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  • What do you think of my admissions essay?

    It has to be exactly 250 words and there was no topic.

    these are the instructions:

    We encourage you to use this essay to provide us with information that is not reflected elsewhere in your application. Please provide a 250 word essay on a subject of your choice.

    this is what I might send in? My friends all got in a wrote similar things about themselves. My grades are better than theirs.. i don't know.. no rude answers please.

    I moved to Berkshire County almost two years ago; Williamstown to be exact. A Texas native, I am in awe of the landscape here. I often take long walks up mountainsides to relax. Occasionally, I’ll turn a corner only to find a waterfall or riverbed hidden by the lush foliage. It's quite a change from the never-ending wheat fields of the Texas plains. I consider myself to be a smart girl. A little difficult at times? Yes, but I suppose that's to be expected of any 18 year old. I aspire to be a Politician. I crave power but not in a Hitler kind of way. Is ambition a feeling? Or, maybe potential can be felt? I feel it. It's like a burning to go, all the time, and never stop. I have yet to find something that satisfies those cravings. I long for learning. Like thirst or hunger; I need it. I’m passionate about one thing in this life and that’s my inelegance. The more things I know, the better I feel. Strange? I don't know; maybe. I’m looking for my place in this world. Where am I meant to be? What I’m I made to do? Everyone is meant for something weather it be teaching, singing, politics, or football. I enjoy English, but it’s not my calling. I love to paint, but I’m not made for it. I’m looking for my place in this life; just starting out.. On a mission to find myself. MCLA is only my beginning.

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  • Is pregnancy a possibility?

    I had sex with my boyfriend barely over a week ago. However, I was due for my period 3 days ago.

    Could I be pregnant?

    I have a child but I didn't know I was pregnant with him until I was 6 weeks.

    I'm just curious to see if you can even tell that early?

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  • Being fined for lying on medical information?

    My husband "left out" his previous back issues and etc

    and now his 1st SG is calling me saying that they are fining him 5,000?

    There was some type of hearing? and that was his punishment?

    What is this called, why didn't they tell me about it in December when it happened and do we have to pay this all at once?

    no rude answers please

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  • Outfit help for next weekend?

    I just bought these shoes, and need to base an outfit for next weekend around them.

    I'm 22, just had a baby and am about 139lbs

    I'm 5'4" with a 34DD breast size and those "just had a baby" hips.

    My hair is like a chestnut brown color? brown/red

    I have a slight tan and honey colored eyes..

    sometimes i wear blue contacts.

    any ideas?

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  • Question about my flight itinerary?

    My flight ticket says

    Depart Cedar Rapids and 10am

    Arrive New York 4:04pm

    Does that mean It will be 5pm Eastern time?

    I'm confused..

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  • Faking mental illness to get out o the Army?

    My husband did and, he got discharged.

    He is supposed to go home to MA to get his things from his mothers and then come here on the 27th.

    He left KY on Thursday, hasn't answered my calls or texts since.

    But I know he is home and has his phone because I can look on to check his phone usage.

    Anyway, I have no access to any money and he won't talk to me. Isn't he a fukcing peach?

    I have a 2 month old baby.

    I need to know if he can get in trouble for lying to the military?

    I want to File an abandonment report but will have to explain.

    I don't really care if he gets in trouble that this point as he obviously doesn't care if his son eats or not.

    First he tried to get out on "scoliosis" and when that didn't work he told them he was going to kill himself and was in a mental hospital for like a week.

    There is nothing wrong with him. I've been with him long enough to know bullshit when i see it.

    His mommy never made him finish anything, high school, etc and now he's quit boot camp!

    man did i pick a winner. :D

    no rude comments. I just need to know if he'll get in trouble if i file a report.

    He got a med200 discharge, if that makes a difference.

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  • Hips after having a baby?

    I just had a baby ten weeks ago.

    I am 22 years old and my hips have gotten noticeably wider and I just want to know if they go down any?

    I have a dumb mirror picture that was taken today.

    I suppose I am a little self conscious of my hips and breast sizes since having my son. It could just be hormones? Who knows.

    I just would like the opinions of other mothers, how long did it take for your hips to shrink, if at all?

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  • What's your baby's schedule like?

