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  • Is there any Cadet Pilot Training Program offered in the U.S airline?

    Is there any Cadet Pilot Training Program offered in the U.S airline

    3 AnswersAircraft1 decade ago
  • Can I buy the coke-cola online?

    Hi everyone, I really like to drink coke during my everyday life,but I don't have a car, and sometimes i just don't want to get out, is there anyway to get the coke-cola online and make the company to send it to your house? (I am buying a huge amount which is around 500 cans) thanks

  • About the army ROTC?

    I am consider joining the army rotc, and there are 10+ kinds of officer in the army, I just want to know which kind of officer get trained longer, and have to stay in the army longer. Thanks

    2 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago
  • what is the best software for process the NMR spectra?

    what is the best software for process the NMR spectra

    1 AnswerChemistry1 decade ago
  • About the foreskin?

    I can't pull the foreskin back upon erection I think the opening is too tight. But I can pull it back when it is not erected. I saw someone suggested that, to use two fingers to stretch it. I think this way is kind of dangerous, is there any other solutions you guys can give ?

    btw sorry for my poor grammar.

    19 AnswersMen's Health1 decade ago
  • 葡萄汁發酵還可以喝嗎?

    我把葡萄汁放了兩個晚上 就出現有氣 還有點酒味的情形 不知道這樣還可以喝嗎?

    4 Answers啤酒、葡萄酒與烈酒1 decade ago
  • 哪台筆記型電腦比較好?

    我在國外(美國)唸書 以下是需要的功能






    還有最好有xp pro(微軟好像在抓人了= =)

    最好不要美國牌子 之前用IBM DELL常當機 快氣死



    windows 2003 有比XP 好嗎?

    雖說內核都是用XP 但是用起來XP比2003常當機

    還有如果是壓片(動畫)的話 要較高的CPU嗎?

    3 Answers筆記型電腦1 decade ago
  • 怎樣做才能讓人覺得生活中沒有你不行?


    就是怎樣默默關懷別人 但是它很難察覺

    3 Answers其他:家庭與人際關係2 decades ago
  • 國父高畫質照片(可以當桌布的)



    3 Answers其他:娛樂2 decades ago
  • 如何使用ghost

    我之前買了一台筆記型電腦 沒有光碟機 軟碟機 作業系統是win2000 賣我的人有附ghost 可是ghost程式說要成dos模式啟動 請問如何啟動呢? 沒有光碟機 軟碟機

    2 Answers軟體2 decades ago