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  • can someone put advertisments on my pokertable ratings page without my consent?

    I play poker online and i am on a nice winning streak they have site called poker table ratings. I have over 1000 hits now and getting more since i been winning. I notice the site put a link to a ad on my page where i wrote a message on the page. I never allowed them to put a link where i wrote the sentence. So now some company is using my name to advertise there products and I am not being paid for it. Is that illegal? I wrote the sentence and there is a link to some ad. Its my personal ptr page they show the stats i have and there advertisements that border around it but not on the page itself until now. So basically can someone do that put links to commercials where i personally wrote something on the page?

  • Who will the 49ers take at the number 7 spot in 2011 draft?

    I know who they should take. I hope the 49ers read this. Because i been a niner fan since a little kid. I said take AARON RODGERS but noooo they take alex smith. I will say this now the 49rs better move up or do whatever they have to and take CAM NEWTON. Do no take locker take NEWTON. Get a guy who plays to win. If they get him they will be solid for next 10 years. If they don't another bad 10 years. I said take rodgers they chose smith. I am telling everyone now if they dont' take newton they are going to be terrible again. They have to get this guy this guys going to do stuff in nfl we never seen before. They took Crabtree a few years ago i said take hakeem nicks. What happen they took crabtree. They took 2 oline last year and i thought they should of took colt mccoy with one of those picks. They draft so terribly. if i drafted for 49er we would of been in superbowl. Year after year terrible picks. The only draft pick i have liked was patrik willis. I don't even vernon davis mr stone hands. I actually like delanie walker better then davis. But the 49ers better get newton or they will regret it. One time take a guy i like. come on niners!!

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  • are all the poker sites rigged or what?

    I know absolute poker got caught using pot tripper to take players money. He got carried away with it and showed someone the hands that he was working for the site taking peoples money. They do it on all the sites. THe workers can see your hands its just a matter if you run into one of them. Sooner or later you do and they get all your money. You can tell as they are beating statistics hitting big hand every 2 or 3 hands and playing almost every single hand. Thats how pot tripper did it. Played every single hand because they can see your cards and have a huge advantage. Some guy at the casino told me he knows a guy that works for fulltilt and he takes players money and told me don't play online poker if you run into one of the workers they will clean out everyone at the table.

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  • how do i promote a womans clothing store at a cheap price?

    So basically what i am asking is whats the cheapest way to promote a womans clothing store without spending a lot of money. Radio station and newspaper adds have rip off prices. If you guys have any suggestions let me know thx.

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