    I am just wondering what kind of schedule your baby's are on?

    Mine is two months old and I am worried that he doesn't nap enough??

    9 am- Breakfast

    10 am- Swing/mommy's breakfast

    10:45-11:45- tummy time (we play on his.. toy thing? lol)

    12-1:15 lunch for mommy and baby

    1:20-3:00 nap

    3:30- 4 oz snack

    4:40-5:30 play time in bouncer

    5:45 dinner for baby

    630- crib time so mom and dad can eat dinner

    730-930 lap time (me and my husband sit him with us/cuddle/watch tv

    945 bed time for baby

    1-2am feeding

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  • Advise? I read my husband the riot act today and now I feel horrible.?

    We are young and newly wed.

    He is in the Army.

    He is/always has been a BIG TIME mommas boy.

    He may be getting medically discharged but we are not sure yet.

    His mother expects him to go home, without his wife.. or his new born son.

    I'm permanently pissed off about it and well I can't help it.

    I decided that if he gets discharged he needs to come to my home in iowa immediately and see his son, he disagrees with me and says that it would be stupid for him to come and live here with us without getting the remainder of his clothing and electronics from his mothers.

    I agreed too it but an NOT in any way happy about it.

    Anyway, today i went to use his debit card for lunch and it was denied.

    There should be at least a few thousand in that account and so i was furious!

    I called a million different numbers until I found his direct line at work and I asked him about it.

    I asked if he spent it or if he took it out, and he said he did neither and hasn't had any chances to do ANYTHING the last two days because they are snowed in (Kentucky)

    i checked their local weather advisory and this is true.

    Anyway, I screamed at him.. Told him he needed to tell his mom to stop being such a dumb ***** and that i've never met someone as far up his mothers A$$ as he is.

    I told him I was tired of it and asked if he wanted me to call my Attorney and he said no, and then I said "well then grow the **ck up"

    he replied with "Are you having mental issues today?" and "Yeah, I'll make sure and grow up tonight"

    I feel horrible and I'm thinking I made too big a deal of this.

    What do you think? And what should I do too say sorry seeing as he isn't physically here..

    No rude answers; Don't have time for it.

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  • Contacting Army husband who's in the Hospital..?

    My husband and I just had a baby December 7th and he has yet to see our son because of Army boot camp.

    He is having a really hard time with depression over this and apparently they have checked him into some hospital at fort knox.

    The psychiatrist informed his mother of this because she is the only one able to provide his family history. He is not allowed to make phone calls. I was in Michigan so I am just hearing of all of this now..

    I called the Hospital at Ft. Knox and they told me all psychiatric patients are transferred to another facility.

    Both his Sergeant and his Commander are away on Christmas Exodus leave and I cannot reach anyone in the 5-15 Cav regiment.

    Can someone tell me who I should call to find out where my husband is and his status?

    Here is a list of phone numbers at fort knox, I just don't know where to start..

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  • Just had my baby 3 days ago, Question about breastfeeding?

    I have been told not to breast feed my son for medical reasons and am kind of disappointed about it but I wont get into detail.

    I'm assuming my milk supply has come in today because when I woke up I had a wet spot on my shirt and my breasts are oddly firm.

    My doctor told me to place cabbage leaves in my sports bra to help the milk dry up and to reduce the size of my breasts

    I hate the smell of cabbage, is there anything you know of that I can do to dry the milk and make them go down a little?

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  • Swelling badly the day after?

    I just had my little boy sunday morning at 3:22.

    I didn't have any swelling all day yesterday or today.

    I went home around 2 this afternoon and have been running around putting things away and haven't really sat down for more than an hour.

    I feel fine other than my back is a little sore, but when i went to take a shower i noticed how very very swollen my legs and feet are.

    is this because i am being too active?

    Should i be worried? and should I call my doctor?

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  • Question about contacting my husband when our son is born?

    I was due on monday and have a dr's apt. in about 20 minutes to see if they'll induce me this weekend.

    I'm just wondering if I have my doctor call the number I was given for his 1st sergeant or have her contact the red cross once the baby is here.

    I know the red cross takes between 1-2 days

    but I also know if we call his sergeant he will have some extra push ups too do.

