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  • Is bread flour worth the extra price?

    When I can buy regular AP flour at 1/3rd the price of bread flour, is it worth paying the extra or can I make do with AP flour? I am making breads in a machine (2 pound loaves). 10 points for the best advice.

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  • Recently bought a new PC. Would like to move all of our family photos from the old machine to the new one.?

    Old machine won't recognize any kind of USB devices (flash memory etc.) and it does not have a CDRW drive.

    I was thinking of a SATA/IDE to USB adaptor device, but didn't want to waste my money if it is not going to work. Any one have suggestions?

    (dangling a 10 point "carrot" for best answer)

    New PC - Vista :-( Old hard drive has Win98

    Will the adaptor just plug and play or will I lose data in the process? Old hard drive works just fine, but no way to interconnect!!!


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  • CDL Pre-trip?

    How long should a pre-trip inspection take (for the test)? I know when I do a roadside inspection, it takes about 1 hour for a 5 axle combination, but that entails a full inspection of the brakes, measuring pushrods and brake chambers etc.

    Also, when doing the airbrake check portion, do I need to physically pull on the slack adjusters to make sure they are proper?

    Any help is appreciated

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  • Reduce credit card payoff amount?

    I owe about $6200 on a card. I plan on paying it off at income tax time. My question : The CC company has been milking me for money for the past 15 years, and I just can't justify giving them more than I have to. Any hints on how to negotiate a lower payoff? I don't want to just make an offer if they would have settled for less than my offer.

    Experiences, advice - anyone?

    FYI- I am done with credit. Took a FPU class, and learned tons! All cash now.

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  • Ordering a new Mustang GT. Is the price negotiable or must I pay MSRP? Also how long is factorys delivery?

    I want to order a new 2007 Mustang convertable, but would like to get it in a custom color. I am a seasoned negotiator when it comes to new car dealers, however, I only ever bought new cars from dealer stock. I have never actually custom ordered one with the specs I want from the factory. Is the price still as negotiable or must I pay MSRP? Also, about how long does a factory delivery take from time of order? What do I do with my trade in while the car is ordered? And finally, I love a color available in another model line (the F-150), but would like our Mustang in that color - which is not offered in the Mustang line. Is this possible? or would I be better off just getting it in a plain color, and going to a body shop to have the color I want, and take delivery from dealer stock? Thanks!!

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