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  • I am really hating highschool.?

    So I just started high-school 3 days ago and I hate it. There's 2000 people there, I only know like 1 girl from my old school and I have two I.B classes. These classes already stress me out so much I just came today and I'm bawling my eyes out. I just hate my classes so much my dad made me take them. I don't want to go tomorrow but I have to. Can somebody give me advice or something. Please. Thanks.

    4 AnswersOther - Education6 years ago
  • Does my budgie have a cold?

    My budgie, (male), is about 4-5 years old. Anyway about 3 days ago he started breathing and making squeaking noises while he's breathing. Sadly, I haven't trained him to sit on my finger but he does live with two others birds. I've checked around his nose area and there seems to be no infection. I don't know what to do, like should I buy something from the store that will heal him,

    (I think it's a cold). Or should I take him to the vet? Thanks for answering in advance.

    3 AnswersBirds6 years ago
  • How can I sing better?

    I just need some helpful tips on how to make my singing voice better. I'm an average singer, not bad, but not amazing. I also just started playing the piano, so that should help me a little bit.

    No rude answers, thanks.

    5 AnswersSinging7 years ago
  • I want to train my cockatiel! Any advice?

    So I have a very wild and free spirited cockatiel. He has a nice personality but can be a little loud he's very cute! He lives with my green budgie. I had the budgie for almost 4 years, but my cockatiel for about one year. So I want to train him so he can sit on my finger and fly to me when I call him. How can I train him? He's starts hissing at me when I point my finger at him, he's not scared of my face though, I can get up pretty close to him and he'll be comfortable. PLEASE I WANT TO TRAIN MY COCKATIEL.

    He will bite if he has to.

    3 AnswersBirds7 years ago
  • Is my house a big house?

    I have about 3200 square feet, not including the kitchen. Would my house be considered big? Thanks! :)

    Here's a pic

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • Do I have a big house?

    I have about 3200 square feet, not including the kitchen. Would my house be considered big? Thanks! :)

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  • Do you think I'm a mean person?

    People say I'm mean even though I think I'm quite nice. I NEVER swear at anybody, really I'm the only girl in my class that doesn't swear. But people still say I'm mean, like if I don't share my food, I mean really it's MY food I can do what I want with it. Or like I use sarcasm a LOT so people don't always know it's a joke, if someone says " I love you" like my friends or something and I'll joke around and say " I hate you too". But I think people are mean to me, once it was chilly in my classroom, I said I was a cold and this guy said " stupid Russians!" ( I'm russian) In a joking matter but it still hurt. Once I said hi to this guy and he's like "f*** you" I was mad, he said it for no reason! By the way I'm really nice to animals, and I respect the people who respect me. AM I A MEAN PERSON? Thank you for answering!

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  • Short-sleeved shirts?

    I like to wear hoodies or long-sleeved shirts, yesterday I wore a shirt from Aeropostale and every bodies like "ohhhhhhhhhh nice shirt" it's starting to annoy me. Summer is coming and I want to wear short-sleeves but I don't have the courage to wear it to school.

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • Nicknames for Mariya?

    My name is pronounced like the name Maria, is there any nicknames for my name? So my friends and family can call me that. Thanks for answering! :)

  • Girls? Should I start shaving?

    1.) Should I start shaving I'm 13 years old. (Every girl I know shaves).

    2.) My mom, when she was little she probably didn't shave, so would it be awkward if I asked her right now?

    3.) My mom and sister have a razor, and I have been using it to shave my armpits........ without permission...


    Thanks! :)

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  • Blonde hair, Blue eyes?

    I have dark blonde hair and medium blue eyes with black eyelashes. Would that be considered pretty? :)

    3 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style8 years ago
  • How can you make your eyelashes grow longer?

    Besides fake eyelashes or mascara, something natural and not expensive. :)

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  • Would a pet rabbit survive in the wild?

    Okay, so I found this pet rabbit beside my house. I cannot catch him but I do feed him everyday since he comes to me. One day I was feeding him, his ear was bleeding a bit and basically ripped in half. I have no idea how this happened, maybe a dog/coyote tried to catch him. Then today I found him again and one of his eyes was okay and the other one was totally closed. The poor thing had such sad eyes! :( Help, I cannot catch him and I don't know what to do! PLEASE!

    3 AnswersOther - Pets8 years ago
  • How can I built a relationship with my budgie?

    I have a green Budgie (I had him for about four years). He is always quiet, the cage is always open in case he wants to fly around. He does not bite (I have no idea why), but I want him not to be scared of me or anything, so he can trust me. I am not a very patient person, so how can I quickly build a relationship with him? Thanks!

    1 AnswerBirds8 years ago