    It will be my doctor or my grandfather who makes the call assuming i will still be a little out of it due to pain medications. (i've been having complications.)


    He at OSUT in Ft. Knox

    with the 5-15 Cav unit

    if that makes a difference.

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  • I need some advice.. Mother in law issues..?

    So, I've been having issues with my mother in law ever since my husband left for Army OSUT. The three years he and I dated before we were married I never had any problems with them. I always go out of my way to make sure I am respectful of them. I have lent my husbands parents and sister money on numerous occasions. (mind you I was 18 when I began dating him. So I was an 18 year old lending 3 adults money for their bills) They aren't as well off as my family is. I became pregnant while on birth control this year and they have yet to recognize that this child is their grandchild.

    They didn't help at all or get a single gift for my baby shower.

    Now all of my DEERS paperwork from the Military and my husbands graduation / Christmas exodus date papers from his 1st sergeant are being sent to his mothers address. I had tried for two weeks to get her to send them to me.

    Finally this past Friday I called and made it very clear that I needed those papers for my insurance and so I know when to purchase my husbands plane tickets. I was NOT mean or rude at all. I told her that they were mistakenly being send to her address because my husbands recruiter had mistaken his home of enlistment for my mailing address and that anything addressed to "amanda" or "the family of Corey _____" should be coming to my address and not hers.

    She was getting mean and I was becoming impatient (i am 41 weeks pregnant and a little testy) so I asked my grandfather to explain it because he served 22 years as on officer in the military.

    his exact words to her were "in the military eyes; when a soldier becomes married his parents sort of move down a notch on the food chain. It's just how things work with them and that is why the mail you're getting is meant for amanda."

    his mom started crying and hung up the phone. I assumed my grandfather had hit a button mistakenly and I called back. My husbands father picked up and started screaming and swearing at me saying things like "my son goes to iowa to visit her family, they decide to get married and now all of a sudden amanda is his family?" (we got married on short notice in iowa but are planning on having a bigger wedding later) making me feel like crap and that i somehow am not supposed to matter at all in his life.

    I was really upset by this comment he made

    then today i get my DEERS paperwork from them in the mail and they addressed it to me using my maiden name rather than my married name.

    This has really pissed me off.

    and they failed to send me the information i need to purchase my husbands plane tickets.

    I don't know what to do. I don't know if I should call them and discuss it or write them a letter?

    My husband can't do much about anything as he is in training and the mail takes forever to get back and forth.

    I have become so stressed that my doctor wants to put me on an anxiety medication as soon as i delver my baby.

    I just cant believe they would put me through this while i am pregnant and while my husband is away. I have never done anything wrong to them, but he is their last baby. It's just so frustrating for me I suppose.


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  • 40 weeks pregnant this Saturday?

    I had a doctors appointment yesterday and she told me I am 1.5 cm, still thick but very very soft. What does still thick but very very soft mean?

    I have had my membranes swept twice. The first time it hurt like hell but I lost my mucus plug and the second time it didn't hurt as bad but nothing has happened.

    My doctor isn't going to let me go more than a week over my due date. She is on call this weekend so I called and asked today if she would consider inducing me this weekend if I don't go naturally before Saturday. If she doesn't I wont have her as my doctor when I do go and I don't see what harm doing it a few days early would cause. She told me to come in on friday and she is going to check my dilation again and make a decision from there.

    Your opinions on this?

    rude answers will be reported.

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  • Questions about membrane sweep in the 38th week?

    Yesterday my doctor checked me for the first time and I was 1cm dilated and then she did a quick membrane sweep. It hurt like hell.

    She told me I might have some bleeding (yesterday) and I did but only for an hour or so after the procedure was completed.

    I did have some brown stuff come out in little bits at a time.

    If you have ever started your period and lined your panties with a napkin or toilet paper until you got a hold of a tampon and the paper kind of breaks up and little pieces stick to everything.. that is what it looked like only it was a brown color.

    then this morning I checked to see if i had any discharge or the brown papery stuff and I didn't so i went about my business and baked some muffins.. then I checked again and there was this disgusting huge glob of yucky-ness there. Half of it was clearish-yellow and the other half was brown.. but the brown part had the same consistency as when you pass a small clot of blood during your period.. almost like hard-ish.

