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  • What does a 110 mark on a sterling silver ring mean?

    It's a Claddagh ring I got a few years ago for my graduation. I think it cost $25 to $30 at the time. I got it out and looked at it today and noticed it had a mark on it opposite the sterling mark.

    It has a round mark (I don't know what it is - copyright maybe?) before the number 110. I just want to know what this means. I know 925 is the same as Sterling but it already has Sterling written on the band so what does 110 mean? Is it the maker, maybe?

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  • Does Dell or HP have better quality computers?

    I want to get a new Desktop tower from either of these two companies. My plan is to get a good basic computer (Processor, Memory, Hard drive, etc) and then add a good Video Card (and maybe power supply if needed). The computer is going to be doing a lot of multitasking, Video/Image making, and Gaming (I want to get mid to High settings on these).

    I'm just unsure which of these two companies to use since I've heard mix reviews on both of them concerning the quality of the parts they use. I don't want to get ready to upgrade it and find I have to replace parts because they're crap.

    In case it matters: The specs I had in mind were:

    Quad Core - preferably Intel.

    4-6 GB Memory

    And a 1 TB Harddrive

    (And the Video Card will come in later though I'd appreciate Recs on them, if possible).

    So, does it matter which company I get the basic computer from or does one have better quality than the other?

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  • Can you only take one course of study in College or do you have to do core classes as well?

    I'm only really interested in one (maybe two) courses of study - Graphic Design and maybe Theater. Is there any way I can just take these classes (and the required classes to take these classes) without bothering with non-related core classes or do I have to do the whole thing?

    I already suspect if I have to do the whole college experience, I'll have to go to a community college first for the basics since my high school GPA will probably work against me (It's like, 2.9 or something like that). I'm already 24 (almost 25) and the thought I might be wasting more time on things I don't want is abhorrent to me.

    Also: the college I'm looking at currently is UGA, if that helps.

  • Nest of Baby birds were moved - what to do with them?

    A bird had built a nest in a old truck that was recently moved. There were 4 baby birds. We managed to gather them all up in a box with their nest and fed them some worms. Almost all of their down feathers are gone and they're starting to learn to fly (I'm assuming by the jumping and flapping that they do every now and then).

    But I don't know what to do with them. The house they came from is within walking distance but they were moved a few days ago (we just now discovered them).

    Is it too late to try and put them back where their mother can find them? Since it's only a few hundred yards away, has the mother already been visiting and that's why they're still alive? Should I keep caring for them since they're almost grown?

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  • Buying a new computer soon but I'm not sure what to get?

    I would like something around the $600 - $800 range. I don't plan to use it for much - Just surfing the internet, making videos/graphics, and the occasional game (Minecraft, Sims, First person shooters, etc). I do multitask a lot so I'd like it to be able to handle that better.

    I was considering building another computer on Dell (My current computer is a Dell) but I don't even know where to start on that.

    Any suggests and tips would be much appreciated.

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  • I plan to move to an apartment soon but have a Border Collie to take with me...?

    And I want to know what to expect/what I need to do.

    Right now, I live in the country with a house and backyard that the dogs are in. I'm well aware that a Border Collie needs plenty of exercise (Physical and mental) so I'm ready for that part.

    My main concern is the vast difference. Going from a house with a backyard to an apartment is quite a change. And I don't know how to handle a dog in this new enviroment. I mean, if the dog poops on the carpet, you can't really rub his nose in it and stick him outside. And just where ARE they suppose to poo?!

    I suppose what I'm asking for is a general 'how to take care of a dog in an apartment' kind of thing.

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  • Can a dog catch rabies from roadkill?

    One of our dogs dragged a dead raccoon into our yard (We think, we didn't actually see her doing it). We sent it off for testing and it came back as rabid.

    There was no blood or anything around the raccoon, it doesn't look like the dog chewed on it (the only real damage we saw came from a buzzard that got to it before we could bag it), and the dog we keep outside all the time wouldn't go near it.

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  • There's an alarming amount of spiders in my New House and I'm Arachnaphobic!?

    The house was only built a few month ago and ever since we've moved in, we've had to kill, at least, two Wolf spiders a week.

    Over the last week, I killed three small black spiders in the kitchen, hairsprayed down a web in the bathroom that had, at least, ten baby spiders in it, sprayed the bigger spider in the light fixture above the shower, when back to the kitchen to kill the GIANT Wolf spider that had appeared then killed the one on the wall beside my desk. Then I go outside, step on all the smaller spiders I see and try to drown the bigger ones with the hose.

    I woke up from a nap a minute ago to use the bathroom and almost stepped on another wolf spider who vanished before I could get the swatter.

    They're in my bedroom now and I want them the hell OUT. We don't have any other bugs for them to eat beyond ants which we've already killed.

    How do we get these bastards out?! And don't say get a cat, we two all they do is try to play with it before running away from it.

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  • I want to start on ebay but I have a few questions.?

    I heard somewhere that wholesalers won't sell to you if you don't have some kind of liscense. Yes/no?

    And how do you know how much shipping is going to cost without going to a Fedex or Post office?

    These sort of questions mainly. General but need to know kind of things.

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  • My throat hurts when I breathe heavy in cold/cool air. Is this normal?

    It's always done this but I thought it was normal. I tried to look up something that will help this and found that it actually might be a form of asthma.

    It feels like my throat is freezing/tightening and I cough. If I ignore it and keep breathing hard, it starts to get painful.

    Is there anything that will help my throat when this happens? Something warm to drink maybe, before or after? I really need to excerise so any help or advice you can give me will be appreciated.

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  • How hard will it be to get into a college after putting it off for a few years?

    I original put off College to figure out what I wanted to do and because I still needed my SATs but during the year I was out, my Grandmother had a stroke and is now half paralyzed. I've been at home the last few years helping take care of her as it's only my mother here and the rest of my family are, to be polite, assholes.

    At this point, I'm considering getting a few classes at the nearby techincal college until I can go to an Art School like I wanted. I'm not sure Art Schools have core classes, if so, I'll try and get some of those done.

    Right now, I'm concerned over if my chances of getting the school I want are lessened the older I get and if College, over all, would be harder because of it.

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