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Peek prays for the U.S.A

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NO TO OBAMAISIM !!!! Does it really matter who I am? I will hurt anyone who hurts an animal, child or elderly in my presence. You best believe it! And God, he is my Best friend! I am no youngster and I expect respect,K? I have had fish for almost 45 yrs, one 37 plus yr old slider and 4 adoptees.Plus 2 fish tanks. Own a wolf dog an advocate for WOLF dogs and Wolves for yrs, will own no other breed...and 2 cats..... Rescued cats for OVER 40 yrs... I will block ya, Who needs and wants to stress from kids and Trolls and know it all's, and people who copy your answers!!!. We are all here to HELP! I lose my TOP contributor status cause I was not on for 3 weeks while I was taking care of my SICK MOM.."Y" sucks..quite a bit!!!!