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  • A question I read and would like answered?

    How is it that the vast majority of African-Americans, by virtue of our spiritual heritage, are pro-life, believe in a traditional definition of marriage, and are prone to expressions of faith, yes, even in public, yet our voting pattern consistently belies those very values? Liberals these days are passionately attacking the traditional family, celebrating the killing of millions of unborn babies through the help of Planned Parenthood, which sets up shop mostly in Black, lower class neighborhoods (Hmmm.....), and showing tolerance for every group under the sun, except Christians whom they wish to silence as they seek to remove Jesus Christ from every aspect of public life. Oddly enough, some of the self-proclaimed leaders of the Left wear a "Rev." at the front of their names while endorsing candidates who have promised to push the most anti-Christ, pro-abortion, Godless society imaginable.

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  • What will Obama and the Media do about the prosecutors ?

    When Clinton took office he fired all 93 federal prosecutors which was his right. The prosecutors are political appointees that serve at the pleasure of the President.

    When Bush took office he didnt fire any. Then at the start of his 2nd term he determined 8 prosecutors were not up to snuff and he fired them. Does anyone remember the stink the democrats and the media put up ?

    Wonder what Obama is going to do and how will the media react ?

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