    Am i right to assume that was the remainder of my mucus plug? I don't know what else it could be.

    Also, have any of you been this far along and not had any painful contractions? Not even braxton hicks.

    I can feel when my stomach tightens but it doesn't really hurt unless it tightens when the baby as a foot in my ribs or something.

    Do you think i'll go into labour soon? She is sweeping my membranes again on Monday if i don't go in this week. She is trying to progress my labour without actual "induction" because I have breathing issues now because I'm really short, and baby is going to be one of the bigger ones it seems.. he has dropped and i still can't breathe.

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  • Anyone else notice obama's stuttering?

    Every time i've ever watching him give a speech he's is like..

    "We ugh, Need change um, and I believe i ugh, am right for the job um!"

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  • The Military and my in-laws..HELP!?

    anyone else have problems like this?

    My husband is in OSUT training to Fort Knox, KY. I live in Iowa with my grandparents while he is gone so that I can continue college while one week away from our son being born.

    His mother constantly is writing him letters saying "if you want to quit you can always just come home"

    This pisses me off beyond belief. I grew up with a mother in the coast guard, father in the Navy and then Marines, and grandfather who served 22 years as a captain in the Air Force.

    I think having that family background I would know just a little more than my husbands mother who was married to a man who went AWOL in the first year of his service. I cant stand it when she encourages him to quit. He is the baby of the family and she has never made him stick to anything that wasn't easy as pie. It really gets on my nerves.

    Anyway this morning she called me to tell me she had a letter from my husband saying he was going to see her in Massachusetts rather than coming to see me and our newborn son in Iowa for christmas exodus and she said the reason for this was because his address of enlistment is her home in MA.

    I knew this had to be bullshit and called my husband's first Sargent.

    I know you're not necessarily supposed too but I am due to have a baby in a week and I kind of need to know things like that to make my plans.

    The sargent was very nice to me and said he definitely understands the whole in law thing and that he would let my husband call me later that night but he would have to do extra 50 push ups.

    I personally don't mind if he has to do some push ups, that's what he is there for. it is not supposed to be fun. (he also has to do push ups to get his mail.. so his mom baby's him by putting 3 letters in one envelope.. i just send one at a time.)

    So, when my husband called me he said he never told his mother that and that he was planning on buying tickets too IA when his unit went to the travel office to book flights. His mother pretty much lied to me. I'm assuming she was going to go behind my back and say that I said for him to buy tickets for MA, she is sneaky like that.

    She is driving me nuts! Because my husbands address of enlistment is her address our mail goes there (from the military) and yesterday she opened the damn package they sent me with my ID card renewal information (DEERS Paperwork) I was so pissed.

    I know I'm supposed to be nice and positive while he is in boot camp, esp while he is in Red phase as it is the hardest; but all of this is driving me insane.

    Am i over reacting?

    (I have mailed him a nice letter apologizing for the extra push ups he had to do because I called; but his sargent said it was only fair since the others don't get phone calls. he also said "it is always better if a pregnant wife calls.. rather than someones mommy." whats that mean?)

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  • Husband is in the Army, about how much a month do they take out for state taxes?

    I accidentally lost his my pay pin number so i can't see his pay stubs as of now.

    He is only an E1 seeing as he just started.

    He makes between 2,200-2,400 a month BAH included, before taxes

    the pay is about 1,200 and the BAH is about 1,100

    We enlisted in Massachusetts so I know the taxes are high, I'm just wondering about how much a month is taken out, so I can budget.

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  • Question about Christmas Exodus?

    My husband attended some type of classes in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina from October 2nd- November 6th.

    On November 6th he arrived at Ft. Knox, Kentucky for OSUT.

    Neither I or his mother have received any phone calls or letters from him or his command and it has been 8 days. Is this normal?

    I know the chances of his mother getting a phone call or letter before me are slim, I just humor her. You know how in laws can be.

    Anyway, He has Christmas Exodus from December 19th - January 3rd.

    I have heard that I will get a letter from either him or a genetic letter from his commander telling me when to purchase his plane tickets home, and I have also heard that the base sets up his flights and I do not have to do anything? Which is it and what is your experience with this?

    Thanks in advance.

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