day or more). Enough of my rant, does anybody have answers??

    PS Does anybody have the desk phone number for the person(s) in charge of Yahoo!!! or Yahoo!!! Mail? or is this whole Yahoo!!! thing made up of virtual person(s) who are actually just a series of interconnected computers?

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